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Add an option for users to register and sign in to my site - Add an SDK to an existing code Add an seccond image to Magento PDF-Invoice (Abstract.php) - Add an upload image script/button to an existing website. Add an Upload Picture option to my website - Add Analytics tracking to jquery-powered system Add anche change the font title of the website - Add and contact people through our designated LinkedIn profile Add and convert html pages with new background - Add and edit frontend to existing software Add and Edit html content - Add and install the following features to our site : Add and integrate credit card support in a Codeignitor and little modification related to it. - Add and remove modules in smarty tpl built web cam script Add and Remove Objects From A Existing Hompage For A Video Website - Add and Sub in Directed numbers Add and Subtract Sheet 3 Way - add angelas and pauls backlinks to my websites Add angle tool to JHotDraw7 - Add animated/slider logo to website, responsive Add Animation & improvements to existing design. - Add Animation to Static Image Add animation to title screen - Add Annotations to 122 YouTube Videos Add Annotations to 570 Vimeo videos (on same Vimeo account) - Add another intersitial and small banner (admob) to app Add another language to my Wordpress website - Add another SDK Ad Add another SEARCH FIELD to my website - Add API call to external site Add API features (LinkedIn, Google+, etc..) to existing website - Add API OVH SMS in our Html form Add API OVH SMS in our Html form - Add apopup to exsiting website add app features - Add appodeal sdk to an Android application Add appointment booking plugin & page to Wordpress site - Add Approximately 1400 Hi Res Photos to Existing Products on Volusion Platform, Add Approximately 200 new products. - repost Add apps to a Shopify store - Add Arabic text to a Illustrator Design Add Arabic to the following Template http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/43363.html - Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products - Repost - open to bidding Add around 150 configurable products on Magento Store - ADD ARTICLE/NEWS SECTION TO WEB SITE Add Articles as Blog Posts to WordPress Blog - Add as Friend and Likes on facebook album for us Add as2 to the existing flash file - Add Associated Product In Magento Add Associated Product In Magento NOW - Add attachment forwarding to msgcatcher project Add attachment function to PHP Mail script - Add Attribute to Product Page Add Attributes and Functionality to Magento Website - add auctions too my website Add Audacity Features - Add audio player Add Audio Player + Misc HTML Job - Add Audio to Existing Video Add audio to flash animation - Add Australian postcode google search to exisiting WP site Add auth endpoint with web client integration on public Github project - Add authoarchive and sorting functionality Add author bio to WordPress page template - Add Authorize.net to a web form Add Authorize.net to exisitng payment page - Add auto load pages features in WP Classipress theme Add Auto ON /OFF for This EA . Modified of MT4 EA - Add Auto-Stop Function to Flash MP3 Player(repost) Add Auto-Suggest Text Field to Woocommerce checkout - Add Automatic calling to our script Add automatic country selection on my site - Add automation script to a PDF document, then repeat the process for all documents in same folder Add Autorenew Option to Admin Panel for Roommates Site - Add aviary photo editor to my app Add AVReloaded playlist feature to 2.5 component - Add awesome text to my front cover image and make it look cool Add AWStats to website - Add backdrop and shapes support to scatter plot Add backdrop and shapes support to scatter plot - ongoing work - Add Background color to submenus in wordpress Geotheme add background decoration to existing package design - ongoing work - Add Background Images for Site Add background images to 300 pages - Add Background to my Wordpress Web Site Add background to my WP - Add Badge on Facebook Profile Image add badges_functionality in wordpress - Add banner ad area to WordPress header Add Banner Ad feature to my website - Add banner script to 404 page. Add banner slide shows to pages of a Shopify template theme called Brooklyn - Add Banner, Content To Pages & Social Media Links To Website Add banner/menu to website - PSD to HTML - Add Banners to Nine Wordpress Sites Add banners to PHP file - add barcode scanner to BlackBerry 10 phonegap app Add Barcode Scanning to project - Add Basic Functionality to Multi-Page HTML Form Add Basic Functionality to WordPress Theme so users can customize it - Add BBCode Controls to Rich Text Area Add BBCode hardcode to phpBB 3.1.x forum - Add Better image viewer to os commerce Add better notification system into my mobile app - Add Birthdate Field to Web Scraper Project Add Birthday Add-on to Sharepoint Online - add bitcoin to our payment website add bitcoin to our payment website - repost - add bleed to my Business Cards Add bleeds and Trims to Flyer for print - Add blog and product page to Joomla site Add blog articles & make some blog setup tasks - Add Blog Function to my Wordpress (WooCommerce) Add Blog Functionality to Wordpress Theme - add blog posts PR needed Add blog posts to Optimize Press via HTML - Add blog to existing wordpress site Add Blog to Existing Wordpress Website - Add blog to site Add blog to site with Pulse Pro - Add blogs to 2 sites Add Blogs to Websites - add BluetoothProfile support for existing Android and iOS App Add Bluetrackmedia In PPD Script - Add booking ad to my sites Add booking engine - add bookmarks to indesig document and convert to pdf Add Bookmarks to PDF programatically - Add Border to Pages Add Border to Products - Add breadcrumbs to my page Add Breadcrumbs to my WP website with microdata in HTML5 - Add Buddypress inside in Our Wordpress Theme Add BuddyPress Integration to my site - Add business card details (70-100) into a provided Excel spreadsheet Add business card details (70-100) into a provided Excel spreadsheet - Add Businesses to Database Add Businesses to Database 2 - add button for import emails from users account -- 2 Add button from internet sites - Add Button to an existing magento website add button to android app - Add Button to top level menu on website Add button to Website - Add buttons to my website Add buttons to NSIS nsWeb popup - add c# log - sync_alert_log Add C++ DLL to VB.net Firewall Project - Add Calculator for specific diet to my Wordpress site
Add calculator to a site - Add calendar to Woocommerce Appointments plugin - PHP and Wordpress Add calendar view to a Drupal Module - Add Calllfire.com recording service to website - Kevin Add CALPRESS to existing AJAX WP "Responsive" Site plus more - Add capcha on the contact us form page -- 2 add capcha to dotcombuilder OR your own solution - Add Captcha at login script Add Captcha code - Add CAPTCHA image verification to SSL Add CAPTCHA image verification to 3 Forms - Add captcha to a form - php Add captcha to a simple asp contact form - Add CAPTCHA to contact form widget Add captcha to contact us form + Future Php, mysql, Wordpress, design & expert programmer needed - Add Captcha to form add CAPTCHA to form - Add CAPTCHA to HTML Form Add Captcha to HTML Website Forms - Add captcha to PHP contact form Add captcha to php form - Add captcha to website Add Captcha to website form - Add caption to gallery on Elastico Wordpress theme Add Caption to Photo - Add Carousel Add carousel for ASP.NET website - Add cart pop up box Add Cart to header only when a product is added - Add categories and tags to wordpress posts Add Categories for my Flynax Software - Add Categories, Products and Descriptions to Open Cart Site Add Category change Feature To Current Application - add category text mod to oscommerce Add Category Thumbnail Images to Magento Menu - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin -- 2 Add ccbill payment gateway to paidmembershipspro.com - Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme -- 3 Add changes in Android video downloader app - Add channel of Justin.tv to app TV Android Add channels flash app TV online android - Add Chart to an existing rdlc report add chart to word press site - Add chat code to WordPress Website Add Chat Feature On Website - add chat wordpress Add Chat, Picture Sharing, Private Picture that delete and PHP Send Emails. - Add Check Time against today's date only. Add check to crowdfunding plateforme - Add Checkout and Payment Features to Existing iOS App Add checkout button to E-Bay auction listings - Add Chinese theme graphics to existing wordpress website Add Chinese translation subtitles to an english 2 min video - Add CIM (save credit card) to existing Authorize.net Checkout - ASP Add circle to drawing - Add ckeditor functionality Add CKEditor inline editor to save Wordpress Pods post - Add Classifieds to my Website add classifieds to wordpress website - Add Click to Call button for Responsive Wordpress site to the Right of Logo for mobile Add Click To Call on web site - Add clicktag / button to html5 banner Add clicktag / button to html5 banner - Add Client Tags interface to functional Phonegap Push enabled App Add clip art to stage like greetingsisland.com with color picker to apply color. - Add Cloud Storage to an Android App Add Cloudlare SSL (https) to a Wordpress Website - Add CMS page on product page Prestashop 1.6 Add CMS to a Web Application - Add code / Convert HTML tp PHP 2 add code AdSense to all pages for my website - Add Code Signing Authenticode to VB6 Apps Add Code Signing to Delphi app and Webupdater - Add code to existing website Add Code to Functions.php - Add code to my website for Mylivechat & Intouchcrm (linuxfreak1985) Add code to new design - add code to WP Direct blog add code, and modify open source app - Add Coding to Websites Add Coin Payment System To Joomla Vid Site - Add color and replace object in logo. Add color and replace object in logo. - Add color to adobe illustrator image Add color to adobe illustrator image - ongoing work - Add color to top navigation menu, change font on the site Add Color to Vector Image - Add colour option on Registry page Add colour options on wordpress - woocomerce - Add Column to Joomla Template and adjust other columns Add Column to Joomla Template so I will have 3 columns template - Add Cometchat to Laravel 4 Add comma seperator to content of text file - Add Comment Section to my Blog Add Comment Section to my Blog.. - Add Comments Form Add comments in www.chatru.com - Add comments to sites. add comments to small Java Tomcat servlets - Add Company Information to 50 Directory Listings Add company listings to a directory - Add competitive components to website for youth gaming Add complete Forecast of models - Add Concrete5 and format templates to use current design on existing website Add concurrency pattern to a existing pseudo market application - add confirmation feature Add Constant Contact signup to WooCommerce checkout - Add contact form information to website Add Contact Form on Magento's Website - Add Contact Form to Wordpress Site Add contact in a cross section map - Add contact us button to index page-site based on yii framework Add Contact Us Form to Website - Add Content & Optimize My Website Add Content & Optimize WebSite - Add content and develop www.gogglesearch-engine.com Add Content and Edit Images - Add Content and Promote New Movie Trailer & Links Website Add content and style buttons on bethanieashton.com - Add Content from exisiting site to new Add content from LibreOffice document to Joomla blog - Add content into a pre-built website Add content into our sites from other sites - Add content pages - HTML/PHP/CSS Add Content Pages in Zen Cart - Add content to a website add content to a website - Add Content to a WordPress template Add content to a wordpress template site - Add Content to and spruce up existing website Add content to Blog - add content to drupal website add content to ebook - Add content to gaming website Add content to googlekicks.com and mozillakicks.com - add content to Joomla home page Add Content to Joomla SITE - Add content to my magento site from other site Add content to my Magento website - Add Content to new WordPress Website Add Content to New WP website from OLD website - Add content to site Add content to site - Add content to webpage Add Content To Website - add content to website - wordpress , woo commerce