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Add a Wordpress CMS to existing HTML site - Add a writeable field into a php file table grid Add a yelp clone user profile - add ability to change background and banner on PHP site Add ability to display previously purchased products to osc - Add ablog in my site Add about 10 relevant royalty-free stock images to a 40 page document on autism - Add access logging to COM add-in for Word Add Access number for calling card service in our A2billing - Add Account Type/Alter Login/Registration Script/Mod_Rewrite/Smarty Script Alteration - ongoing work Add Account Validation to ex4 files - Add Action to costume page template Add action to logo - Add Acuity scheduling widget to my WP website Add ad banners to existed android game - Add add-ons to my website Add addfly code in smf forum - Add additional copy (250 words) and 2 images to website Add additional currency support for rsevent ticket - Add additional features to an existing product and bug fixes Add additional features to an existing site. - add additional features to shopping cart Add additional features to website php pages - Add Additional Functionality to My Chrome + FireFox Extension Add Additional Functionality to My Chrome + FireFox Extension - Write Software Browser - Add additional languages to adult site Add additional layer on google map - Add Additional Pages on my Current Site Add additional pages to a site created in Drupal- design to be provided by us. - Add additional sports betting sites Add Additional Tab Virtuemat Flypage - Add Addthis Welcome Bar to Magento store add adense to my vanilla forum - Add Admin in Url Add admin option in aMember to hide promo code in sign up link - Add admob ads into a android application - repost Add Admob Ads into Free iphone App - Add admob for android game (using andengine framework) add admob full screen ads to unity2d project - Add Admob to iPhone and Android apps add admob to iPhone app - Add Ads on Existing Android App Add ads point and modify sale page - Add Adsense Ads to my WrodPress website Add Adsense Ads to Wordpress Site - Add Adsense to Drupal site add adsense to forum site - Add advanced filters to WooCommerce Store page Add advanced search - Add Advertising and fix some bugs on my Android (PhoneGap) application Add Advertising Banner Space to - add adverts to my app Add AdWords code on CMS pages in Magento - add affiliate extension to my magento website Add affiliate function to website - Add affiliate tracking pixel in nopcommerce Checkout Complete add affiliate tracking to leads site - Add age verification script to website Add Age Verification to 3Dcart store - Add ajax and dropdown to product cart page Add ajax and functionality to already designed shopping section of website - Add AJAX load more to ACF Gallery repeater Add AJAX loading external content into template - add ajax to php form Add AJAX to python web app - Add Album & List View to my music player Add Album & List View to my music player - Add alert to MT4 indicator Add Alert to My Existing Metatrader 4 Indicator - Add alipay for php script Add Alipay payment gateways to my Agriya site. - Add All-in-One SEO Plugin and Blog Add alluc api feature to my site - Add amazon affiliate products to my current site Add amazon and facebook Channels to My Shopify store and add seo - Add Amazon Payments to our website Add Amazon Product API to my website - Add aMember Login Form to a Popup Add amortization calculator into existing .PDF created in Livecycle - Add an additional section to a Wordpress Template Add an Additional Theme and Features to an Existing Joomla Slideshow Module - Add an alias in Google Apps....Need help! Add an alternate download method to my site. (Script already made.) - Add an Auto Part Filter Plugin to WooCommerce Add an Auto Part Filter Plugin to WooCommerce 2 - Add an element to the desktop version of my website Add an email address to bcc a copy of order confirmations on zencart - Add an existing video player to wordpress site Add an Exit Popup to my Landing Page and Make Minor Revisions - Add an extra page and some functionality to our existing service add an extra page to the design of a website - Add an IM in my community( Add an IM in my community(repost) - Add an index.html page to a Wordpress site Add an Infinite Scroll to Wordpress - Add an Mpesa payment plugin to joombri template Add an NRL Jersey to a pig - URGENT - Add an opencart extension for me Add an opencart extension for me ! - Add an Overlay div on Event Start Add an overlay to 30 second video. - Add an Update Script to my current web app Add an Update Script to my current web app - Add Analytics Tag/message submission system add analytics tracking to my wordpress + ninja form - Add and Connect features in PHP/Javascript finance script Add and connect my mobile site to my wordpress website. - Add and edit a Video add and edit comment fields in wordpress - Add and impliment captcha to an existing .asp form Add and import SDK to Android and IOS Game - Add and remove fields in two magento pages Add and Remove items in Magento Go - Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - repost Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - repost 2 - Add Android Screen Controls to Unity game Add android youtube app to existing app and make it play playlists instead - Add animated text effects to 1 video Add animated text, animated lines, and soundtrack to video - Add animation to web site banner Add animation to web site banner for KidzKraft - Add another 400 Items to my website. Add another badge related category - Add another page to CMS in Admin Area Add another page to existing site - Add Another WP Theme Add anti-abuse headers to outgoing mail for mailserver - add api from this site to my wordpress add api from this site to my wordpress - repost - Add API to osCommerce website Add API to our installer - Add appliances to empty kitchen jpeg Add Application form to website with send email - Add Approval Button to C# .net website Add approx 100 bullets/ links to an existing Wordpress site - Add Arabic Language to website Add Arabic Language to WordPress site (RTL) - add area upload pictures and create folders in a php gallery Add around 100 pictures into existing wordpress blog posts - Add Arrows to Twitter Bootstrap Accordion Add art to my 3D CAT file - Add articles to wordpress from InDesign Files Add articles to Wordpress site. - Add ASP Template to Full XML Add ASP.NET Calendar into blank page - Add attachement file to wp_mail (Wordpress) Add Attachment Feature to PHP Mailing Script - Add attribute for shipping Add Attribute to Google Product Data Feed! Fix Broken Link! - Add auction feature to existing wordpress e-commerce website
Add auction feature to my existing website - Add audio function for AVS Video Script Smarty PHP Add Audio function to Existing Windows App - Add audio to 9 (1 hour) video clips Add audio to a mov file - Add Augmented Reality to an existing app Add Australia Post Shipping Calculator to my site - Add authentication to little webserver Add authentication to RSS template - ADD AUTHORIZE.NET on weebly platform Add payment gateway to my platform - add auto focus feature to directshow video capture application Add auto instant auto delivery to my website - Add auto-refresh to a specific tree view (Odoo 9) Add Auto-Resume to Cocoa FTP App - Add automaitic email response to wordpress eshop direct bank checkout Add automated process to a contact or account in Microsoft Business Contact Manager - Add automation function to MT4 Indicators. Add automation script to a PDF document, then repeat the process for all documents in same folder - Add aviary photo editor to my app Add AVReloaded playlist feature to 2.5 component - Add awesome text to my front cover image and make it look cool Add AWStats to website - Add backdrop and shapes support to scatter plot Add backdrop and shapes support to scatter plot - ongoing work - Add Background color to submenus in wordpress Geotheme add background decoration to existing package design - ongoing work - Add background images to a few DIVs Add background mudic to mp4 - Add Background To Photos Add background to photos - add balance add balance autosmo user: someonexx - Add banner and category item to magento homepage Add Banner and Info to a 2 page website - add banner to header in volusion Add banner to HTML - Add Banners and Graphics to Phpbbs Add banners for website - Add banners to video (after effects, premeire) Add banners/boxes to template monster oscommerce template - Add Bars, Clubs, Restaurants to my site Add basic "Property Manager" functionality to PHP site - Add basic rent transaction and feedback functionality Add Basic Reporting Functionality to an Existing Tropo IVR App - Add Beaglebone Black to existing PCB Add Beaglebone Black to existing PCB - ongoing work - add big email list to facebook group Add big play button to .flv video - Add Bitcoin API on a website who uses MYSQL ADD BITCOIN API TO BITCOIN SITE :) - Add blank rows between paragraphs on a bunch of txt files Add BLE 4 functionality to existing Mobione apk file - Add Blockchain Payment API to my website Add in the phpBB register section - Add blog feature using codeigniter Add blog feature, fix all forms used and validate to W3C - repost - Add Blog page for website Add blog page to existing HTML website - Add blog to Dot Net Nuke 4 website Add blog to Drupal site - add blog to my landing page - urgent job Add Blog to my site - add blog to website add blog to website - Add Bluetooth BLE Support to IOIO hardware board (Dual Mode bluetooth) Add Bluetooth BLE Support to IOIO hardware board (Dual Mode bluetooth) -- 2 - Add bold text to CS-Cart header Add bold text to CS-Cart header - 11/11/2016 03:22 EST - Add booking widget (HTML code) to Shopify website Add booking widget to homepage of WP website - Add Bootstrap to Existing Website Add BootStrap to MVC site using Telerik Kendo Controls - Add Braintree Marketplace API to checkout add as payment gatway to my website - Add browser based mobile upload capability to website Add Browser Push Notification To My website - Add bullet points to product description Add bulletin board to a osCommerce site - Add Business logo, description, video from admin area in website Add Business on Google - Add Button and screen to ios app - Maximum $50 Add Button and underlying script to Google Docs Spreadsheet - Add button layer in flash banner - root clickTAG function - 15 minutes work Add Button On Site Simple 5 Min Job - Add button to MS Access form Add button to my classifieds site. - Add Buttons To Adult Website Add buttons to an excel sheet - Add Buying features to the existing website (PHP) Add Buying features to the existing website (PHP) - repost - Add calculated fields and pie chart report to dadabik front-end database add calculation formula for trading in a software c # - add calendar to the right side Add Calendar to User Area - Add recording service to website - Kevin Add CALPRESS to existing AJAX WP "Responsive" Site plus more - Add CAPCHA to existing site Add Capcha to my Vbulletin site and delete spam posts - Add Captcha code Add CAPTCHA code & Image Descriptions to Website - Add CAPTCHA image verification to 3 Forms add captcha in 2 forms - ADD captcha to a wordpress form Add Captcha to a Working PHP Contact Form - Add CAPTCHA to current contact form Add captcha to custom contact form - Add Captcha to Form on J1.0.15 Add captcha to form on Wordpress site - Add captcha to Joomla form Add captcha to Joomla form (form already created and working) - Add Captcha to sign up form Add captcha to signup form - Add captcha to wordpress php form Add CAPTCHA to wordpress website form - Add Captions to Video Add captions to video(s) using simple online system ! - Add Carousel to Wordpress Header Add cars from csv into my site - add cash wallet in opencart add cashU to my website - Add categories to a joke app Add categories to CMS for Newsletter - add category drown down to series add category for site - Add Catergories to my Wordpress template add causes via admin and editable cause text and hyperlink - Add certificate to Fiddlercore for injecting JS on HTTPS sites. Add CFD pairs on Saxo Reader - add changes to my site - repost Add Changes to my wordpress theme - Add Characters to Fonts Add Charboost + Admob & Repair Ads Plugin - Add Charts to my Angular Simple web app Add chat functionality android app + (XMPP server ) - Add Chat to my Facebook *** for techcity only *** ADD chat to my website - add check in jqury to my website Add check on date available for product to existing checkout - add checkboxes to woocommerce. required user to check at least one checkbox. Add Checkered Effect to Image - Very Easy and Simple - Add Chinese theme graphics to existing website Add Chinese theme graphics to existing wordpress website - Add circle to drawing Add circular crop to a controller - Add CKEditor or TinyMCE to php script Add CKEditor or TinyMCE to php script -- 2 - Add Classes to a Worksheet from Search results