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Add RTL Format - Add russian translation into Magento ( not google Translation ) Add russian translation into Magento ( not google Translation ) - Add same info on other page Add sample (none working) Profile, Statistics Page and Search Locations page to html mockup - Add SAVE/LOAD feature to my Flash NES Emulator Add Savings % Column to osCommerce Priceformatter Table - Add code to Wordpress Add microdata availability and price tags to Magento phtml files - Add Script add script - add script and check vulnerability 1 add script and check vulnerability 2 - Add Script to Existing C# Program Add script to filter size and quality of Image uploads to site by users. - add scripts and minor changes to website Add scripts to ASP Page - Add Scrollbar to Wordpress Add scrollbars to flash - Add Search / Advance Search and Filtering Data in PHP CI and MVC FrameWork Add Search / Sort filters Data in a Page - Add search bar and submit button Add Search bar throughout site, map in location, Testimonial/Comment area. Plus SEO and marketing - Add search button inline with search box for genesis framework based website add search by customers name in page of "Market sales" and in "Invoices " page - Add search feature on a php/mysql web site. Add Search Feature to Joomla Template - add search function to site add search function to website - Add search screen & Add record buttons to existing access database2 Add Search Sheet with Macro to existing Exel-Workbook - add searchterm to existing app Add seasonal effects to company logo - Add second office address to existing stationery Add second payment option/gateway to my website. - Add Secure Download to Wordpress Site Add secure hash to migs(mastercard) gateway on whmcs - Add security features to my vcx coded program -- 2 Add security features to my vcx coded program -- 3 - Add security to PHP pages Add security to plugin - Add Self-Assessment Exercises, Assignments and Youtube videos to a course Add Self-extracting feature to Windows program - add seo & product feed in opencart Add SEO and online - Add serach engine for city and country in Event Pluggin add server and client capability to application - add settning to one of my apps add several commands to script - add share button in my website add share button on the website - Add Share, Join and Buy buttons add shared component - Add Shipping Code & image fix Add shipping component to existing Joomla Virtumart - Add shipping per region in Opencart Add shipping per region in Opencart and fix tax not showing correctly - Add Shopify as third party payment gateway to sell a service Add shopify in my wix template - Add shopping cart - This needs to be today. Budget is £50 Add Shopping Cart -- 2 - Add Shopping Cart and Revise some pages Add shopping cart and telipliant portal to WHMCS - Add Shopping cart to existing website Add shopping cart to existing website - Add shopping cart to Tesseract theme Wordpress like + connect to PayPal. Add Shopping Cart to Website - Add Shortlist and Contact Popup Buttons Add Shoutbox to my website - Add Sidebar to Wordpress theme Add sidebar to WordPress Theme - Add Sign-up hyperlink text to Andriod Add signal generation GUI from existing code - ADD SIGNUP AND LOGIN FORM TO MY SITE Add Signup Form Script to HTML Page - add simple application and minor maintnance for my site Add Simple AR function for an existed iOS app - Add Simple Day Planner Calander to AbleCommerce 7 - ecommerce Software Add Simple Description Graphics to 6 Images - add simple flash animation Add simple form to PrestaShop backend - add simple mail function to html website from with php Add simple membership in Joomla website - Add simple PHP functionality to HTML website Add simple PHP POST into current java source - Add simple static page to website - layout already done Add simple table to prestashop module - Add single code 2 locations Add Single Line of Meta Data Code to Index.php of Joomla 2.5 Site - Add site search to html setup Add Site Search to HTML/CSS website - add sitelock Add sitemap and also geo targeted sitemap to my Magento website ASAP - Add Size and Color Feature to Shopping Cart Add size and color to my products - Add sketches pics in gallery in my wordpress based website Add skin and logo image to Wordpress Blog - Add SKU to Woocommerce email ADD SKYPE: khan99271 - Add slider and setup contact page Add slider effect and contact form to SOBI2 template - Add Slider to Wordpress Add Slider to WordPress Site - Add slideshow to site Add slideshow to site - add small banner to wordpress plugin Add small banners gallery to my wordpress website homepage - Add small features for iPhone application Add small features for Joomla Module - Add small javascript to php code Add small jquery button to display/hide links - Add smileys to my admin panel (data entry) Add smilies to tufat chat application - Add SMS service to eComm system in PHP/MySql Add SMS termination on our A2biling system - Add SMTP Mail Functionality and Fix Responsive Issues Add smtp server in my vps, to send the php forms from my site to my email .. - Add Social Buttons to Volusion Website Add social buttons to website - Add social links to website Add Social Login and Signup Feature to Existing Application - Add social media button (FB share) to our videos Add social media buttons and integration to pages + Fix blog and Daily deals borders - Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App -- 2 - Add Social Media Icons to Website Add social media icons to Wordpress website - Add social media support in my application Add social media to 'J2T Reward Social' module - Add social networking capability to existing website Add Social Networking Features and Wiki features on Existing wordpress theme - Add Social Sharing Icons to Wordpress Theme In-built Gallery -- 2 Add Social Signals, Gain Followers, Manage Social Media - Add some features on a Code Igniter web site. Add some functintionaly to 95% complete VB app - add some angular with local hosting add some angular with local hosting -- 2 - add some buttons and animation to existing simple HTML5/javascript web page Add some buttons to my Wordpress site - Add some code to a flash page Add some code to a Flash/Actionscript project - add some coding in PHP (VERY SIMPLE) Add some coding to a chat site - add some content to my blog Add some content to my website - Add some custom jobs in my shopify website
Add some custom pages to my Wordpress Site - Add some design to a website wireframe Add some design to my blog - Add some extra features to a wordpress plugin Add some extra features to an exsiting app - add some feature in system3 Add some Feature in Wordpress Website - Add some features and fix website Add some features and fix website - open to bidding - Add some features in PHP website Add some features into existing RubyOnRails project - Add some features to a File Sharing script Add some features to a Laravel project - Add some features to access DB - repost Add some features to access DB - repost - ongoing work - Add some features to C# progarm. Add some features to C# progarm. -- 2 - Add some features to my CMS Add some features to my CRM - Add some features to my Volusion site Add some features to my website - Add some features to our Windows 8 Mobile App Add some features to php mysql app Codeigniter - Add some feautures into my wp plugin. Add some feautures to a Shopify Theme in process - Add Some Form Fields - Smart Job Board Software Add Some Form Fields - Smart Job Board Software - Reposted - add some function to my site on Weebly's platforme Add some function to my website - Add Some Functionality in Website Add some functionality of AJAX and JSON + php and sql DB to a web application. - Add some functionality to existing website Add some functionality to me website - Add some functions to a existing node.js app Add some functions to a livescore - add some functions. add some functions/pages/tweaks to an existing iphone app - Add Some Idea's & function To Templaye WP Add some images to a .psd file - Add some javascipt functions to a html form. Add some javascript and CSS. - add some line of code to Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm Add Some Links about a Website - Add some modification to my website Add some modification to php convert file - Add some mysql queries and filters using existing databases Add some narration to my website commercial and J2K File Conversion - Add some nice CSS styles to a comment area Add some nice features to website - Add some pages to my site Add some pages to my website - Add some PHP code to check for max enrollment in Moodle Add some php code to wordpress website - Add some products to a Magento website - Repost Add some products to a shopiing cart - Add Some Scrolling Columns to Existing ASP/C# Page Add some search terms to access database - Add some small features to my existing app add some small things in virtuemart - add some test cases Add some TEST information to website - Add some text to one page checkout and fix offline credit card processor Add some text to PSD files - Add some VBA code Add some VBA code -- 2 - Add some WOW to our Website Add some XML code to my Shopping cart - Add Something to my Navigation bar. Add something to my site - Add Soomla IAP to Unity project -- 2 Add Soomla in-app purchases - Add sorting en search fields to existing PHP table - repost 2 Add sorting features to existing code - Add sound play cabability to dynamic website Add sound play cabability to dynamic website - repost - Add Soundcloud Link/Artwork to Website Add SoundCloud widget to homepage of our website - Add Spanish Subtitles To English Videos and upload them Add spark to website - especially hero banner - Add Specialized Captcha to Gravity Forms Add Specials to Products Page oscMax. - Add spellcheck to comment box Add SpellCheck tp TinyMCE or FCKedEditor or Similar - add splashscreen java code Add splashscreen to android - Add Squeeze Page and Tracking Capabilities to Site add ssh key using putty - Add SSL certificate, so domain starts with https:// Add ssl certificate, webmin installation, Magic spam protection, installation, dns configuration update to change from old ip to new ip - add ssl to my site Add SSL to my Node Project - Add stair Railing in photoediting ADD Stalker Portal WHMCS Billing Module TO MY STALKER PANEL - Add static block inside magento product description from admin and debugging Add Static C++ .o linkage to FreePascal - Add steam achievements to Unity game Add Step by step driving instruction in current project - Add Stones to image to spell "THANK YOU" Add stop button, session highlights to iOS app - Add Store Locator to Order From Function to Wordpress Site Add Store Locator to Wordpress website - Add strings & French Horns to a Slow song about 6 Min. Add stripe as a payment gateway to website - Add Stripe payment portal to the existing web site Add Stripe Payment Proccessor to custom PHP Website - Add Studio Made Music Files to our Existing Website Add studio system to camscripts - Add Sub Menu Capability to existing menu Add sub menu color in joomla 1.5 + virtuemart with css - Add Subcategories to our Shopify Store add subcriber email marketing script on registration page - Add submit image button to a form Add subnav page item to buddypress profile - Add subscription pages to Prestashop cart checkout Add subscription payment API to Magento order - Add subtitles and header banner to a 6minute video Add Subtitles in English to Spanish Video "Must Translate" - Add subtitles to streaming video/movie from Megavideo, Novamov or other videohosting provider Add Subtitles to the video - add superfish left menu to responsive site Add supplier ID's to prestashop products - Add support for the eBay messages API to OsTicket Add support for two new SPI Flash chips to existing Open Source project. - Add swallows in flight photo to a photo of an adobe building Add Swedish language to my site - Add Syntax Highlighting to My Code Editing App Add system tray notifications to QT application under MAC - Add Tabbed info Window to Google Map Api Mashup Add Tabbed jQuery Pane to Page [mockup inside] - Add table to existing product label Illustrator Job Add table to html - Add tabs to a HTML / PHP website ADD TABS TO FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - Add Tag to HTML5 Page - Facebook Image Tag Add tagging to - Add Target 3,500+ Facebook Fans & 3,500+ Twitter Followers! Add targeted "likes" to our Facebook page - Add TCP/IP encryption to a VB program Add TCP/IP interface to C++ software - Add tell a friend script to website add template - Add template to website + ongoing work Add template to wordpress theme with column - Add Testimonial Feature