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Addictive maze game for iPad - Addin for Outlook AddIn for Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail - Adding logo and title (In Hindi) to the images(150 pictures) given by me using photoshop adding my outline - adding & edit html website Adding & Formatting content to Wordpress site - ADDING / COPY PASTING EBAY LISTINGS ON A TURBO LISTER FILE ON VARIOUS CAR PARTS - Repost adding / customizing plimus payment page - adding 1000 products to a woocommerce website Adding 1000 products to Shopify platform - adding 2 categories in a search mosule for zoo Adding 2 category pages to a Wordpress site. - Adding 200 Images or Youtube to website ( for BDBANGLA) Adding 200 Images or Youtube Video to website - Adding 3 image boxes to home page Adding 3 custom Ad banner containers to Invision Board 4 (IPB4) - SIMPLE - Adding 4 pages to my PHP website Adding 4 type of generators to a 9gag clone script available already - Adding 6 new pages to the footer Adding 6 webpages to a site - Adding \'View All\' Button To Magento Website Adding a "coming soon" page to our website - Adding A Better Email Module To Our SuiteCRM Adding a BigCommerce Category Panel to the Homepage - Adding a business to 30 directories Adding a button and a page to flash site - adding a cms to an existing website adding a column and some data to a db table......................... - Adding a couple of features to a custom php login system Adding a couple of features to my application - Adding a Date Picker to a Wordpress theme. Adding a Datepicker - adding a feature on the site Adding a Feature to a database project - Adding a few tweaks/functions to our current software Adding a field and form validation to ASP code - Adding a forum to our website Adding a fuction to a .exe program - ADDING A GREY BORDER TO OUR IMAGES - repost 2 ADDING A HEADER TO A PHP WEBSITE - Adding a link to a PHP file Adding a Link to Existing Website - adding a membership page for members to sign-up to gain access to membership page ADDING A MENU (SECONDARY MENU) IN THE PAGE BESIDES A MAIN MENU - Adding a new page on website Adding a New Page to Website + Adding Photos - adding a notefication service to phonegap app Adding a novel feature to facebook-style statuses of drupal as new module - adding a payment system to a website adding a paypal donation button - Adding a posting API to NBStore module for DNN (DotNetNuke) adding a preloader - Adding a script. Adding a scroll bar to an existing slide show - Adding a signature via an app to an adobe pdf Adding a simple Adobe CC extension - Adding a small db to a joomla website adding a small feature to an existing .Net/Microsoft SQL webapp - Adding a text container with scrolling bar in jquizzy adding a text in software - adding a vb skin Adding a video clip - Adding Ad on Cocos2d adding adcodes in wordpress blogs - Adding additional Field Values on CodeIgniter Custom Search Database. Adding Additional Fields To Opencart DB and display of field - Adding Additional Webpages Adding addon modul for deleting unacttive products for oscommerce - Adding Admob to .apk file Adding ads on a fbml facebook application - Adding Advertising Boxes To Templates adding adverts to website (Adsense and Google DFP) - Adding alert to metatrader 4 indicator Adding alert to metatrader 4 indicator - Repost - Adding an attachment button to our Application Form Adding an automatic Postage fee to shopping cart with additional items fixed charge per item and 1 page ammendment - Adding an extra table on the website Adding an HTML form data to DynamoDB - Adding an PHP form data to DynamoDB Adding an Seller Group on MultiMerch for OpenCart - Adding and organizing links adding and removing rows programmatically in gridview. - Adding API to Shopify -ONLY APPLY IF YOU HAVE EXPIERENCE WITH THIS. Please state the cost to set it up I will have all the instructions. Adding APIs to website - adding article page and dinamicaly sitemap generator Adding articles and menus to Joomla website. - Adding audio into a PowerPoint file. Adding Audio to a bootstrap e-Commerce website - Adding auto-incrementing ref. to Word doc Adding auto-update queue to existing CMS script - Adding banner to the right of Wordpress blog adding banners to a wordpress blog - Adding Bitcoinj client support to Android app Adding Black Lines To Video - Adding blue background to textbox (full width and responsive) Adding Booking Feature to FishMapz.com - Adding buttons to GrindPlayer (Flash Video Player) Adding Buttons to WooCommerce Product Page - Adding Captcha to website comment section Adding Captchas onto 3 PHP forms - Adding categories with pictures to my magento install - Megamenu installed Adding Category and Sub Category to a Directory - Adding Chat function to my website Adding chat like freelance to my website and creating ios app for my website - Adding Clickbank and Paymate, Adding Shipping Charges, Fixing Link installed By Previous Coder,enquiry about contact us tab adding clickbank functionality to amember 3.1.4 - Adding COD option to the existing website -- 2 Adding code functionality to android app - Adding colour to 50 designs of the same shape Adding columns to a PHP script - Adding Comparison Shopping capability to http://bedebestan.com Adding Comparison Shopping capability to http://bedebestan.com -- 2 - Adding Content Adding Content (Calc) - ADDING CONTENT TO CHERRY FRAME WORD PRESS THEME adding content to css template - Adding Content to my website UK workers ONLY!!! - repost adding content to my website- need php and coding expert, add captcha - Adding Content to Wordpress Site Adding Content to Wordpress Sites - Adding copy to marketing emails -- 2 adding Core Data into existing iPhone storybook app - Adding CRM module to existing core PHP based SaaS software -- 3 adding crystal reports in existing project C# and crystal reports - Adding custom filters -- 2 adding custom form in megento checkout - Adding custom Wordpress features to existing site Adding Custome Feature - Adding data to existing Joomla site Adding data to my PHP Pages - for umairb4u2001 only - Adding Days, Weeks, Months, Years Adding DCS for GT06 to the existing openGTS installation - Adding Digg.com Functionality to Expressions Engine Adding Digg.com Functionality to Expressions Engine(repost) - Adding discount offers for Thailand online stores (THAI people only) Adding discount offers for Vietnamese online stores (Vietnamese NATIVES) - Adding drag and drop Ajax functionality to site Adding Drag and Drop and/or Image Selection Functionality to Wix Website - Adding DVD dates to Releases.com Adding dynamic description and titles to codeigniter page - Adding Ebay Listings, Data Entry Adding Ebay onto site, no javascript, - Adding email api to my phpbb3 forum Adding email capture and other small modifications to existing wordpress theme - Adding Escrow Function to my current script Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 3
Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 4 - Adding Events to Webpage Adding EWay Credit Card merchant account on my custom PHP website - Adding extra features and customizing existing web service ADDING EXTRA FEATURES FOR EXISTING PROJECT - Adding extra to the graphics Adding extra tour for multiple vehicles and cars, Adding Affiliate details and Logo, Adding 10% for affiliates to be paid in cash, Adding SSL to the secured tours portal, Adding qr code to the voucher, - Adding facebook friends Adding Facebook friends - big project - Adding Facebook Members Into Groups Adding Facebook Page LIKED Automatically when visited a link - Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - repost Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - repost 2 - Adding feature to the GPS, FONA, Arduino project Adding Feature to wordpress theme - Adding features in the UI of a text editor in PyQt5 adding features in website - Adding features to a Site adding features to a site - Adding features to an existing website and database Adding features to an existing website using Node JS / Mongo DB / Express / Angular / Less / Front End - Adding features to existing freelance & client project management tool Adding features to existing javascript floor plan library. - adding features to my android app Adding Features To My App (Need an iOS dev with musical background) - Adding Features to PHP Browser based mafia game Adding features to php script - Adding features to Wordpress Website Adding Features, Custom Perl - Adding field prodlot_id from stock_move table to account_move_line table Adding Fields - Personals Profile - Adding filter button and filter sidebar to a live website -- 2 Adding filter sidebar to a live website - only design - no development. - Adding Flurry Analytics to "single screen App" (MonoTouch and MonoDroid) Adding FLV Video to Blogger - ADDING FORM TO WORDPRESS WEB SITE Adding form validation and extra field - Adding friends on a social network website,long term project Adding friends on Bebo.com - Adding function of automatic daily, weekly and monthly notification to the website users adding function to a project - Adding Functionality Adding functionality (incl. jQuery) to existing site - Adding functionality to current website to include shopping cart, payment processing, reporting, etc... Adding functionality to existing codes - Adding functionality to Wordpress site Adding functionality to wordpress theme - Adding functions to search form adding functions to vanillaforums - Adding German Subtitles to Video Adding Gift Card Banner BACK to Gift Card Page - Adding Google Analytics Code to site Adding Google Analytics coding to www.winesellersdirect.com.au - Adding Google Maps & 3 Social media widget feeds Adding Google Maps Store Locator to Joomla site - Adding header element to soap request Adding heading images to shop page - Adding HTML links to an existing blog Adding HTML listing to my website - Adding iCloud functionality to my game Adding Icon next to category in Main Menu - Adding image question and answers for a trivia game - ongoing work Adding image slider to an existing web application - Adding Images to \"Home Page\" and Branding Logo and message. Adding images to a pdf file - Adding in models to 3d envorment and renderings Adding in-app purchase 'Restore' feature to existing app - Adding Input Fields to Web Registration Page adding input text into product page - Adding invite friends tab to my Facebook page Adding iOS and Android push notification to ionic App. - Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost 3 Adding items from Volusion clothing store to Amazon.com - Adding Items to Ebay - Very Simple Data Entry Adding Items to Ebay - Very Simple Data Entry - repost - Adding Javascript to Mobile Website and Modification to Mobile Website Design Adding javascript/jquery loading bar on PHP upload file component - Adding JS Ad Units to our Wordpress Theme Adding jscript code to Cordova compiled Html and embeded in Xcode iOS app - Adding Korean letters support to existing Unity3d Asset Adding landmarks with Smooth Zoom Pan and PrettyPhoto - Adding Letters to Font 2 Adding levels , Implement ads & Uploading the game to Google play $ IOS accounts - Adding Links To Footer in Magento adding links to my web site - Adding LiveFeed function for a nopcommerce based website - repost Adding LivePerson via a JS call - Adding Login/Registration + 3 Forms to a Website adding logo - Adding Macro Function to Existing Spreadsheet Adding Macro to Excel file Part 1 - Adding market analytics to website Adding market analytics to wordpress website - adding menu /slider adding menu and slider - adding mobile phone support for phpbb3 forum adding mobile phones to database - 10 phones - Adding modules to to Website Adding Modules to WWC - Adding more features for a Taxi app" uber clone ". Adding more features on working website - Adding more tender types in LightSpeed Retail adding more text (logo) designs to a 3d fishing rod you created for me - Adding Multiple Collections to Pages with Headings Report Adding multiple currency to SimplecartJs - Adding My Locations To Google map on iPhone App adding my outline - Adding new column & create a new report from old in a c# web project with teleric kendo UI Adding new contact information on existing Adobe Illustrator business card vector - Adding new features and fixing some errors on an existing site Adding new features and redesign my website - Adding new features to my site Adding new features to my site. - Adding new function to Wordpress Template Adding new functionalities to website. - Adding New Modules in ZenCart Adding new object using Matlab - Adding New Records Using LINQ To Entities with SQL Server Compact Edition Adding New Records Using LINQ To Entities with SQL Server Compact Edition(repost) - Adding Next & Previous Buttons to List Based Posts Adding NFL draft data to college football recruiting database - Adding of RSS image inside RSS Adding of social icon to my website - Adding one object (boat) into a water-background and make it look realistic. Adding one option - resize FontSize - Adding option to Classifieds Adding options & fields to a PRESTASHOP existing module that sync with ETSY - adding oscommerce mods to a live site Adding OSCommerce new products - Adding pages to a flash website Adding pages to existing website - Adding patterns to images of clothing Adding pay and membership areas to site - Adding payment module to site. Adding payment module to site. - open to bidding - Adding Paypal Subscriptions/Roles to my Laravel Project Adding PayPal to an existing shopping cart - Adding percentage to opencart product options Adding percentage to opencart product options - Adding photosynth as FAV (starred) using MSN accounts Adding PHP and Javascript Functions - Adding pictures / thumbnails to an already existing message board and administration area using a MDB Database. Adding pictures and link - Adding pointer reference to bones compiler Adding PolarSSL support to opensource network game - Adding posting capabilities to existing software.