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A php confirmation system - A PHP Developer Is Needed For 'A PeoplePerHour Site Like' Redevelopment A PHP developer is needed for DESIGN job only - A PHP Fix on a currently running website a php form on a client's website to collect customer information - A PHP MySQL programmer for a "Sponsor Me" website A PHP MySQL programmer for a "Sponsor Me" website - repost - A PHP programmer to make changes to my website A PHP Programmer with 4 to 6 years of experience - A PHP script that calculates a score (and charts) based a series of questions A PHP script that can register users on the phpBB 3.1.x database - A PHP Script to send SMS from website to Mobile phones A PHP Script to send SMS from website to Mobile phones - a PHP webnsite developer to build websites A php webpage that will parse html code and insert the code into a mysql database. - A PHP/Ajax Form Design for Wordpress a PHP/HTML site to sell 30 products - A physical part drawn in a CAD file for machining A physicist - a picture added to a flyer - open to bidding a picture 141nx191n - a picture mood board with deeplink to websites a picture of a dogs butt - A picture of my GF drawn "dueting" with Michael Jackson A picture of my mom and dad photoshopped - A picture to cartoony drawing - Repost - open to bidding a picture to use for my kids lemonade stand (unisex) preferably - a pig A pig picture for my website - A pivot animaiton - using Pivot Animator A pivot animaiton - using Pivot Animator - open to bidding - A plain word document family tree made more visual and brought to life through creative a plan for a machine - a plate (or shallow bowl) made from spiral tentacles. A platform (via internet and mobile phone sms) of Access Agricultural Prices - A platform to provide unique and localized information to the readers. A platform to write articles - A playing card application for iphone A playing card game app - A plugin for Atlassian JIRA -- 2 a plugin for e107 website - A plugin to integrate php melody and wordpress member database. A Plugin to Play Google Docs video with JWPlayer - a poet A Poetic-Musical, Romantic-Teeny Sob Story Project - A Poker website A Poker website - repost - A pop culture writer/blogger a pop u page created - a porno actor A pornographic website constructed with a prescription add-on - A portal with parts (.NET 2.0 VB) A portal with website templates for people to buy - A portrait Sketch Of a Girl. -- 2 A portrait/scene sketch drawing done quickly. - A post graduate civil engineer looking for opportunities in structural engineering and design. A post graduate civil engineer looking for opportunities in structural engineering and design. - repost - A Poster designed A poster designed to advertise a sporting event - A Poster made of YT thumbnails a poster or drawing - a power point presentation on a book report a power point presentation on a book report -- 2 - a powerpoint on a dental office A powerpoint pitch deck. - A powerpoint presentation of 10 to 12 slides for a 1 hour interview presentation. A powerpoint presentation of my work - a ppower point presentation on INDIA- BANGLADESH RELATIONS a pproposal - A practicing civil engineer A Prayer App - A preprocessor for java. A present for my wife - A presentation for work to be delivered to CEO A presentation maker program - a press release A press release + 10 articles - a Prestashop urgent - open to bidding A Prestashop's issues that need fixing - A Price Comparision website a price comparison like or - A print and design website with database a print out t-shirt - A private investor looking for possible investment opportunities A private job - A private project for "sl." please dont bid. A private project for 3D animation - A private project for msd007 A private project for msd007 - A private project tomal2514 A Private project-- Consuelo Pilac - A pro that could integrate a efax texts and emails to magento and create a GPS system for local routes A pro to access my ASPX based website's database and import from one specific table all the content into an excel sheet - A problem with uploading images to my website A procedure that produce a list. - a product brand set of pieces A product catalogue for cushion covers - A product for assistance of hand wash clothing cleaning... a Product for me -- 2 - A Production Company Web Site A production Scheduling Model for Plastic Manufacturing Process - A professional and registered lawyer is needed A professional and very formal Arabic letter - A professional CV to be ready ASAP A Professional CV Written in 1 hour - A Professional Facebook Header Design A professional facebook user & a programmer - A professional Logo a professional logo - A professional logo needed - very urgent A Professional Logo needed for website and t-shirts and other products - A professional photographer required at north-east Indiana A professional photographer that is able to come to photograph me at a warehouse in Cape Town - URGENT - A professional site membership system A professional social networking and dating website - A Professional Vocational Platform - Employment Website A Professional Voiceover - Young American Male - A professional website for an artist. A Professional Website for Himalayan High With ECommerce India - A professional working environment. - open to bidding A professional WP website with all necessary plugins. A good header, footer, good squeeze page, tag name, metal desciptions,good menue desciptions-Home page,contact,features,blog, news letters ,etc - a proffesional in chemistry a proffesional needed to create a responsive wordpress template - A profile of a newly established company A profile page designed with display picture and background picture for facebook, twitter and instagram. An artwork to be altered and changed for printing of stickers. - A program (python prefered) to check for contact information from an list of images - repost A program (repost) - A program for data analysis A program for eBay - a program is needed A program like Clicking Agent (CaCa) - A program that can auto-make public Youtube unlisted videos in specific time A program that can automate and help in writing books - a program that controls the game mobile strike A Program that counts the number of files transfered through USB and the time of tranfer - A program that pulls YouTube channels and exports them to a csv A program that runs on Windows 7 to convert data file(s) - A program that will evaluate a prefix expression A program that will express numbers in english - a program the allows my clients to send and recieve e-mails to and from socila networking sites without having computer access A program to accept voice from computer audio and place it in a file - A program to create a graphical display(repost) (376253) A program to create accounts automatically - A program to interface data that is in XML format to Turbo Lister II csv format A program to issue an Arabic invoice - A program to recognise the brand and module of cellphone A program to reside at the Smartphone and send out every SMS/MMS - A program which calculates boundary point (lim).
A program which can fetch data into MongoDB - a programer A programer - A programmer A programmer - a programmer for my invention A programmer for upgrading somthing like Source Dedicated Server - a programmer to design a site A programmer to develop a software - A programmer with skill in game-design. The hire is for making a prototype. a programmer with the best knowedge in social engine - A project A project - A project as we agreed a project based on asp - a project for 10 x 800 word articles A project for abupabuya - A project for andrewco only a project for andymoller - A project for bruno21st only A project for Canhelp only - A project for dataentry4all A project for dayhanneurena only - A project for duskyapex only! A project for Dyv ONLY - A project for gary888 only A project for gega6mk! - A Project for IldIedIna A Project for Image Slide Show - a project for johnrocker ONLY*** a project for Jonna - a project for LiaqatAlikhan786 A project for Linkbuild only - A project for mdrahmotali77 a project for mehveen - A project for nehasb only A PROJECT for New frelancers - A project for Ponnarasi A project for Preety - a project for RichardKibs only A project for RoyalCrownzy only - A project for shellywagar - 3 A project for shellywagar - 4 - A project for staszewski only A project for STEFANO - A project for tomydeveloper only A project for TonuBerty only - A project for w3bmaster a project for welldonework - A project for you A project for you - a project HTML CSS / and i need money - open to bidding A project i want you to work on - A project involving linear inequality solver in Matlab with many constrains -- many solutions A project involving Matlab and Java - A project manager with experience of setting up an insurance underwriting agency in the UK A project needs VC++/C++ - A project on Facebook A project on Google Tag Manager, Only experienced freelancer should apply. - A project on selenium webdriver framework ? A project on selenium webdriver framework ? - open to bidding - a project relate to ITN a project related to big data systems - A project that is based on Advertisement Design, Covers and Packaging and Photoshop A project that is based on Advertisement Design, Covers and Packaging and Photoshop - open to bidding - A project to make your Mother Proud! - Group cooking website A project to make your Mother Proud! - Group cooking website (for Pablo Azorin) - A project you are working on by buffbloom, will not pay you. A project you've done for another - A promo video for my agency A promo/walkthrough video for a kids\' ipad app - A promotional film for islam a promotional film for islam 1 - A Proofreader for a monthly Australian industry magazine and also a NZ industry magazine a proofreader for a poetry book about to be published - a proposal A proposal about Biochemistry field - a proposal to piezoelectric footstep project A proposal to provide manpower to oil companies - a proto type of a train a proto type of a train -- 2 - A Prototype of an Online Retailing Web- Site A Prototype of Applcation - a prpposal a prromoter - A PSD TO WORDPRESS a psd wont open on photoshop 6 - a publisher a publisher needed - A Pysc Site A Python (ArcPy) script to copy values from one table to another. - a python program a python program - A Python Script that moves folders to a location based on folder colour a python script to be made for some automated web task - A qualified photographer A qualified web designer needed. - A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 - a Query to get info from 3 tables (calculate Account Receivable) a quest - A question about the sum of binomial random variables A question and answer site for veterinarians - A Quick & SKilled Developer to finish a CMS & Ticket ordering system. built on php a quick 10 article writing job - a quick and professional voicemail prompt A Quick And Simple Code ? Software For Arduino Boards - a quick c # developer a quick cgi thing - A Quick Facelift - Website Redesign A quick file matlab file fix - A quick home page update a quick HTML designed catalogue - A quick logo a quick logo - A quick project - writing & marketing A Quick project for a CSS expert - A quick sketch for my environment game A quick skype meeting to establish if you are the right person for a future job - A quick website work. html experienced people needed A quick wordpress done for me - a quiz app A quiz application - A quote and invoicing system A quote engine created - A quoting system A R&B and hip hop Ghost Whiter - A range of 50 Renders of interior spaces A Range Of Articles Needed - A rap Site needs SEO.SO I want you to Start Today!!!!!(READ DETAILS) A rap about the book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - A re direct app a re edit of an existing 3 minute video - A ready made Audit Templates in MS Access to generate, store, search, & print A ready made Audit Templates in MS Access to generate, store, search, & print -- 2 - A real estate management system A real estate marketing web portal - a real photograh A Real PRO Craiglist Poster Today - URGENT-Longterm - A real web user interface guru needed for web GUI design A real, current HR professional remote interview. - A Realistic Painting A realistic tattoo design - A really nice website that sets my surgical website far above all competitors A really nice website that sets my surgical website far above all competitors -- 2 - A reasonable Data Entry Work. - open to bidding a reasonable money offering job - a recharge website with oxygen api - open to bidding