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An app that connects two random people - an app that receives 25 bytes of data through Bluetooth An app that repeats text using your own voice for the ipod touch/iphone - An app to "fix bluetooth" lag with Bluetooth speakers and headphones. An App to be built - an app to get the world together An app to help mothers capture baby development - An App Uploaded To The App Store - open to bidding An app used as a search engine, social media and for ratings. - An app which helps medical students for their USMLE Exams An app which I need and icon, splash screen, and perhaps some screen layouts - An appealing Business presentation An appealing Business presentation -- 2 - an application and a website an application android - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram - An application for iphone an application for iphone - An application like instagram An application like instagram - An application that implements the concepts of distributed databases An application that include books & maps - An application to read poetry in Devanagari (Hindi) script An application to request services like taxi (easytaxi or uber) and breakdown - An applikation for (Iphone / android / Windows phone ) But one platform at a time an applogy email - An Apps portfolio An apps that combine skills and interest - an arabic version of foodswitch app An Arabic voice is required - an architect/interior designer An architects thought evoking logo - An argumentative essay on a proposed strategy An armored model for an RTS - an article an article - an article about dream. An article about explainer videos - An article about New Years Eve in Lyon (in french) An article about poverty in Lithuania - An article for a business magazine An Article For a Wedding Blog - An Article of Law An Article on "How present corporate corporation are maintaining social responsibility. Discuss the reasons behind corporations behaving responsibly, in term of PR benefit gained and also from a more altruistic stance" - An article on some usefull sport exercises An article on staying in touch with friends & family abroad during the holiday season. - An Article Submitter Is Needed An article summary - An Article Writer is required URGENTLY An article writer need - An Article Writter Required! an article(s) in a newspaper or other source that illustrates tension between the states and the federal government over an issue of public policy or a proposed regulation - An artist - oil painting An artist - oil painting - An artist to draw a personal photo on canvass an artist to draw a series of detailed images - An artist to take a drawing a create a doll figure from my sample An artist to take my drawing and turn it into my logo. - An Artistic Sketch - Romantic Couple An artists - An ASP.NET Web Form that Prints Itself with no dialog An ASP.NET, C#, Ajax, and Javascript developer - an assignment ( report ) on marketting -- 2 An assignment about Data Management - An assignment on accounting - 1 - repost An assignment on accounting - repost - an assinment about router An assistant - An Assistant to do webinar training with my customers. - repost An assistant to help with activities related to my PR Firm! A creative, motivated, self-starter who is interested in working in PUBLIC RELATIONS - An attractive and professional Logo An attractive home page for an existing word press site - an auction website An Auction website - An augemented reality app on Andorid device An Augmented application used to display additional information on supermarket products. - An auto bot / like / comment for my instagram. I work on mac An auto bot / like / comment for my instagram. I work on mac - repost - An Autocad project An AutoCad Project - An automated social script An automated sport betting website - An automation program for a private server An automatized Excel Spreadsheet - An avid traveller An AVR programmer - An brand new employer - open to bidding An building social site 5 phases - An critical essay differences between Sharia and Fiqh an cs engineer in noida - an e book writer for boxing nutrition An E commerce / Market Place Developed - An E-Book Project for Tablet PC's (like I-Pad an it's Android Competitors) an e-book writer - An e-Commerce Store for Customized T-Shirts An e-commerce website - An e-commerce website(mainly grocery) an e-commerse site - An easily editable website for counselling practice An easy and fast change in my Drupal site - An Easy GERMAN Simple one-click system proof - reading / selection job An easy immediate fix, website error - An EASY Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design Report An easy OOP project - An easy project half hour repost An easy Quiz Manager in php - An Easy Tool Bar An easy Tv Stream app - An eBay Program An eBay Reseller to Sell My Items on eBay - An eBook about studying Organic Chemistry An eBook about studying Organic Chemistry(repost) - An ebook formatted to upload on Amazon an eBook i have written moved from academic to popular genre - An ebook on Respite Care An ebook on school bullying - An eclassifieds site An Eclipse Plugin - GTKWave - An eCommerce website An ecommerce website - An ecommerce website must be with all products must be created. An ecommerce website using Magento! - An Editor An Editor - An editor for a novel I am in the process of writing An editor for a semi-fiction based biography - An editor to professional format a document An editor to review my Master's Thesis Project - an educational website similar to zomato but it will list coaching institutes,once the site will be build ,the data entry will be done by me an educational website similar to zomato but it will list coaching institutes,once the site will be build ,the data entry will be done by me - open to bidding - An efficient high dimensional image indexing algorithm for CBIR - open to bidding An efficient high dimensional indexing method for CBIR - an electrical engineer an electrical engineer - An electronic books app An electronic contract - An Elegant yet eye catching logo An elegant yet simple logo - An email signature an email signature created - An emitter that sends ultrasonic signal on 22 Khz An emoji app for Iphone - An Encrypted Access MDB File Opening An end-to-end Android app - An engineer to draw location of small pool an engineer to draw up a commercial machine that can apply crystals to boots. - An engineer's plan for replacement of retaining wall. An engineered and stamped drawing - An English Graduate or Highly Experienced Writer Needed, $4/500 words
An English Law Essay Writer required to work as part time - An English typist with speed at least 90 wpm An English voice required - An entire website an entity relationship model - An equity-based crowd-funding platform An erotic photo web site - an essay an essay - an Essay about peer-to-peer Freenet project an essay about public B2B - an essay in italian about clothing an essay like the last one you did - An essay on the topic of eyewitness reliability An Essay on Wealth Management - An Etsy Style Wordpress/Woocommerce Website An Evaluation & Usability Report Of The Existing App Design (Android Device Needed) - An event marketing plan for the Out of the Box festival for children An event organising site with a grouponlike online payment system - An Events Website An Events website - An example/prototype Search Page An Excel calculator for the combustion of natural gas with excess oxygen. - an excel formula using if and dates An excel guru - An excel spreadsheet order form created An excel spreadsheet turned into a iPhone / windows 8 phone app with GUI based input style - An Excellent Cake Php team required. An Excellent Cake Php team required.(repost) - an Excellist an excellist of data - An exe to auto accept jobs on Aesop An exe to create - an existing betting program that stopped working to make it work again and explain in print screens how to fix it myself in the future and how i can replace bookmakers and sport events for testing - repost An existing custom indicator and Expert Advisor tweaked - An existing Website modification An existing website needs edits made (instructions provided) - An Experienced Android Developer an experienced app developer who can develop a calendar based app for android phones - An experienced Graphic/Web designer An experienced Graphics designer is required to create brand homepage banners, newsletter banners, logo design based on the theme of existing website. - An experienced Quantity Surveyor / Estimator to assist our small shopfitting company with estimating work An experienced recording engineer who is proficient in ProTools. - An experienced web developer needed to build a website. An experienced web developer to build advanced reporting, tracking and progress on an existing PHP site using Laravel. - An Expert Adviser for MT4 An Expert Advisor (MT4) minor modify needed - an expert grant proposal writer from philipine An expert in AMOS and proffetional statistician analyzer required - An expert in heat transfer using finite voluminous method is needed An Expert in JQuery and AJAX needed! - an expert in wordpress needed An expert Lead Page VA - An Expert php Designer ..worked with php templates smarty files.. An expert PHP programmer - An expert to Run google adwords campaign for me an expert to upload 184 questions to an elearning system - An explaing video 2m:35 sec An explanation of a basic analog to digital diagram and graph results - An external camera viewfinder with zoom cabability an extjs app - An f.95 program to be written An Facebook Help - An honest critique from an insightful and experienced editor for a first time author An honest opinion (testimonial) about my book(repost) - An htm5 game An HTML code to be embeded my outgoing emails that allows recipients who want to be remove from the mailing list to simply click on an ''UNSUBSCRIBE'' link so as to instantaneously remove them from the list. Must be one-click removal process. - An HTTP class - repost An Hybrid Encryption Mechanism for Short Text Messaging in Mobile Devices - an icon........ - repost An Icone for a cellphone app - an IE plugin An IE toolbar - an illustration An illustration - An illustration of a character done An illustration of a couple dancing tango (me and my girlfriend) - An illustration showing the architecture, charm, and amenities of a city block from bird's eye view. an Illustration that can speak for a story - an illustrator an illustrator - An illustrator for a book - repost an illustrator for a book that I am writing - An Illustrator for a children's book....babies thru age six ish... An illustrator for a children's Chinese-language storybook - an illustrator for several children's books An illustrator IN USA for my picture book - An illustrator to fix a commission AN ILLUSTRATOR TO ILLUSTRATE HOW A PRODUCT WORK. THE PRODUCT IS A WELL BEING DRINK - an illustratrator and calligrapher An Illustratror for a childrens book - An image for branding a group of products An image from Shutterstock converted for social media profiles - An image sample for the 2D animation discussed an image seganography using xbox mapping - An implementation of Asterisk-based chan_dongle functionality in Android 4.x operating system's environment An implementation of Dijkstra’s path-finding algorithm - an independent cashback website with dynamic CMS admin An Independent Recruitment Agent - An Indian style dress for prom - repost An Indian Writer Needed - An infographic An infographic - An innovative app ideas An innovative app ideas - repost - An Instagram Bot An Instagram bot - An insurance company project an integer number is said to be a perfect number if its factor, including 1 (but not the number itself), sum to the number. write a procedure that determine if parameter number is a perfect number. - An Intelligent hands-free social networking app An intelligent monitoring attendance system - An interactive map An interactive map / tool allowing a user to compare suburbs in a region by standard of living - an interactive slot machine website -- 2 an interactive social hub - An interesting blog post on the subject of popular music.(repost) An interesting blog post on the subject of popular music.(repost)(repost) - an intergrated online store for car parts and a mobile app An interior and exterior render of the model - An Internal Project For Kenara- July -- 2 An Internal Project For Kenara- July 2 - An Internet Marketing Expert as a Business Partner. An Internet Marketing Project - An interview shoot in London with light and sound An interview with Australian television about working for Freelancer.com - An introduction tour for my website an introduction video for my upcoming website - An Investigation of Amazon Cloud Service: Assessment of Secured Data Behavior in Enterprise Applications - open to bidding An investigation of factors that influence transparency during recruitment process - An Invitation to be be a supervisor An invite system for Zen - An ios and android app for my buisness an iOS and ANDROID application - An iOS App Icon An iOS app needed for a buddypress site - An IOS application An IOS application - An iOS game app with characters running and jumping An iOS Game need to be built - AN iOS/ android mobile applicatin An iOs/Android App that pushes video content to users - An Ipad game made from the speed of your pluse An Ipad Paint App with social sharing integration - An Iphone app An iPhone app - an iphone app for shopping An iPhone App for Spa Lover - an iPhone app. An Iphone application - An iphone application (to begin with)