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A single dynamic page of an exisiting CSS website - A single image of Forest with River A single informal letter translated - A single page in WordPress A single page parallax and effects scrolling - a single photographer to take family photo on the 28th of July in Shah Alam a single PHP page, displaying data from CSV files and other web page - A single Web page A single web page (please read description) - A Sistrr's Mission A site based on designs - A site for a small bed and breakfast in the Czech Republic A SITE FOR BOOKING RESERVATIONS LIKE BOOKING.COM - A site lik http://www.slh.com/ A site like - A site like KeepVid.COM a site like makemoneyonlinehow - a site like www.wayn.com A Site Like ZAMBID.com - a Site PSD needed only (homepage) a site Ranking Website - a site similar to perfectgirls.net needed A Site Similar to Rate My Professor - A site that sells virtual information PDF files like http://www.brainstormer.com/ A site that shows the traffic on other selected sites - a site with e-commerce capability A site with features similar to www.shiply.com - A sketch a sketch artist - a sketch or a painting done of my girlfriend A sketch style drawing designed and drawn onto an office wall - a skilled flash designer for a flash clickable country map A skilled Flash designer required - A skillful/friendly web developer to upgrade my website A Skin Care Product Content Writer - A sleek, logo that exudes luxury and beauty A Slice of Home - A slogan that tells everyone how cool I am A slogan(in English) for a new ukulele brand - A small 10 to 15 page report about a "VERY POPULAR" Topic a small 100sqft structure design for a cafe - A small add-on to wordpress. A job for daolwede A small addition multiplayer game script for a membership website is needed - A Small Android Map Activity A small angular js fix - A small application for window 8 apps skill A small application for windows mobile - A small automatic grading program a small basic android app, which should be device based only,using xamarin studio and C# - A small bug in opencart based website to be solved within a day time. A small bug need help - URGENT - A small C# script to populate a Emgu.CV.Mat with data int or float data. A small C# to move some SQL Server rows from 1 table to another - A small change in dropdown menu feature!! -- 2 A small change in my android game built in android studio - a small connected iphone app A Small consultant website - a small design work A small designing work required - A small edit on a vBulletin plugin to work with vBulletin 4.2.4 instead of 4.2.2 A small editing - A small excel job A small excel job - A small Financial Analysis on some Excel Data, based on Kuznet Curve A small financial Spreadsheeet for a generic business plan - A small flash mob A small Flash Project - A Small Google Map Utility - Device Location Tracer a small graphic design in file form - A small homework A small html and css animation for a human body area selection. - A small issue for Woocommerce Multi-lang Wordpress websites. (only Expert) a small issue in website which made aspx - A Small JAVA Project - Repost A small java project for PC - A small Joomla job A small joomla project - a small logo for my business a small logo that will be used as chapter separators - A small monthly subscriptions software A small multiplattform hybrid app for iOS / Android - A Small page A small page seeking 1500 more targeted LIKES - A small php and javascript function needed A Small PHP code Replacement Task - A small PHP, Mysql database seacrh script a small php-coding ... - A small problem with my database. A Small Professional Project in ( PALTALK !) - A small project A small project - A small project for my personal use A SMALL PROJECT FOR Romanian SPEAKING PHP CODER - A small project on hadoop map reduce programming model -- 2 a small project on html - A small python script to send emails when a mysqldb error or warning is catched A small Question ,Disjoint Set ADT - A small research for Visuals Designers having their own practice A small research job - a small script in (perl,asp,cgi,java,vbscript) A Small script in UNITY for a mobile game [Urgent] - A small simple squeeze page A small simple village, a cave with a big wall, a small interior home - A small social media site for my school A small Socket programming on tcp - A small static website with a blog theme A small static website with a blog theme(repost) - A small Test Engine a small test for a mobile app 【very easy】 - A small trial task for a new big web project a small trio counter in any language - A small visual basic project to be built up A small weather java application using OpenMapWeather API, for an excersize - A Small Web Site A small web site - A small website design A Small Website for a Research Project - A small website(repost)(repost)(repost) A small website, Portfolio for a company - A small writing A small Yahoo Finance data mining / scraping program - A smart person is need it to do some copy and paste work for 600 items A smart person is need it to do some copy and paste work for 600 items - repost - A snake game in java A snap back design - A Soccer Joomla website A soccer minecraft plugin. - A social game application for iPhone/iPad A Social Game: Phase-3 - a social media campaign a social media campaign - open to bidding - A Social Mobile App a social net working site - A social network for autistic parents, friends, and people A social network for cars - A social network website not working A social network website not working - open to bidding - A Social Networking site A social networking site - A social networking type of mobile app A Social Networking Website - A social platform for food recommendations - open to bidding A Social platform for sharing Home Cooked Food - A social website A social website - A software / System A software app Social media - A software developer A software developer - A software for 3D printing using c++
A software for getting Car License Number in Real time - A Software like Ammyy Admin or Teamviewer a software like cccleaner - A Software Program to Print Books A software program which can annalyze data from multiple app users - A Software that talks to website and get data A Software that talks to website and get data.. - A software to plug into the live data of vitual football site to collect live date and use it make predictions A software to post job on peopleperhour - A solar powered Latern a.k.a. a Solar Lamp build a solar wristband - A solution for tracking a digital marketing campaign that goes into our CRM, WizeHive a solution for tradetuber.com ranking better on google.com - A song for my girlfriend a song for my toys - A sound analizer for a Audio player A Sound Design on my Short Film - A spanish page like this one. A SPANISH QUIZ 10 MINUTES LONG (10 MINS. TIMED).. FLUENT SPANISH SPEAKER/WRITER - a special hitch carrier A Special LARAVEL project - A Special Project for ndettojames#2 A special project for sandy - a specialized door-to-door laundry and dry-cleaning service that can cater to all your domestic and corporate needs. We are a leading laundry and dry-cleaning brand, who provide impeccable quality and finish for all your fabric types. What's more you a specific painting/drawing created - A speech for an end of year functio to 120 employees and roofing contractors a speech for my best friends wedding - A spider to retrieve emails A splash page posted to an existing domain. - a sports development programme properly written A SPORTS DRINK LIKE GATORADE ON STEROIODS INEEDS TO BE FINISHED IN TWO HOURS - A sports website A sports website - 开放竞标 - A sqeeze page created - open to bidding a SQL compiler implemented by C++ - A staff leave management web application A staff training portal created - a standard will A star + JPS Search - A Startup's Website Needs Development from Naught a stat project using eview - A static homeopathy website needed with a paypal and credit card gateway! No time-wasters! A static homeopathy website needed with credit card and paypal gateway! No time wasters! - a static website for Chinese Restaurant A static website needed with home, about, product, city specific page, contact, gallary, landing page, - A statistical data paragraph a statistical model using STATA or ant statistical software such as EVIEW, SPSS etc - A stats graduate (ideally based in London) to hire on a consultancy basis A stats graduate (ideally based in London) to hire on a consultancy basis - A step by step tutorial on how to program with JAVA A Step-Size Controlled Method for Fast Convergent Adaptive FD-LMS Algorithm in Few-Mode Fiber Communication Systems - A stock market simulation program complete with basic GUI done in BlueJ A stock market simulation program complete with GUI done in BlueJ - a story about your own experience A story board presentation using graphics and animation - A storyboard for a social responsibilaty campaing A storyboard for a social responsibilaty campaing - open to bidding - A String Encoding & Decoding API A string quartet and a singer - A strong woman A Structual Engineer who can work to Australian standard. - A student grade report system A student Graphic Designer looking for some website experience - A study growth of start-up firms in India in different sector with special focus on Venture Capital and Private Equity Funding". A Study into cloud game streaming performance to home networks. (dissertation) - A study on teenagers in developing country - open to bidding A study on the design and modelling of a multi-bending system. - A stylish logo and type for web and print purposes A stylish top - a subscription website for Fx trading A subscription-based book library mobile app for Android phones. - A summary of commercial european lease terms a summary of excel spend by product from a large spreadsheet - A super urgent logo designed a super user friendly website built - A Support contact form A Support System - A Survey paper - repost A survey paper on a computer science topic - A Swift Coded App Will Be Made iPad Compatible (+Admob integration with some integrations) A Swift2 Coded App will be integrated with Chartboost Interstitial Ads - A synthesizable implementation of Compression engines A synthesizable implementation of ECC engines - A system like 9158.com a system modelling simulation and a report - A system to submit and display audio files in embedded google maps a system with a database - A t-shirt customization module A T-Shirt design - A T-Shirt Designer Website Clone required a t-shirt for a coffee shop called the mug - A table script - repost A Table Throw - A Talented Copy Writer Who Can Design as Well - For Social Media Creatives A talented css and joomla guru with future prospects in mind. - A talking dog / bird like app. Read requirements A Talking Me - A Taxi and Passenger Recommendation System A taxi app - A teacher required to teach Spanish virtually in fluent English A teacher required to teach Spanish virtually in fluent English - A Team of academic writers required on urgent basis A team of excellent writers needed to write 10 product reviews within next 5 hours. - A TEAM of writers needed A team of writers needed - A teaser for a night A teaser VIDEO - A Technical Drawing for a Product Display Unit A technical drawing needs to be changed to reflect a modification that needs to be done on a centrifugal pump - A technical sketch and regular sketch for one item of sports clothing along with a spec chart. A technical step by step how to content - A Technology Article A technology brand logo - A telemarketer to do either half or one day a week -- 2 a telephone based switching system with voice prompt - a template for house inspections with the ability to add photos A template for my company\'s blog - A template web application that allows users to submit links A template website for religious activities - A term paper on Universal Turing Machine a test app for medical students - A tester for my website required! A tester project to identify a SEO Expert for a long-term collaboration - A Text-Mode Monopoly Game A Text-Mode Monopoly Game - A theme for 2nd hand car website A theme for wordpress blog - a thesis/ IS work A thing of seconds: Add 6 LINKs to a simple JS slideshow - A tic tac toe game in c++. a ticket sales automation - A TIMELINE SCRIPT, THAT POSTS TEXTS AND IMAGE, AJAX AND PHP ALONE. $20. A timer app for Android - A tiny Windows Service app needs updating from .Net Framework 3.5 to .Net 4.6 to support TLS 1.2 a tiny WordPress plugin for pdf attached - A to Z SAAS Option and CRM and HRM Clean and Scale-able A to Z SEO for new e-commerce website - a tool that can help A tool that extract results from Internet and display on the website - A tool/app to connect an external camera to the smartphone and have its feed replace the built in rear cameras feed in the native camera app A tool/info to duplicate wordpress pages with unique URLs with the same content but the URL is from a list of biz names eg www.site.com/bizname - A top-notch Online Clothing Store A topic - A touch of class/professionalism to my front page - repost A touch of class/professionalism to my front page and graphics - A Tours and travels project A Tours and travels project - a trading system with indicators A trading website like ebay and all stores like that - a Traffic Signal Control System-RTOS