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Bash Programming - Bash script bash script - Bash Script CentOS 6 bash script changes - Bash script for file ownership verification BASH script for first boot: Generate random numbers, CSR, server.key and self-signed server.crt - Bash script Linux CentOS -- 2 Bash Script md5sum checking dirs - BASH script that only executes on valid day Bash Script to Archive Log Files - Bash Script to Process PDF Image files. Bash script to record/read and repeat mouse clicks and movements and keystroke for a blender session - Bash script using grep from 2 files and performing calculations Bash script using grep from 2 files and performing calculations - open to bidding - Bash Scripting bash scripting - Bash scripting. Bash scripting.. - Bash shell script issue Bash Shell Script Needed asap - Bash-skript för att ladda upp filer till server Bash/cURL Script To download 7 files - BASHA LEAD BASHA LEAD - open to bidding - Basic Physics and Chemical Eng. questions BASIC SLIDER MARQUEE INSTALL - Basic ''Blog'' Page to be generated by E-Mail submissions Basic ''profile'' website (like facebook but with Admin access only) with photos and links between profiles. - basic .png logo needed Basic / Low-budget Website Design - Basic 2 Corrections on homepage Basic 2 D Video Game - Basic 2D animation intro video Basic 2D Animation Projects - Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis -- 2 - Basic 3 Page Website needs completion in 12 hours Basic 3 Page Website Required - Basic 3D Fly through for 5 Different sets Basic 3d furniture design - Basic 3D Shape Basic 3D visualisation of small (simple) products like fancy boxes, and later, full on presentation renderings. - Basic 5 Page site for a Nite Club Basic 5 page web site - Basic 5 page WordPress website Basic 5 Page Wordpress Website - Basic 7 Page Website - Basic Flash included Basic 7 Page Wordpress Website - Industrial Industry - Max $100 - Basic Account Creation Website Project Basic Account Management - Basic accounting program Basic Accounting Project - basic accounting system windows Basic Accounting web app - Basic adjustment to my wordpress theme Basic adjustments to an already created Java Web Service - Basic Administration - repost 2 Basic ADOBE FLASH work, AS3, AS2 - Basic Adware Basic Adword Setup - basic airline reservation system - in C basic airline reservation system - in C - Basic Algorithm Basic Algorithm Problems - Basic and Modern Redesign of Existing Website basic and professional web site for a local company - Basic Android App Basic Android App - BASIC ANDROID APP COSTUMIZATION Basic Android App Database - Basic Android Application Basic Android Application - Basic android application/s Basic Android Application: Single Page, Two Functions, Straight Forward Parameters - Basic Android Game. Images and documentation ready. Basic Android Graphics Development - Basic Android WebView Application Basic Android Widget - Basic Animation in AfterEffects Basic Animation in Python - basic app development fro iphone in xcode Basic App for a Facebook Fan Page to collect customers info - Basic app, need just 2 features of click to call and recording Basic app. to enter stock level and write result to MSSQL db - Basic arduino concept basic arduino programming for greenhouse automation - Basic ASF Filter to Load Profile Basic ASP adjustment - Basic Asset Database with Check in/out form function (SQL/Access) basic asset management software - Basic Auction Website Basic Audio Analysis - Basic Autocad drafting Basic Autocad drafting -- 2 - Basic backend PHP/mySQL/XML + tiny flash actionscript help Basic backend WordPress help - basic basic logo basic basic unity 3d game needed - Basic Billing System w/ excel intergration Basic Binary Options Broker Articles - basic blog and picture posting website Basic blog build with Wordpress - Basic Book Keeping to excel from Bank Statements Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry job Basic book keeping/ Data Entry job - Basic Bootstrap Login, Register & Dashboard Pages Basic Bootstrap Updates - Basic Browser Control Bot - updated Basic browser games for children - Basic Business Graphic Design Work. BASIC BUSINESS IN FIELD OF LIFE SKILL TRAININGS - Basic business website needed Basic Business Websites around 20 per month to start. - Basic c language with linked lists Basic C Problem Solving - basic c programming basic C programming and a small game - Basic C# + Excel and Access DB application Basic C# application framework - basic C++ bank project Basic C++ Classes & Array Function - Basic C++ program. entry level programing Basic C++ Programmer needed 4 Month weekly pay. - Basic C++ projects modifications Basic C++ Windows App - Basic Calculation App Basic calculation for orders - Basic call center software needed Basic Call Tracking Software w/ integration to Twilio or Plivo - Basic card game lobby Basic card game lobby(repost) - Basic CD Cover Design Basic Cell Phone Application x 100 - basic changes to a Visual Basic color matching program Basic Changes To Drupal Content Site - Basic character animation Basic Character Animation - Animate CC - Basic Checklist Component for Joomla