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create multiple pages and upload pictures on my site that will link via a hyperlink for pictures - pop up window - Create multiple vector files Create Multiple Vendor Logic - Create Multistore Magento in Plesk Create MultiTenant Web API for Tweets - create music melody create music melody - Create Muti-Resolution ICO for Win and MAC Create Muti-Resolution ICO for Win and MAC urgent - create my blog - motive create my blog about thailand and get it to google RANK 1-3, PAGE 1 - Create my Ebook (NO Content needed) Create My Ebook for Kindle, NOOK and EPUB 3 - Create my logo -- 2 Create my logo design in illustrator and other file formats - Create my own cryptocurrency Create my own DISC Profile - Create my screens according to the mockup Create my screens according to the mockup in asp.net mvc - Create my web page eshop in Spanish CREATE MY WEB SITE - Create my Website.I will send SRS. Create my Website.I will send SRS. - create myspace profile (repost)(repost) Create MySpace Profile List - Create MySQL database for ERP system 1C Create mysql database for user - create mysql query (nested query?) Create MYSQL query to count users on Joomla Community Builder - Create name for products in excel by looking at the product images Create name for products in excel by looking at the product images - ongoing work - Create NavBar template Quickly (Easy Project) Create Navigation and Use CSS to ensure unique content is at the top of HTML - Create network of affiliates to earn 50 thousand dollars bond. Create Network of Wordpress Websites - Create new admin access for graphics dept Create new admin/MySQL - Create new armour and texture for 3D charaters Create New Art / Logo for Coffee House on the Lake - Create new cartoon character, wife of existing. Create new category buy able display all product have isSaleable - Create New Crypto Currency and Alt-Coin (Bitcoin alternative) Create New Crypto Currency and Alt-Coin (Bitcoin alternative) - Create New Customized Magento Templates for my website Create new Dashboard and Website for existing Hosting Platform - Create new Div HTML per attached brief and PDF Create new documents in Excel - Create new exercise for Word Processing Training (ECDL Advanced) Create New Exim Server to Delivery Messages From My Cpanel Server - Create New Folders and Word files Create New Folders and Word files - create new google places listings (phone verification, withouth any physical address) Create New Google Play Developer Account - Create new Home Slider Create new homepage - Wordpress - Create new Instagram account Create new install with renamed directories - Create new landing page for Intercoast create New Landingpage - repost - create new logo create new logo - Create new magento e-commerce store with customization Create New Magento Skin/theme - Create new module for Prestashop Create new module in opentaps to manage clients of lawyer office and their cases - Create new order/signup form for gravy create new organization field in moodle add new users interface - Create new PDF file Create new PDF on template with content from other existing PDF (copy paste and word formatting needed) - Create New private Website for Physic Teacher Create new Product Packaging Design - Create new ROM for Android Centora (with restricted apps and modified Settings apk) Create new roster in Deputy.com using Google Sheets via API - Create New Site + Hook into API + Make Changes to Existing Site create new site - back end and front end - Create new style into Joomla template Create new stylesheet or modify css for mobile access - Create new Testimonials & Videos page for site Create new text based on existing graphics - Create new version of online survey Create new version of SafeBrowser logo - Create New Website Create New Website - create new website create new website - Create new website for small consultancy business Create new website for sports results - Create new WebSite plus SEO Create new website PSD's - Create new Wikipedia biography with references Create New Window Pop & Redirect Script - create new wordpress theme Create new wordpress theme for movie review - Create News Letter using Photoshop + Teach me How to Create news platform - Create newsletter sign up page for sendstudio newsletters Create newsletter templaet in Joomla Acymailing - Create nginx rewrite rule Create nice 3D perspectives from 2D floorplan - Create nicely formatted printable price lists in Excel from data Create nicely user interface for existing MySQL database and Radius server - create NLP for Work academic course development create NLP Practitioner Certification 18 days academic course development - Create Notification Bubble for WordPress Front-end Menu create notification plugin - Create OBIEE reports in HFM Create Obituary - Create Offer Wall - AdGate Media and Peefly Create Offer Wall: AdGate Media and Peefly - Create on-line form, link to shopping cart Create on-line profile for small non-profit organization - Create one clean responsive and editable mailchimp email template Create one clean responsive and editable mailchimp email template - Create One HTML Page - Addition to Existing Site Create One HTML Page for existing site (Pricing/Plans page) - create one new mobile web view on existing mobile app with esri and dojotoolkit javascript Create one new page on our website, upload an app to our website - create one page html design Create one page HTML Flyer - create one page website Create one page website (used as template) of PSD file - Create one script on Core PHP with Bootstrap Yii2 Framworks. create one shop page in woocommerce with multiple products - Create one style sheet Create one USA Google Places (today) - Create one Website to Reseller - System Food Delivery create one website- replica of existing almost - create online accounts quick Create Online Admin Portal, Client Portal with web services for Mobile App - Create online calculator that works on my wordpress website create online calculator widget - Create Online Database and web app create online database for engineering vendors - create online form Create Online Form - Create online inventory system Create online jewelry store - Create Online Portal -- 2 Create online post on events and product review - Create online school & referral website Create online SEO crawler/auditor - Create online store (Magento) from prepared design (psd) Create Online Store (Open Cart) - Create Online Test Create online test - Create only one character animation Create only one extra page - Create Opencart Extension for export order products items to excel
Create OpenCart Extension to Collect and Record Credit Card Numbers - Create Opencart Theme & Integration with VQMOD -- 47084 Create Opencart Theme & Integration with VQMOD -- 5 - Create OpenVPN Client Create OpenVPN module for WHMCS - Create options for showing metric measurement labels on wordpress site Create options in page metaboxs and multiple sidebars - Create or edit a video mapping software with specific requirements Create or edit an 1 min 2D animation explainer video. - Create or integrate a monitoring app into a custom roms for Galaxy S5 G900W8 ( To monitor Facebook, Whatsapp, Passwords, etc etc) Create or Integrate SEO management system for page of existing Ruby on Rails website. - Create or modify, forms, crud, db, validation -- 3 Create or port cifs client to Mac OS X - Create Oracle database tables using SQL DDL#2 Create oracle Database userviews and normalization of tables. - Create Org Chart on Powerpoint Create Organic email list sign ups to our site - Create original designs for an app (2003924) Create original EA - Create Oscommerce Payment Module Create Oscommerce payment module - Create our gold and glam product press release and distribute to wedding industries finest news, prwire, radio, magazines, internet, google, etc should have background in journalism, marketing, business, writing. Create our Installer Brochure - Create Our Website / Store Logo create our website again with improvements in loading speed etc - Create outlook plugin to leverage existing video webservice Create outlook template with the HTML file we have - Create P3P Policy Create pac-man style game for IOS + ANdroid - create packaging design Create Packaging Design - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Packaging Designs for Teeth Whitening Box Create Packaging Designs for Two Products - Create Page as PDF create page builder app - Create page section for Wordpress and intergrate with WHMCS Create page seperation and re-upload the database on server - Create pages and add content to my site using my Word Document as a guide --- - repost Create pages and add content to my site using my Word Document as a guide --- Fast - Create pages of a website with JQuery and AJAX create pages on FB, twitter, youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, linkedin,Googleplus - Create paid VPN service Create Paint/PSD Basic file for backround content for template - Create Parse Cloud App and Import Template Create Parse Tree - Create Patient Care Guide for Médica Santa Carmen Create Patient Care Guide for Médica Santa Carmen - ongoing work - Create payment form using Braintree and ASP.NET Web Forms Create Payment Forms, Link to Payment Gateway (Linkpoint) and Paypal - Create Payment Module for WHMCS with my api -- 2 create payment module for wordpress plugin - Create Paypal IPN Database and Backend for Existing Website Create PayPal IPN Functions To Pay MySQL Invoices - Create PCB for LDR/LED Prototype Create PCB from Make Magazine Project - Create PDF and ZIP files Catalog from 800+ online listings create PDF and/or print from C# MONO - CREATE PDF FILE Create PDF File - Create PDF for E Book / Create Book Graphic Create PDF for invoices as discussed - Create pdf form from Ms word Create PDF form from MS Word doc - Create PDf from HTML, Store it in Database, Use Windows scheduler to email, Execution of SQL Job Create PDF from image - Create PDF in PHP Create pdf in php - Create PDF report export from web based property database Create PDF report from a laravel-based application - create pdf with 2'' height x 3'' width labels from php create pdf with 2'' height x 3'' width labels from php(repost) - create pem in google cloud console for using SFTP via Filezilla create pem in google cloud console for using SFTP via Filezilla -- 2 - Create PERL site with special ImageMagick effects Create Perl TCP routine using POE module - Create personal Wikipedia page Create personalised watermark on subscribers' photos - Create phone site from existing desktop site Create Phone Traffic - Create Photo Advertisement Content in the Adult Niche Create photo album - Create Photo Realistic Images in Virtual reality setting Create Photo Realistic Render from photo - Create photographic ID Create Photography Logo - Create photoshop and Illustrator actions Create Photoshop and PDF Flyers and Tri Folds - Create photoshop picture from original picture from competitor website Create Photoshop plugin for image editing - Create PHP API Create PHP API Scripts for Assistly - Create PHP code to add data into my database Create php code to computer superpixels of an RGB image - Create php form and database create php form and mysql query - Create PHP installer Create PHP JavaScript timer - Create PHP plugin wordpress or asp.net web application from existing c# desktop application. Create PHP portal for Mobile Apps - Create PHP script that converts curl cookie to PhantomJS cookie create PHP script that creates test files and uploads them into hotfolders and calculates current import time - Create PHP Script to send emails. Create PHP script to store serial numbers to MySQL database - Create PHP toolkit with some Amazon S3 functionality: versioning enable/disable and edit metadata Create PHP tree menu - Create PHP-Flash Virtual Written card Create PHP-FORM in Joomla - Create phtml Framework for HTML CSS JS... Create physical game - Create Pine Script code for tradingview strategy create ping.eu like this - Create pixel printer templates in Shopify - open to bidding create pixel site - Create player tabs option in jquery and script iframe data-src= Create Player using QT QML - create plugin / customize your template Create plugin 64bit dll C++ | Daz3d Studios - Create plugin for wordpress create plugin for wordpress - Create plugin. Create plugin. -- 2 - create poetry comprehension questions Create poetry website - Create Polling Module On BigBlueButton 0.9.0 RC Create polling plugin similar to YOP to handle polling via embedded javascript - Create POP-UP that user can use in his site. Create pop-up window+show live cart - Create portal Create Portal / script using aliexpress-api, to quickly import aliexpress auction. - Create position for mod_languages (joomfish) in a template Create positive feedback entries - Create Poster from Specific Design Concept Create Poster of London Tube Map - Create posts in my wordpress website by other websites. copy-pasting entire post. Create posts of max 15-20 words and post them - Create Power points Create Power Supply For Video Mixer - Create Powerpoint or Swishmax presentation that will pull list of names from excel file Create PowerPoint pptx in WPF with OpenXML - create powerpoint presentation template Create Powerpoint Presentation With Graphics - Create PowerPoint slides on Topics per chapter of a book Create PowerPoint slides on Topics per chapter of a book - repost - Create Powerpoint Slideshows based on articles for link building