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Create Twitter Accounts - Create twitter posts for my retail brands Create Twitter query to search a multitude of artifacts and connect to an RSS feed or Slack - Create two 3D characters | only professional! Create two 3d objects in Maya/Max for use in AE cs5 - Create two basic racket programs implementing turing machine Create two basic rooms for my extremely simplistic game in Game Maker Studio - Create two different types of programming conditions using if-else statements and loops. Create two Dreamweaver templates - Create two forms within wordpress Create two forms. Reservation and Contact. - Create two interactive web visualisations (e.g. using D3) based on a provided dataset (CSV) Create two interface projects for ACESTP - Create two more schedules Create two multilingual websites from two Drupal templates - Create Two Parrots taling about Vapor Cigarettes for Vapor Sniper, -- 2 Create two patent drawings - Create two Short (30 second) Video Ads for a Mobile app Create two short animations using powerpoint. (40-60 seconds each) - Create two simple Wordpress plugins Create two single page websites - create two vector files from two images Create Two Vectors of Me - Create two websites for me Create two websites for residential housing projects - create typography for the logo - open to bidding Create typography logo for my company. - create UI design for mobile app Create UI design for my IT website SERVICES website - Create Ukraine Language JSON file for my app. create ultimate php client management script - CREATE UNDER CONSTRUCTION PAGE FROM PSD FILE Create Undo option in current Java SE project - Create unique images, photohoping existing images Create Unique Iphone (Handheld device) Application - Create unique variants of existing CSS template Create unique variants of existing CSS template -- 2 - create unity mobile game ( all 3d assets and plans will be provided) -- 2 Create Unity project with a timeline control and an interpolation shader - Create update for iphone app Create Update Script for Oscommerce - create URL & animate form submit Create URL - for PHP Form (Form already created just need help with the url for static referral code. - Create US Google account fully verfied (for USA ONLY) Create US Google wallet account fully verfied (for USA ONLY) - Create User Authentication Create user base for website - Create user ListView android Messaging App create user log for iphone and android - Create user registration in existing script Create user Registration via Facebook Connect - Create users and upload 180 scheduled post to wordpress Create users and upload contacts using PHP, mysql - Create UX ( not UI ) for my product schema Create UX sitemap and UI - Create Variation Childs on Amazon for New Listing products Create Variation Website - Job for GWS - Create VB Script to create an environment variable. Create VB script to monitor folder; when a file is place into it, delete some files - Create VB.NET Web-based application Create VB6 code to print customer receipts on Epson receipt 3 inch wide paper printers. - create vBulletin style sheet Create vbulletin theme - Create Vector Artwork (as near as possible) from JPGs Create Vector artwork of triangular pattern - Create vector file of existing logo Create Vector file of Hand drawing. - Create Vector From Logo Image create vector from psd - Create vector illustration for our facebook header Create vector illustration of image provided - Create vector image of a bird Create vector image of a lizard from photograph - Create Vector Logo Create Vector Logo - Create Vector of our existing Logo Create Vector of pencil drawings of ice sculpture designs for brochure - Create vectorfile and businesscard of logo Create vectorfile of a logo ( from PSD ) - Create Verified Ad sense Account Create verified BET365 + NETELLER (SKRILL) acccounts - Create very easy autohotkey scripts create very easy joomla template in 24 hours - Create very simple invoices from excel to pdf (just copy paste and save) Create very simple iOS application - Create vibrant Facebook page to promote concerts Create ViciDial CallCenter Server connect it to our CRM (SQL, AGI, AMI) - Create video Create video - Create Video - How It Works Create Video - How It Works --- - Create Video Animation for a new site -- 2 Create Video Animation for Intro Video - Create Video content and orientational tour Create video content for startup- ongoing job in return for equity - create video for a web product Create video for a website - Create Video For Raising Fund for my Company Create video for sales letter - Create Video hosting website like Youtube or vimeo. I already have a theme plate Create Video Illustration - Create Video Memes Create Video Memes for Us - Create Video Preview (120seconds) Create Video Preview or around 60 seconds - Create Video Template Create video template - Create video tutorial for a website Create Video Tutorial for classic Hello World iPad app written in Swift - Create video using powerpoint Create Video Virals for your Biz -Reach 1000's - Create Videos Create Videos - Long term project - Create Videos For Websites Explainer Type Create videos from 1000s of photos in a dropbox folder - Create Videos(2intro+2tutorial) for a website. Bid only if you can do it at 100$. Create videos, banners, logos and pictures editing - Create Viral Trump Tee Shirt Campaign Create viral video - Create Virtual Mouse on Remote PC So WinAutomatios can run create virtual phone numbers - Create visio charts Create visio diagram - create visual basic macro for outlook 2013 to view all activities for a specific contact - repost Create Visual Basic Template - Create visual workflow Create visualization - Power BI - Create vocabulary powerpoint slides Create Vocal Shouts - Create Volusion Content pages / articles - ongoing work Create Volusion Drop Down Menu - Create vqmod that connects to readycloud api Securely For opencart CREATE VR ENVIRONMENTS FROM MY MODELS - Create walkthrough 3D Video Create wall and activity stream like facebook in drupal - Create WC3 Validated XHTML & CSS from PSDs Create WCF Client - Create web 3 page web templates Create web 3D objects with solid colors, that open like paper - Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Safe Create Web Application According To Reference Site - SecureSafe - Create web banners Create Web Banners - Affiliate Banners - High quality only - Create web based survey form (VBScript) Create Web Based Twitter Background Creator - Create Web Design 8 pages for a site (Web developer & Promotion) Create Web Design Business on Wordpress - Create web form that will submit data via redmine API to a bitnami redmine installation
Create Web Form to Email - Create web interface for C# program Create web interface for C# program - repost - Create Web Page describing our Software Product Create Web page design and content - Create Web Page using Bootstrap theme create web page w 5 pages interactive for ordering on line - Create Web Radio Player PHP + JWplayer Create Web Radio Player PHP + JWplayer - Create Web Service for SQL 2000 Create Web service from opencart - Create web site (mostly layout,, css, some graphics) Create web site / application my clients to upload and do BI on travel data - Create Web site that exposes PDF files from a MySQL table, based on URL string argument. Create Web Site to feature Master's Thesis - Create web video animation Create Web Video with live Presenter - create web-site Create Web-site, e-book, e-zine for Real Estate - Create Webden Page & Small Oscommerce Site Create webdesign - Create Webmail Log in from Website create webmaster tools - repost - Create webpage for website that will display information from a table in mysql and let the user update the table(repost) Create Webpage Form with form and video - Create webpage with Facebook search Create webpage with geographical search and four graphs - Create WebServices wsdl NUSOAP PHP Create WebShop - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create Website Create Website - Create website Create website - Create website Create website - create website create website - create website create website - create website create website - Create Website & Mobile Apps that convert Doc/Docx/Pdf/Txt to Animated Videos Create website & personal marketplace for adult model. - Create Website + Writing Software - IP detection Create Website - (Similar to - Create Website Adult Content and Products for Sale Create website an design - Create website and logo create website and mobile site - Create website backup CREATE WEBSITE BANNER - create website clone Create Website CMS to UCM Script - Create Website Design Create website design - create Website Earning $15-$20 daily Create website earning £10 a day - Create Website for Cars Create website for cleaning service company - Create Website for KC Law Solicitors and Advocates Create Website for Life Coaching - repost - Create website for online card game with mobile app as well create website for online exam - Create Website for Twitch Streamer Create website for UK students - create website from exisitng site Create Website from Existing Parse Application (CloudCode / Express) - Create website from template (replace old website) Create website from template and supplied content - create website idntique Create Website Images - create website integrated with arduino create website integrated with arduino - Create website like described Create WEBSITE like - create website like create website like - Repost - create website news support Rtl Create website of about 10-12 pages - Create Website Promotional Video create website PSD's on a regular basis - on going work - Create website similar to Create website similar to etsy - Create Website Step by Step - Fast, Secure SEO friendly Create website structure in Joomla with many custom fields and mega menu - Create website template/theme Create website templates - Create website to fill online forms. Create website to get cpa networks approval.. - Create website using google app engine and link existing iPhone code to website Create website using Google Maps - Create website using wordpress template Create website using Wordpress template and integrate with Paypal/MobileCause - Create website with designer tool for printing company. Create website with designer tool for priting company. - create website with searchable directory Create website with several API's and/or csv data feeds - Create website, offer $ 35 Create Website, SEO my Name to Rank - Create Websites Create websites - Create WebView app for Apple and Android Create webview application for IOS and android - Create Weekly CSV Product Update with Initial Customization in Big Commerce create weekly diet plan generator (that syncs with calorie calculator) - Create WHITE & BLACK HQ png (no background) Create white background for fashion catalogue photos - Create Whiteboard Explainer Video with Voiceover Create Whiteboard Feature for eLearning Site (Serious Programmer Only) - Create WHMCS Signup form using API (Fully Documentated) Create WHMCS Single Page Order Form/Checkout - Custom Order Form - Create widget function from plugin and 1 more thing create widget on WP MU dashboard - Create Wikipedia Entry for My Company Brand Create Wikipedia Entry for My Company Brand - CREATE WIKIPEDIA PAGE FOR COMPANY Create Wikipedia page for our music artist and fill it with factual content - Create Windows 7 and Windows 8 Image In OpenStack Create Windows 7 style folder icon with logo - Create windows font from image Create windows forms application - Create Windows scheduled tasks and Macros Create Windows screensaver - Create wireframe and appplication for iphone, ipad and android Create wireframe for existing application - Create wix site from existing website Create WIX Widget - Create WooCommerce Payment Method Plugin Create WooCommerce Payment plugin with birthdate, checkbox and sex - Create Word & Visio document from Slides CREATE WORD & EXCEL TEMPLATE FROM PDF - Create word document using C# Create Word Document using db info using - Create word template and gmail template with logo's(provided) Create Word Template based on Corporate Design - create wordpress Create Wordpress for the current html site - Create Wordpress based Form which auto populate existing PDF document Create Wordpress based website - Create Wordpress Business Directory Plugin (repost) Create wordpress calculation plugin (widget in sidebar) - Create wordpress contact us plugin