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Change part of functionality in php scripts on video website - Change pattern, color and text Change payment api - change payment processor to moneybookers Change payment script from old credit card (ctpe) to wirecard - change pdf document change pdf document 1 hour - Change pds in html landing page - repost Change pds in html landing page - repost 2 - change pgotograph of day planner Change Phone # and Email address on an existing PDF - Change photo on facebook cover SMS fairplay Change photo on homepage of Wordpress website - Change PHP / SQL Queries in Hikashop Change PHP and CSS of WordPress Plugin - Change PHP links to SEO friendly URL's. Change PHP mail form to send via authenticated SMTP TLS - Change PHP Table into Datagrid with the option to sort manually Change PHP Table(repost) - Change pics background Change picture - Change pictures on my website. Change pictures on my website. - Change Portfolio layout gallery in a wordpress website Change portfolio on existing site to be easily update-able through cms - Change Prestashop 1.6 "add to cart" button color of the default theme Change prestashop checkout process - Change prices, desicription, dimensions in my opencart change prices, logo and contact details from a PDF - Change Product Image Size in Magento Change product images - Change program language encoding Change programming - change PWM frequency - open to bidding Change PWM frequency-2 - change red-black tree to avl tree (for SaS Technologies) Change red5 in Wowza for website flex 3 . - Change remote access to MySQL user Change remote access to MySQL user -- 2 - change resolution of picture Change Resolution of Windows Games with Line Graphics to 1920 x 1080 - change rtmedia buddypress uploader style https://goo. change rtmedia buddypress uploader style https://goo. -- 2 - change script from SLA FileUP to ASPupload Change Script From Stormpay/Paypal to Alertpay - Change search function Change search function on Joomla site - Change Server Paths to New Hosting Company Change server settings - Change Shopify Index and Integrate Themes - Shopify Experts Needed Change Shopify site - Change Simple Images To PNG-8 Transparent Background Change simple online game to record mouse clicks with high temporal resolution - Change site font and colors. Fix site look via mobile view. Change Site from Flash to HTML/Javascript/ASP and add admin interface - Change Site to a general sports theme Change site to be mobile iOS friendly - Change size of logo in Shopify Change size of pamphlet - change sleeve colour change slide show - Change small things in a wordpress theme - add a red stripe to the theme Change small things in a wordpress theme - add a red stripe to the theme -- 2 - Change some 2d app graphics. change some advertising text and logos - Change some content and add payment options in wordpress built website change some content of a dokument - Change Some Details on PHP existent Admin Dashboard Change Some Details on PHP existent Admin Dashboard (v3) - Change some in contact-form and make it secure Change some info on a template - Change some PHP code in Hikashop change some php coding functions - Change some sutff on wordpress theme Change some SWF's In game - Change some Visuals change some web contents - Change Sort Order of Content Types In Drupal Change sort order of items in existing asp application - Change static front webpage to a fully responsive webpage. Change static html site into php mySQL dbase site - Change Structure and Algorithm of codeigniter script Change structure code of five websiter - Change Styles in Newsletter from external style definition to inline td css -- 2 Change stylesheet and HTML and make it IE compatible - Change Table Cell Span Change table color from white to black - Change template and install module for magento Change template and layout of existing Wordpress website - change template of script Change Template of existing Website Zen Cart - change template width to 1024 pixel Change template, create AJAX filter and changes attached. - Change text at 10 webshop buttons Change text color at Wordpress theme - Change text in flash animated header Change text in Flash object on Website - Change text in PSD file for logo Change text in SWF file - Change Text on Existing Design - Urgent Change text on existing InDesign file - Change text on website flash header Change Text On Website Page - Change the actual login/registration process from my website Change the add listing flow for booking website - Change the background of 2 images change the background of 2 images from grey to transparent - Change the background to white in 17 images -- 2 Change the background to white in 4 images - Change the charset of my website to display umlauts (German) change the chinese word into solid color - Change the color of my logo change the color of my logo - Change the colour of company logo Change The Colour of Images - Change the CSS style of a slider Change the CSS to a plugin only for the mobile( my website is responsive but not this plugin) - Change the design in my website Change the Design Layout of my Wordpress Themes Checkout Process - change the design of my homepage-integrate new design Change the design of my PHP site - Change the div Html Change the domain name - Change the font in a logo design to match one already created Change the font in my logo to opensans - change the GUI of an application Change the h2 tag to h1 in all of the the website titles - Change the image gradient to something more flowing. Change the image in graphics editor - Change the layout / design of our Summer camp application forms Change the layout and design of 2 pages - Change the link location of a nav menu button change the link on a avi file - Change the look and feel of existing Zen Cart e-commerce site Change the look and feel of our re-seller website - change the looks or ERP & CRM system Change the lyricsplayer apps - Change the My Orders description Magento Change the name and details of my existing logo design.eps - Change the page number on this one-page PDF Change the pagination numbering from 1 2 3 to 0 1 2 - change the price field opencart Change the price of 345 products on a Prestashop store - change the send message by "SMS API" to Android and I-Phones with "TCP/IP" change the sentence structure - Change the software's Camera from USB to Ethernet change the soil on the individual cartoons we have - Change the template of a website
change the template of dating site - Change the text on one of my page Change the text within an e-mail variable in magento {{var payment_html}} - Change the titles of my php Change the tone Fund of the pages of my site - Change the way custom fields are shown on web page change the way emails are sent from my website - PHP mail function to SMTP - PHPMailer - Change the wordpress website design Change the words in the ID card - Change theme colour magento Change theme colour on website - Change theme of the website such as buttons,text fields,nav bar, header, footer, etc. Change theme of the website such as buttons,text fields,nav bar, header, footer, etc. -- 2 - Change things in the WP code change things on a picture - change thumbnail URL to custom URL in Wordpress Change TightVnc Behaviour to add reverse connection - change to 3 responsive pages change to 3 responsive pages - repost - Change to contact form on Change to Contest Facebook Cover - Change to Flash Template (from TemplateMonster) Change to Flash Website - Change to Modal Popup Change to Modx - Change to project - event creation Change to Project Management System - Change to the contest entry Change To The Home Page Of An Existing Online Store - Change to wordpress page Change To Wordpress Plugin - Change twitter bootsrap3 theme to another TB3 theme Change twitter Bootstrap theme to religious template for Blogger - Change UI of an Android application Change UI of dating site - Change URL button - quantity field Change url case in flash - change url's in 1350 profiles change URL's in SWF flash file. - Change values in ASP Change values in MySQL for prestashop at ID products - Change verbiage in a vector image change version - Change Video Settings on 3 Web Pages Change Video Template to include our logo - Change VoIP Application Source from MjSip+Sipdroid to Linphone Change Volume Control - Change Web Site Change web site color scheme - change website Change website from one host to another hosting company - Change website Design Change website design - Change website from jquery-2.1.0 to jquery-1.10.2 Change website from php custom to wordpress. URL - change website layout - Repost Change website layout and colors - Change website page displayed based on user's location Change Website Page Layout - Change Website Theme / Admin Area Change Website Theme And Add Features To Content - change website's template design/Creating custom temp. Change website's theme and design - Change width of posts on my blog and create a second column for blog posts Change width to 810 pixels - Change WooCommerce Email Template -- 2 Change woocommerce front page - Change Word Press Theme so we can use fullscreen backroad videos in HD change word press url to main domain, - Change wordpress contact form layout Change Wordpress Contact Form to use Pear - Change Wordpress menu layout from theme defaults change wordpress menu so thesame admin can show add post from another domain - change wordpress product view ( contains coding ) and somethings more change wordpress schedule page - Change wordpress template change wordpress template - Change wordpress theme Change wordpress theme - Change Wordpress theme with some fixes Change Wordpress theme with some fixes - Change site to, use fashopper or similar theme Change to including all content - Change WP to new Theme with short codes and some site finishing. Change WP URL Within SSH and Install SSL Certificate Within SSH - Change yahoo quote import to work with FM Server Change yahoo quote import to work with FM Server - ongoing work - Change, work and diversity Change, work and diversity - British airways change management 2009-2011 - Change/fix some things for pre-existing iPhone app. Change/Hide Image Source URL - Changed server, need restoration (Invision PowerBoard) Changed servers, need restoration (Invision PowerBoard) - changeout Changeparade: Infinite Scroll / Currency Switch - Changes & new Tasks at existing Webpage - URGEND Changes & Updates for existing WP Project - changes and additions to cURL project Changes and additions to existing website - Changes and modifications in the website Changes and modifications to codeigniter project - Changes and Updates to Online T-Shirt Designer Software Changes and Updates to Prestashop website - Changes current Joomla website changes design - changes for flash clients demo Changes for flash game - changes for web site TIE changes for WeBId - Changes in a Codeigniter Application changes in a current site to add additional functionality - Changes in a website make it in joomla Changes in a wiki software - Changes in an opencart website Changes in an opencart website. - Changes in c#, php and android Changes in CI website - Changes in Drupal website changes in drupal website - Changes in existing design - Include App info Changes in existing design and export as png file - Changes in exiting app with source code Changes in Facebook covers - Changes in Illustrator Logo Changes in images - Changes in LIferay portal Changes in link color done with css - changes in menu (text and icon ) for mobile view Changes in Metasearch Engine - Changes in my web site Changes in my website - Changes in opencart website Changes In osclass script (asap) - Changes in PHP Melody script_ Changes in PHP Motion - Changes in previous project Changes in Previously designed PCB to fit new functions - changes in submit form and schema for search results Changes in submit forms and data display, site speed, bug fixes - Changes in the LOGO Urgently Changes in the Magento module - changes in web site Changes in web template - Changes in Window Service changes in woo commerce website - changes in word press theme part 2.