Katalog Projektów : Complete a management handbook - complete a page and function creating by C#

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Complete a management handbook Complete a MEAN web app, test, deploy maintain complete a meta-catalog complete a meta-catalog(repost) Complete a MFI Website Complete a Microsoft Outlook Add-In Complete a mindmap complete a mini-compailer using flex & bison Complete a Mobile App Complete a mobile app dating site - partially done Complete a mobile game in Cocos 2dx (version.3.5) with Java back end. Experienced developer needed Complete a MonoTouch App Complete a MS Outlook Add In - Rahul Complete A Multiplayer Android Game complete a multithreaded ajax asp.net page Complete a music streaming site in joomla. Complete a nearly ready C++ project (a TrueType converter DLL) Complete a networking and OS assignments
Complete a new Cisco Task Complete a new website Complete a NHL bet micro-website for internal use (with PHP, Laravel 5.1) Complete a node.js module (single function) - parsing google api Complete a node.js Project Complete a node.js Project (Bitcoin Exchange) Complete a node.js website. Complete a node.js website... Complete a nomination form to register land for state heritgage in NSW, Australia Complete a number of exercises - gradient decent, decision tree etc in python Complete a Numerical Test Complete a on going IOS application Complete a one page product website and the flash file that goes with it. Complete a One Screen ASP.NET project using Infragistic WebDataGrid (KLC) Complete a online trivia game website complete a page and function creating by C# complete a page and function creating by C#