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Configure DHCP server on our server - Configure DNS for 4 Applications Configure DNS for 4 Applications - open to bidding - Configure domain mail MX records to point to Zoho Manl Configure Domain Name - Configure Drupal 7 Feeds Importer to Import CSV of New Users Configure Drupal and - Configure Ecommerce Conversion Tracking in Analytics and Adwords Configure Ecommerce Module - Configure Email server in windows VPS Configure Email Server on Linux - Configure Events Manager Pro Wordpress Plugin Configure Events Manager Pro Wordpress Plugin(repost) - Configure existing Joomla 3 website for Multilanguage support Configure existing OpenVPN server with IPv6 on Debian. - Configure ffmpeg with php on my server Configure FFMPEG/ LAME/ YouTube clone on dreamhost server - configure free PBX to skype in calls Configure Free Radius limit user traffic - Configure FreeSeat Configure Freeswitch - Configure GCC built as a 68000 CPU32 cross compiler (M68k-elf) on a Windows PC Configure gcc development virtual machine - Configure Google Analytics for E-Commerce Configure Google Analytics for end-to-end visibility - configure gravity forms plugin and database data insert coding configure gravity forms plugin and database data insert coding -- 2 - configure hosting on cloudfare - open to bidding Configure Hosting Account to New Domains - Configure Hyper V Configure Hyper V network settings for 3 virtual machines - Configure IIS with ARR through Port 80 Configure IIS with MySQL Database website - Configure Interspire with MTA with AmazonSES Configure Interspire with MTA with My VPS Web Server - Configure Jacob (Java Com Bridge) in Java Project configure jasper on my RaspberryPi2 - Configure Joomla 2.5 Template Configure joomla 3.1 for joomlapolis on (allreay installed) - Configure Journal Theme for OpenCart2, install modules, adapt if needed Configure Journey Wordpress Theme - Configure Kasikorn Bank (Thailand) Payment Gateway on 2 WP sites Configure Kolab Server - Configure Linode VPS acct & migrate source files Configure Linux 12 server - Configure local virtualbox with centos and vestacp configure login and search functions - dotproject - Configure Magento for International Shipping Configure magento for rest api - Configure Magento to use REST API with Oauth CONFIGURE MAGENTO URLs- SIMPLE - Configure mailchimp APIs in order to use our custom forms on our website. Configure Mailchimp automation with WooCommerce - Configure membership affilate site Configure Membership Management Script - Configure Mikrotik routerboard. Configure Mikrotik routerboard. - hotspot - Configure MS Project Server, MS Project and MS CRM Configure MS Server 2003 Web Server - Configure my CentOS6 VPS with Zpanel & Other Settings Configure my CentOS6 VPS with Zpanel & Other Settings - repost - Configure my Joomla website for mobile/tablet viewing Configure my Juniper Netscreen FIrewaal with 2 CentOS SRVRs - configure my subdomain and install wordpress Configure my VIM on MacOS to do Swift Syntax checking - Configure My Wordpress Configure My Wordpress -- 2 - Configure Nameserver Settings on New Dedicated Server to Enable Hosted Domains found Directly on browser Configure Nameservers in Cpanel WHM - Configure new ID column in wpDatatables Wordpress Configure New Linode VPS - Configure Nginx for SSL on Ruby on Rails app using Passenger/Capistrano/Ubuntu VPS Configure Nginx For Wordpress Case Insensitive Sub Folders - Configure o meu site Configure obGrabber Joomla extension for K2 articles on our site - Configure OpenCart store configure opencart store - Configure OpenWRT with OLSR, DNS and Tun Configure OpenX Ad Server - Configure OTRS installation for an IT support company - Ticket Management System configure our dedicated server for best website speed and optimization - Configure Payment Gateway Configure payment gateway api - Configure permalink post structure in Wordpress, where post url starts from "-", "--" or "---" Configure permissions within JIRA - configure PHP site using mysql on amazon web services (aws) Configure PHP Smarty3 and Codeigniter application to work with WAMP - Configure PHRETS to Download Data and Images to MLS IDX Server Configure pipe to program script on Cpanel - Configure POP/SMTP on a CentOS server configure port (permanent fix, and configure email send from - Configure Postfix to prevent backscatter Configure postfix to receive message - Configure Prestashop Multistore Using Different Domains Configure Prestashop Template and write a script for importing .csv Productfeeds - Configure purchased Magento Plugin with Provided Image Configure pyAudioAnalysis training - Configure Ratchet ( and make a working php example configure rdlc reportviewer to print same font size regardless of screen resolution - Configure response (Redirect URL and KEY value) to be sent as plain text (Perl Script) Configure Reverse DNS - Emails - Configure RS Ticket Module Joomla 1.7 Configure RSFiles for Joomla site(repost) - Configure scheduled WHM backups to remote server Configure scratch project in java project - Configure sensors to check car over speed Configure sensors with microprocessor board like Raspberry pi - Configure Server for optimal performance Apache/Plesk/CentOs Configure Server for PEAR - configure sh404 and SEO, connect script Configure sh404Sef - configure sick submitter - open to bidding configure sick submitter form csv - Configure small 4.0 site to run on IIS7 Windows Server 2008 Configure Small Business Server 2003 Premium R2 - configure SMTP to protect from SPAM Configure SMTP to send emails from PHP on windows Server 2012 - Configure some scheduled backup tasks (Server 2008 R2) Configure some shipping rules in Woocommerce - Configure squid proxy in a Debian system Configure Squid proxy on Ubuntu VPS - Configure SSL Squid on CentOS Configure SSL to Joomla/Virtuemart Site & acesef - Configure subdomain & Redirect issue Configure subdomain for osclass site - Configure System via teamviewer Configure T38 faxing with FreePBX and Cisco SPA122 - configure the Proxy server settings using Lightspeed system in a VPS Configure the PSNT Line - Asterisk Free PBX - configure tomcat 5.0.28 (on unix) to block directory access Configure Tomcat 5.5 with IIS 6.0 - Configure two new Cisco C867VAE-W-A-K9 Routers Configure two Polycom IP560 phones to work with 8x8 phone service - Configure USB ip from linux to windows configure user on virtual server - Configure very simple javascript player for Drupal website Configure Vici Dialer - Configure VLAN on SF-300 switch for VOIP Configure VLANs in Cisco WS-C3750X, certify network in Saudi Arabia - Configure VPN between fortigate 60C & fortigate 60D configure vpn between mikrokit and strongswan - Configure VPS configure VPS (Ubuntu) that traffic of different users is routed via different IPs - configure vtiger with freePBX Configure Vyatta vRouter for VPN and SSL - Configure Webalizer for DirectAdmin on FreeBSD Configure WEBALIZER on linyx and creat Cron Jobs - Configure website to work with laravel. -- 2
Configure website using Joomla - Configure wildcard SSL certificates with Nginx configure Wildfire XML configuration - Configure Windows Server 2008 R2 Configure windows server 2008 R2 64 SP1/ install system drivers - Configure Woocommerce Cart Page Order Configure Woocommerce for Installment plans - Configure Wordpress Enfold Theme for Mobile configure wordpress extension - WP Pro Advertising System - Configure Wordpress Plugin (WP SMTP Plugin) Configure Wordpress Plugin - Formidable Pro - Configure Wordpress Template with dummy content Configure WordPress Theme - CONFIGURE WORDPRESS TO EMBED VIDEOS AND CALL SCRIPTS Configure Wordpress to post to Facebook / Change Picture - Configure Wowza streaming engine Configure WP Commerce & Authorize.NET - Configure WPML or other suitable plugin for multilangual site Configure WPML Plugin - Configure XML synchronization with WP all impoer plugin and WPML Configure Xp for Automatic FAX recieving - Configure ZOO for users level Configure ZOO for users level - Configure/Install Memcached Configure/Install MySQL Cluster - configurer et programation wordpress configurer et programation wordpress - open to bidding - Configuring a custom search/result page + views configuring a customized cgminer program /setup a working "Stratum-Proxy" for Bitcoin - Configuring A2B Configuring AA on UC520 - Configuring Asterisk server and setup sip trunk connection Configuring Asterisk server to connect with our ITSP - Configuring Dedicated windows Server with Plesk and Firewall Configuring designing on website tasks done - Configuring freeTDS for Linux Configuring FXO in myPBX and quadro - Configuring Linux RADIUS SERVER and Firewall Configuring Lucent MAX TNT as a SIP Gateway - Configuring nginx and wsgi to serve flask application configuring nginx as reverse proxy for Meteor app running in docker container in aws EC2 - Configuring PJSIP to work background and NAT on IPhone app Configuring PLESK for Windows - Configuring snort or iptables to drop packets (based on string) Configuring SPAM Assassin to support additional spam filtering and some forwarding it to a different email address - Configuring VPN on VPS Configuring VPS - Configutarion and Customization(new module) SuiteCRM Configuurar servidor de amazon (AWS) - confirm phone numbers for whatsapp Confirm Prices - Confirmation of sending poll confirmation page - Confirmit survey programming confirmr,cns - Conflict Proplem Conflict research - Confluence Custom code Confluence custom code - 3 - Confrence program Confrim project. Need a illustrators to draw 3 drawing of Winnie the Pooh Bear -- 2 - Congestion Control in Wireless Networks congestion in toronto - Congratulations service (video-messages from around the world) - $6 each task - - -- 4 Congratulations service (video-messages from around the world) - $6 each task - - -- 5 - Congressional Map to track Co-sponsors on Bills Congressional Website Redesign - conjure eligibilty Conjure Head Designs - Connect & Import mySQL DB to AWS RDS Connect & Import mySQL DB to AWS RDS - open to bidding - Connect 2 websites with php Connect 2 Windows 2003 servers - IIS and SQL server - Connect 4 servers to WHMCS via API Connect 4 simple pages in MVC Razor - connect a domain on to eHost (cpanel), FTP for upload -- 2 connect a domain on to eHost (cpanel), FTP for upload, docu - Connect a search box to an API'd geo database & correct the results template accordingly Connect a SharePoint 2013 Foundation Form to a SharePoint custom list - Connect Add to Cart Button to my google checkout account Connect admin panel with my themeforest theme - Connect an existing trade bot to new exchanges / currencies, Connect an existing trade bot to new exchanges / currencies. - Connect API Connect API - Connect app to AppleStore connect app to new server......and fix problems - Connect AWS RDS Database to a Business Intelligence tool (SSH Tunnelling/Putty) Connect AWS RDS Database to a Business Intelligence tool (SSH Tunnelling/Putty) - connect cisco 7821 ip phone to asterisk connect cisco 9971 to a sip server - connect crm "vtiger" to a mailing software "supermailer" by a script -- 2 connect crystal report to vs - connect db from 2 different scripts so that there is only 1 login connect db from 2 different scripts so that there is only 1 login - Connect domain to webpage connect domian with my vps server - Connect emp500 coin selector to a pc Connect entries stored in DB in CSV file with frontend static HTML/CSS page - Connect EZYGOLD script to WordPress making blog on autopilot Connect EZYGOLD script to WordPress making blog on autopilot - repost - Connect Flash interface to PHP, XML and MYSQL backend Connect flv webcam file to wordpress website - connect freepbx with dlink router for receiving and outgoing call Connect Freight Quote API to Shopify store - Connect google api application to php form Connect Google Apps account to Wix Website - connect html template to admin panel Connect HTML template with a PHP picture generator II. - Connect iphone, iPad, android app to - Magento by API Connect IPS with WP-Memberlevels - Connect links or Configure Yii Framework. Connect Links To Content And Reposition Images - Connect main domain to subdomain Connect main login page to website - Connect mobile phone to PC and request http pages online Connect module to database - Connect my app to my website and data base. -- 2 Connect my application to AWS - Connect my game to game center Connect my game to game center -- 2 - Connect my website front end to the back end Connect my website to 3 api and - Connect MySql DB in Google Cloud Platform on Connect MySQL DB to Google Calendar - Connect one function to another and add username sort list connect one login form - Connect Other Website API To My Website Connect our API to our partners - Connect PayPal API to developed online store Connect Paypal Buy it Now button with IPN - Connect php system with 24sevenoffice Connect php templates to MySQL database - Connect QBMS to OfficeAutopilot Connect Quickbooks database with C# Console application. - Connect Satellite office using Cisco 3000 VPN concentrator to Cisco VPN 3000 at host. Connect Scale with Java POS - Connect Slybroadcast API to Infusionsoft Connect Slybroadcast API to Infusionsoft with Zapier - Connect subdomain and main domain connect subdomain to database and do other key points - connect the database with a linux ssh Connect the Date-Time-Picker to filter the trade table which is integrated into - connect to a database connect to a database to another site - Connect to a GIft Registry website using their API -- 2