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CREATE 10,000 FACEBOOK LIKES Create 10,000 Images by script (CAPTCHA) Create 10,000 links from 10,000 different domains Create 10,000 new gmail accounts to forward mail to me and complete form Create 10,000 t.co Redirect URLs Create 10,000 user profiles on my website with proxies for each one Create 10,000 Verified Backlinks Create 10-12 pitch deck.. Create 10-15 second Animation for a Logo Create 10-15$ / day Adsense site - open to bidding Create 10-15$ / day Adsense site for sasthaariv Create 10-page wordpress website with business theme and 1 email address Create 10-year anniversary version of logo Create 10-year anniversary version of logo(repost) create 100 verified craigslist or more! Create 100 "back links" to a web site page Create 100 'how to' fitness animation -- 2 Create 100 + email templates
Create 100 000 (One Hundred Thousand) Facebook Profiles Create 100 1D Book Images (Lots of Work!) create 100 accounts create 100 accounts - repost Create 100 accounts on site and put banners on different sites. Create 100 ads in www.gumtree.com.au in daily basis for ever. Create 100 advertisements Create 100 Amazon.com accounts (email/password) Create 100 Android apps with my easy methods Create 100 Animated Video with basic animation n cool design & color Create 100 Article Directory Acc's - Post 2 Articles on Each Create 100 articles of 750 words each Create 100 back-links or australian website Create 100 Blogs Create 100 blogs Create 100 Blogs about our Website Services and Products Create 100 blogs wheel.