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Create 5 Facebook Pages for Businesses - Create 5 Illustration for website Create 5 illustrations - Create 5 Minute Videos to explain Concepts of Physics Create 5 minutes of animation of my book, \"The Darling Street Detectives\" - Create 5 Pages using PHP and MySQL + Gateway API Create 5 Pages using PHP and MySQL + Gateway API - Create 5 Second Intro Video Create 5 Second Intro Video - Create 5 small illustrations Create 5 Software Boxes in Adobe Illustrator - Create 5 video to tell people how to play iphone Minesweeper Create 5 video tutorials - Create 5 You Tube videos Create 5 youtube videos - Create 50 animated GIFs with solid colors Create 50 animations - Create 50 Gmail + Orkut Accounts + Invite friends Create 50 Gmail Accounts - Create 50 New Links to Website Create 50 New Links to Website - Logistics\Delivery Niche - Create 50 UPC A Barcodes for cosmetic line using our GS1 company ID. Create 50 user profiles on a dating website - Create 500 Basic 2D Vectorworks objects from our DWG files. Create 500 Basic Revit Detail Items families from our DWG files. - Create 500 PlentyOfFish accounts Create 500 Profiles per Week and Ongoing Back-link Creation - Create 501 Gmail Accounts Create 50K US FB Account - No Phone verified - Create 6 card game templates Create 6 CMS pages and fill each page with text + images (3-5 per page) - Create 6 Information icons / designs for a website. Create 6 Instagram posts - CREATE 6 SIMPLE CARTOON 2D CHARACTER ILLUSTRATIONS Create 6 simple HTMLs - Create 60 Designs for bottle labels create 60 emails account - Create 60-80 sec video for home page Create 600 Accounts - Create 7 excel sheets Create 7 facebook tabs/apps for a facebook page and fill it with the content and images I will provide - Create 70 website directory listings / citations entries from my list - ongoing work Create 700 company records on wordpress website - create 8 joomla sub-pages for a url create 8 landing page - Create 8-10 Page Website with Lead Capture Pages for Marketing Funnel Create 8-10 simple 3d models of sanitary ware and then create few bathrooms using those models. - Create 8x11 poster from pdf Create 9 ''Dog-Centric'' Holiday Header Graphics - Create 90 Second Animated Commercial Using Flat Elements -- 2 Create 90 Second Tutorial Video - Create a 10 sec Video with the 2 clips i have Create a 30 minute Video - Create a Dynamic PPC Campaign using The SpeedPPC WordPress DKI Plug-in Create a dynamic, robust website - Create a new Website Create a new Website - Create a responsible Joomla Template Create a responsive wordpress theme for DVD store - Create a VPN service that uses LDAP & MySQL to authenticate against. Create a Web designe - Create a "Closing calculator" I can implement on my website. READ BRIEF Create a "coming soon" page - create a "new vehicle configurator" plugin for a wordpress website Create a "Next" Button which Connects to the "Page Break" Button in Wordpress - Create a "Top 10 Coundtown Animations" for youtube top 10 videos transitions -- 2 Create a "Top Ten Lists" website for wordpress - Create a 'chat' based web application which is mobile friendly Create a 'coaching' workbook - content provided.. - create a .apk file in rhomobile development environment. create a .bat file which runs a Python script on a list of specific dates - Create a .Net Interface to Quickbooks Database create a .net report ( .rdlc ) - Create a 0Days exploit Create a 0Days exploit -- 2 - Create a 1 minute 3D Animation Create a 1 minute 3D animation video - Create a 1 minutes Cartoon Type Animated Video create a 1 on 1 copy of myfreecams.com - Create a 1 to 1.5-minute Explainer Video (Animation) Create a 1 to 1.5-minute Explainer Video (Animation) - Create a 10 Min Video create a 10 minute power point video with voice over explaining an mlm compensation plan - Create a 10 second Video with custom background music Create a 10 second video intro - Create a 12 question personality test for website built on weebly Create a 12 screen e-card based on my instructions - Create a 15 second Intro Animation using GoAnimate or something similar Create a 15 Second Long Animation - Create a 1m30s animated Story of our Company Create a 1min fun professional explainer video - Create a 2 Minute After Effects Intro Video Create A 2 Minute Animated Explainer/Sales Video (Motion Graphics) - Create a 2 page Outline Create a 2 page website - Create a 2-D Physical Model of a Jumping Human Using Python Create a 2-fold brochure design - Create a 20s promotional video Create a 25 line slot machine game - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D Animation - Create a 2D Animation in After Effects create a 2d animation in after effects or flash - Create a 2D character Create a 2D Character + sprites in the future - Create a 2D MMORPG flash based game Create a 2d model - Create a 2nd version of my dating sim game Create a 3 - 5 page holding website - Create a 3 minutes 2D Animation video Create a 3 minutes 3D animation Video - Create a 3-5min emotive video Create a 3-axis chart/graph in Excel - Immediate - Create a 30 second commercial -- 2 Create a 30 second commercial for TV and web. - Create a 30-45 second promotion for app Create a 30-45 second video Animation from an image - Create a 360 degree Virtual Tour Create a 360 degree Virtual Tour(repost) - Create a 3D animated video for a startup production firm Create a 3D animated video for home based service website - Create a 3d Animation in 3DS max Create a 3D Animation Mayonnaise Box - Create a 3D booth rendering image create a 3D brochure from 2D plans - Create a 3D design out of a sketch Create a 3D desktop game based on a flash one - Create a 3D illustration and drawing for a kitchen shelf Create a 3d image - Create a 3D Medical Presentation using 3D Studio Max & V-Ray Create a 3d mesh of this piece of furniture - Create a 3D model from a blueprint or a amateur photo and render it nicely Create a 3D model from a building plan - Create a 3D Model of a Packing Box (That Looks Real) Create a 3D model of a phrase to be printed on a 3D printer - Create a 3D Modelling Create a 3D modelling and animation - Create a 3d render Animation of airport Create a 3D render for an event - Create a 3d STL file from 2d DWG file. Create a 3D STL to print a complicated badge / Jewellery. Less than £50 Budget! - Create a 3d video -- 2 Create a 3D video 1 to 2 min in length - Create a 3rd Partition on Raspberi Pi 8GB SD Card running openWRT Create a 3rd party cookie - Create a 404 error page for my electronic cigarette website and upload it to my 3dcart Create a 404 error page for my electronic cigarette website and upload it to my 3dcart -- 2 - Create a 5 minutes Cartoon Type Animated Video
Create a 5 minutes Cartoon Type Animated Video - repost - Create a 5-10 second Intro Animation for Beat making video Create a 5-10 Second Video Intro - Create a 6 page Wordpress Template Create a 6 sec. 3D Video Graphics for logo - Create a 60 storey Hexagrid Building (Revit Architectural and Structural) Create a 60-120 seconds animation (motion graphics) - Create a 78 cards Tarot Deck Create a 7sec flash video - Create a 90 seconds Youtube Video Commercial Create a 90 secs Animation Explainer Video - Create a A3 Map and provide file create a a3 poster - Create a Admin Panel CMS Create a admin panel for a site - Create a adsense website that will be generating income of 20- 25+$ per day Create a Adsense website which earns $20-$25 daily - Create a after effects intro with smoke effects. Create a After Effects Product Demo Video - Create a Amazon File Uploading Website Create a Amazon lambda function to send data to Google calendar and add event. - create a android app Create a android app (Celfie) - Create a ANDROID/IOS app Create a android/ios app - Create a Animated Marketing Video Create a Animated Music Video - Create a animated Video for on demand service Create a Animated Video for Web Design Company - Create a animation for children's book Create a Animation for our chemical plant. - Create a antivirus / dashboard mobile app for android Create a Apache config file for multiple domains - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app similar to watsapp Create a app /desktop gadet - Create a app similar as uber Create a app similar to Instagram - Create a Arabic Ad Video with voice and animation Create a Arabic Video - Create a Audio Video an AV with 100+ pictures of a baby for her 2nd birthday with nice back ground music Create a audio-chat - Create a b o t to fetch tweets **((long term working))** create a b&w sketch animation for our org - Create a backgammon bot that can interpret scenarios from a program and input them to a backgammon game. Create a Background - Create a backtest module for Ninjatrader that would enable parallel computing (master and slave windows application) create a backup for my POS software - Create a banner Create a banner - create a banner / need to see a mockup first Create a Banner 0904 - Create a banner for responsive landing page made with bootstrap. Create a banner for Revolution slider Wordpress for Moving Storage site - create a bar graph for ios using dummy json value ( objective c) Create a barcode generator program and printing by format - Create a basic app for beverage Industry Create A Basic App For A Gym - create a basic game for android and iphone - open to bidding Create a Basic Game in Java - Create a basic OTT platform Create a basic package for an online business - Create a basic web script Create a basic web site - Create a batch folder scan that auto positions auto re-sizing and saves files as JPG Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce - Create a Beautiful Marketing Presentation for my company Create a beautiful mascot in 5 variation (for KUBOGRAPHICS) - Create a benchmark for comparing the performance of three open source web servers; JBoss, Tomcat, and Glassfish Create a benefit plan proposal - Create a betting&marketplace site for a steam game. Create a beuty how to video - Create a bilingual (2 languages) Joomla website. Create a bilingual magazine WordPress Template website - Create a Bitcoin Generator! Create a bitcoin index like in Coindesk - Create a Blackjack Card game Create a Blackjack poker game with a GUI interface - create a blog create a blog - Create a blog for a single page website Create a blog for a SquareSpace existing website / Criar blog para site SquareSpace - Create a blog list based on technorati Create a blog list based on technorati - create a blog site create a blog site - repost - create a blog with wordpress and make money with adsence Create a Blog with Wordpress.org - Create a blueprint in AutoCAD Create a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iPhone app - Create a Book Cover Design for a Fun, Heretical Book Create a book cover for me - Create a booking system with solidres.com create a booking website and application - Create a Bootstrap Joomla Template Create a bootstrap layout/design. - Create a border for our titles on Wordpress Website Create a Border on 500 photos with text in border - Create a bot for me Create a Bot For Mobile Strike Game ( Game already available in App Store / Google Play) - Create a bot to play a game Create a bot to post back links and increase traffic - Create a Box with other smaller boxes inside, and auto arrange them Create a Boxbilling Theme - Create a Brand Logo and Packaging Designs Create a brand logo for a new coffee company - Create a brand new Song & Music Video - Motivation Boxing create a brand new website - Create a Brithday Invite Create a Broadband speed test to use in Web site - Create a brochure for a project, called Go Learn Create a Brochure for a Telephone Company - Create a browser game create a browser game application - Create a building 3D model and render for a home extension Create a building design - Create A Business and Marketing Plan For HVAC Company Create A Business and Marketing Plan For HVAC Company - create a business card from my sample create a business card from my sketch - Create a business logo Create a business logo - Create a business plan and financial model Create a business plan for a film studio - Create a Business Website Template and Logo Create a business website using a Wordpress template - Create a buyer/lister escrow bidding system (like this site) create a buying and selling AD robot app - Create a C# code for EXT.Net calendar with DB Create a C# Command Line Project to Insert Order into Salesforce via API - Create a C++ Program , complete info in description Create a C++ program for priority queue - Create a CAD video from technical drawings Create a Cake package, Cookie box, paper bag, paper cup for Patisserie Cake shop - Create a calendar/schedule like Google Calendar create a calender for my booking form - Create a captivating website for Afritrack Create a Captivating, Professional Brochure for the Raise Institute - Create a Caricature for afifakbar Create a Caricature for bilgehanyazici - Create a cartoon animal logo Create a cartoon animation - Create a cartoon from an approved sketch Create a Cartoon Illustration - create a cartoon video Create a Cartoon Video - Create a Cartoon Video Explainer Video