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Create a .BMP graphic for a wizard Create a .CAD and .PDF for my dress sock prototyp Create a .cgi File which runs html code Create a .chm file Create a .csv File Exchange for eBay with Data Feed XML and a CSV file from my furnisher. Create a .csv file with data from websites create a .csv file with data from websites (fixed) Create a .csv or .txt list of ZIP code divide by zones Create a .dem to .avi application Create a .do file for STATA that prepares raw survey data from Qualtrics Create a .dst file. Create A .Exe File. Create a .exe program based around existing Excel Sheet, additional logic is needed Create a .FLA form XML (RVML) Create a .gif Animation For Webpage Create a .gif from a bunch of images Create a .htaccess file to improve URL Create a .htaccess on my site to display from dynamically url to "static" url
Create a .htaccess rewrite Create a .htaccess RewriteCond and redirect create a .ics file to populate a calendar from an excel file Create A .INF file - Rush Job Create a .jar application for nokia operating system Create a .jpg from coordinates Create a .net application that uses WPD (Application Programming Interface) to capture an image from a camera and a scanner Create a .net assembly using hocr2pdf, cuneiform and tesseract open source Create a .NET calender based on a currently functioning php calender Create a .NET dll to communicate with QCollector Create a .net Exe to upload images create a .net form privte job for cms n custom create a .net form privte job for cms n custom create a .net function to post to Facebook programmeitly Create a .NET installer like http://www.autocountsoft.com/ Create a .Net Interface to Quickbooks Database create a .net report ( .rdlc )