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Create CMUSphinx training script -- 2 - Create code sample in various web languages Create code samples from a sample database for Oracle DB 12c(PLSQL) and SQL Server(SQL) - Create coding to implement onto my app Create coffee machine images - Create color variations of existing HTML/CSS templates Create Color Variations of Tote Bag - Create Comical 2D Animations With Adobe Flash! Create Coming Soon Page (1 page only, splash) - Create company brochure from template(repost) Create Company Catalog and Marketing Material - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create company logos Create Company Marketing Pieces - Create company profile in PDF Create Company profile in ppt or pdf - Create company/brand look and feel and subsequently design a brochure Create comparative analysis report on specific types of iOS apps - create complete SQL/queries from oscommerces db Create Complete Website - CREATE COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL FROM AUDIO FILE METADATA - repost - Repost CREATE COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL FROM AUDIO FILE METADATA - repost - Repost - Create conditional field for a Contact Form 7 contact form on my WordPress site Create conditional formatting for excel file - Create consolidated video for onles Create Constant Contact Form on a Website w/integration - Create Contact form for Simple HTML website with Success message on same page Create contact form for website - Create Contact List on Excel - repost Create Contact List on Excel - repost 2 - Create Content Articles Create content boxes at homepage and install a language at WPML - create content for Social media and blog Create content for travel website - Create Content Protection JavaScript Similar To Tynt Create content provider for an android application - create controllers create conversion for sales order - Create copy of existing website, Wordpress and theme and repoint to new domain create copy of image attaced - Create Corporate brochure (Trifold) Create Corporate Brochure and Flyers - Create corporate video for website Create Corporate Video Opener and Closer. - Create course booking website Create course booking website with a nice design - Create cover page of telephone bill Create cover photo for my social profile using assets I provide - Create crawler / spider to gather information form website, and be able to update manually every time i want Create crawler or parse data from a website - Create crisp print poster Create CRM & Front End Website - Create Cross Functional Diagrams in Visio Create Cross Graphic - create cryptocurrency create cryptocurrency -- 2 - Create CSS and template from design Create CSS Animation of SVG image - Create CSS HTML EMAIL Create CSS HTML page based on PDF file - Create CSS template from PSD file Create CSS template using Less Framework 3 - Create css/html from jpg mockup Create CSS/HTML from PSD file - Create csv file from XML files downloaded from soap web service Create CSV file import and export - Create CSV Reader to import data into MySQL DB Create CSV Template for Shopify Import - Create Custom Ads and Titles - Adult Content create custom adsense block.. - Create custom bittorrent-based mobile software Create Custom Black and White Icon Set - Create Custom CMS For An Electronics Website Create custom CMS from scratch for marketplace-social network enviroment - Create Custom Design create custom design for opencart store - Create Custom Facebook Like Button -- 2 Create custom facebook page tab - Create custom Form based payment gateway for WooCommerce Create Custom form for Wordpress site - Create Custom Home Splash Page and Implement Into Shopify and Bigcommerce Store Create Custom Hosted Payment Page - Create Custom Indicator and implement into EA Create Custom indicator by Combining two Forex Indicators and add SMS/EMAIl alert - Create custom jQuery script Create custom JSON-File editor (Html/Javascript/C#) - Create Custom Magento Report based on Product Option Custom Attribute Create Custom Magento Report based on Product Option Custom Attribute -- 2 - Create Custom MS Project Web Access Page Create custom Mt4 indicator - Create custom payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce Create Custom Payment Notification Scripts - Create Custom plugin for gallery slideshow Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed - Create custom proposal in NiftyQuoter Create Custom Proxy Script - Create custom running routes and GPS running log files Create Custom Safe Work Method Statements - Create Custom Single SignOn Buttons In SVG Format and Social Media Link Icons in SVG Format create custom site in Prestashop - Create custom T-Shirt size Create Custom Tab on Facebook - Create Custom Variable for Create Custom VB Images/Header/Icons,etc. - Create custom WHMCS ( Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform) payment gateway module Create Custom WHMCS Addons - Create Custom Wordpress Mobile Theme Create Custom WordPress Page Using Advanced Custom Fields Data - Create Custom Wordpress Theme Create custom WordPress theme - Create Custom, Back-Office Dashboard for Clients Create Custome Bread Crumbs for Wp Page - Create customised online Ecommerce Store using WordPress Create customised Views of content in Drupal 6 - Create Customized Platform for our Website Create customized product pages for particular catagory - Create CV Parser API Create CV style document from database data - Create dancing animation Create Dark style for wordpress premium theme - Create Data Dump Plug-in For Foobar2000 Create Data Dump Plug-in For WinAmp - create data insert routine into mysql db from external file (csv/xlsx) Create Data Lists in excel - Create Database Create Database - create database \"library\" and interface to it on WPF C# Create database and admin for my magento theme - Create Database by running scripts, create pages Create Database Cube and Reports - create database from website Create database from XML file with web front end for data manipulation - Create database of call recordings from PC Create Database of Contact information - Create Database Research Program Create Database Schema - Create database, and an application in PERL or PHP Create database, and an application in PERL or PHP(repost) - Create Date site. Create datepicker - create db install script create db install script test script - Create decryptor and encryptor software for .db file Create Deep Link 301 Redirects for my site - Create Demo Catering Website - WordPress & Copywriting Create Demo Content For Kid's Website - create dermatholofists and aesthteics DB
Create Description and Specification text for electrical products - Create Design and Website create design app + making mockup - Create design for mobile app Create design for Mouse pad & Wallpaper for iPad - Create design of 8 icons for a game. Create design of CS:GO Case (Requires Blender & Photoshop) - Create designs for packaging materials create designs for paper crafts - Create desktop-startmenu shortcuts Create Dessert Recipes - Create Development Wordpress Site create development/test site as subfolder - Create Dialplan from Comma Separated Value (.CSV) Files Create dialup connection - create different meta description each categories (php wap site) Create different sized versions of an existing banner - Create digital logo file from picture of design create digital magazine template with flip pages - Create directory Create directory and copy files and cell value from excel to excel - Create discount system in webshop Create disk image with Autorun.inf and custom windows/icons for Mac and PC - create dll file in C to be used in VB Create dll for FB Messenger for Monotouch - Create DNS client library for J2ME create dns entries and private nameservers on dedicated server - Create documentation for a Wordpress theme Create documentation for chupamobile - Create Domain Parking Account Create Domain Searching Website - Create DOTX Template from DOCX Create double sided christmas flyer for a childrens store - Create drag and drop script for mail template in laravel framework Create Drag and Drop Survey Tool Builder. - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create drop down with links that stay as links once choosen from drop down list. Create drop menu on navigation link per attached document specifications - Create Drupal Contacts Module for our app Create Drupal Custom Module to Build Tournament Brackets - Create Drupal templates from PSD files Create Drupal Theme - create DSO formula in Excel Create DST file - Create duplicate website on Wordpress Create duplicate website pages with some minor changes - Create dynamic Ad for Adwords with GWD Create dynamic admin page to manage/schedule advertisements - Create Dynamic Grid or Table Create dynamic html page template - Create Dynamic PDF with Perl Create dynamic PDF with submit by email function - Create dynamic TextFields based on array.length and make the Create dynamic titles in HVAC Report - Create e book by manually typing Create e book by manually typing - Create E-Brochure using website Create E-Card templates for festive greetings on a new web page. - Create E-commerce Website on Shopify Create E-Commerce website using VERY SIMPLE - Create E-mails and Send using information from SQL Database. CREATE E-MAILS, SWITCH IPS, MAKE VOTES AND GET PAID - EASY $ - Create easily editable, Word Beauty Salon price list Create easy a Wordpress Template - Create Easy Wordpress Page Template Create Easy Wordpress Theme or Page Template - Create Ebay listing template Create Ebay listing template and store front - CREATE EBAY SHOP DESIGN, INTEGRATE ETC Create eBay Software - create ebay template create ebay template - Create ebook cover create ebook cover - Create EBook Image Create Ebook landing page - Create eCommerce e-mail PSD and HTML Create ecommerce for groceries like redmart - Create Ecommerce website Create eCommerce website - Create Ecwid product carousel on website Create Ecwid store stylesheet - Create Editable Mailchimp template from PSD Create editable online tables - Create Editable PDFs for my business Create Editable PDFs Form - Create Educational Minigames - Food Factory Create Educational Motion Graphics Videos - Create either a Slider Revolution or Layer Slider slide or similar to give desired effect Create either an animated GIF or code a Barbers poll - Create electronic models Create electronic pdf Form from illustrator CS5 design - Create email accounts Create email accounts - Create email adresses from 2500 leads Create email advertising - Create email forwarding tool Create email forwarding tool - repost - Create Email List from Web Sources Create email list of 250 Spanish companies - Create email opt-in list Create eMail parser - Create email template + update of the delivery status (tracking) Create Email Template - Mailchimp RSS to Posts Functionality - Create emailer Create Emails - Create Emoji Artwork Create Emoji Artwork Graphic Design - Create ENets Module for Prestashop Create engaging & fun (medical) infographics - Create English subtitles for Spanish movie -- 2 Create English text to inform users about new version of the product - Create EPS Vector out of .PNG File Create EPS version of logo - Create Escort Site Create escort site - Create evening view from a day view 3D rendering by using photoshop create event program - Create Events Module for PHPFox (Hourly) Create Events Section for Brooklyn-based Website - Create Excel 2010 Spreadsheet Create Excel Add-In - Create Excel Dashboard with charts create excel data file with products from our site - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - Create excel file with email/phone/address for retailers Create excel file with email/phone/address for retailers - Create excel list-box with picture (data validation)- Create excel lists with contacts, phone number and email. - Create excel macro to re-organize data Create excel macro to re-organize data - repost - Create excel sheet create excel sheet - Create Excel Spread sheet Create Excel spread sheet for selections and cost - Create Excel Spreadsheet from scanned business cards Create Excel Spreadsheet from scanned business cards - Create Excel Spreadsheets From Website - Copy/Paste Create Excel spreadsheets to analyse Data - Create Excel VBA Web Scrape Code Create Excel VBS Macro Script -- Easy Money!! - Create Excel Worksheets with Auto Formulas and Autofill