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Develop Scrollable Parallax Effect Website with opt-in form - Develop seo Develop SEO contents for my new website - Develop services for an AppWrite some software Develop set of vector icons for program - Develop Sharepoint theme branding Develop Sharepoint theme branding - repost - Develop SilverStripe website for portal website Develop simil AUTOBIZ website - DEVELOP SIMPLE ANDROID APPS Develop Simple Android Game - Develop Simple e-library (URGENT -- Needed ASAP) Develop simple E-Signature application using Rightsignature API - Develop Simple iPad App Develop simple iPhone app demo for me - Develop simple mobile application for android Develop simple Mobile Apps (iOS, Windows, Android & BB) for a News Paper - Develop Simple Prototype Native IOS app in PHP Develop simple puzzle game for iphone. - Develop simple website script Develop simple website with EZPublish - Develop single web page design (Photoshop) Develop sistem informasi akademik, Perpustakaan, alumni - Develop site/script like Develop site/script like - Develop small iOS and Android app Develop small module using d3.js - Develop SMS Application Develop SMS Application(repost) - Develop social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) Develop social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) - Develop Social Sports Betting website and IOS. develop social work site - develop software Develop Software - Google And Amazon Data Extractor - Develop software for custom POS terminal application Develop software for documents administration - develop software for Y O U T U B E views develop software for Y O U T U B E views -- 2 - Develop software that will decode a wav into Magnetic Stripe data Develop software through IBMs Watson - develop Software will analyze an asset Develop Software with Amazon API - Develop some modules and reports for PHP based Open Source ERP Develop some modules of iPhone App - Develop some software Develop some software - develop some software for diesel engine develop some software for kodi - Develop Specification for Excel Add-In -- 2 Develop specification for website - Develop stage 2 for our website and game application Develop stage one of android application using Xamarin - Develop Stock System Using Visual Basic Develop stock trading program interface - Develop Supersite 2 theme Develop supplement product label and box design - Develop system similar to Ebay (not so complex) Develop system that allows users to download NNTP (News Server) files and Rapidshare (and similar) files to our server. The user then downloads from our server using HTTP(repost) - develop taxi app in android Develop taxi apps - Develop template for joomla 2.5 Develop Template for Joomla 2.5 Based on Design - Develop TextPipe Engine Demo projects Develop TextPipe Engine Demo projects #2 - Develop the buying process for an ecommerce site in PHP Develop the Client Area For Our Website - Develop the Functional and Technical Spec for our New Website Develop the game speedrunner for ios, with online multiplayer option. - Develop the pedagogy for small buisness Develop the Phantom Contact Software - Develop the web portal Develop the web site in HTML and Web development also - Develop this demo into a Full Site - repost Develop this demo into a Full Site - repost 2 - Develop tourism program Develop Tracking application with Google - Develop Travel Website Develop Travel website + admin area custom - develop twitter strategy Develop two android applications - one for the customer and another for the provider. Customer places a request for a service which gets assigned to a service team. The service team manages delivery from within the provider app. - Develop two-way communication service between Twilio and using PHP/Laravel Develop TWS Java API - Develop Unique Website Develop unit and acceptance tests for a windows product - develop USSD GW Develop USSD Plaftorm - Develop very small piece of software develop very small website - Develop Video on Demand Module Develop Video on demand Plugin - Develop voice recording task/Asana native iOS/Android mobile app Develop VoIP Android App - Develop wearable product based on BLE. Small device of coin size -- URGENT (Business case Study) Develop Web - Develop web Application Develop web application - Develop web application using GWT Develop web application with ability to provide reports - Develop Web Browser based on Chromium or Gecko Develop web browser plugin for chrome, firefox, iexplore, safari - develop web Scraping with outwit or webharvy Develop Web Scrapping Tool With JAVA - Develop Web Site Content(repost) Develop Web Site Content(repost)(repost) - Develop web-based patient information form Develop web-based software to read email log files and produce different actions (pop up windows, email alerts, etc) - Develop webpage to transfer files from local computer to webserver in Develop Webpages - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - develop website develop website - Develop Website + Web-Based Tools/Software - Experience Req! Develop Website , Simple One product website - Develop Website Backend in NodeJS with MongoDB. Develop website base on client requirement - Develop website for Boutique Hotel Develop Website for Business/Listing Classes - Develop website for Develop Website for Sports&Merits - Develop website in PHP Develop website in php - Develop website like Develop website like - Develop Website of Web Hosting Company Develop website on which people can see and buy Websites. - Develop website Template Develop website Template - open to bidding - Develop website using Wordpress Develop Website Using Wordpress Avada Template - Develop website(s) in Wordpress develop website, initial layout - develop whatsapp application clone - repost develop whatsapp application clone - repost 2 - Develop windows application in VB.NET Develop Windows application that can monitor visited web sites - Develop Wireframe for an Android application develop wireframe phonegap jquerymobile - Develop Word Press Site With SmugMug Back End Develop wordpress - Develop WordPress plug in and update with content. Develop WordPress plug-in to convert pages to static & upload to Amazon S3 - Develop Wordpress plugin (Read Description First)
Develop wordpress plugin - serial number entry page - Develop Wordpress Plugins Like Profit Builder Develop wordpress plugins with quality - Develop Wordpress site from PSD Develop Wordpress site in Avada - transfer text into new site with new look and feel - Develop wordpress theme Develop wordpress theme - Develop WordPress Website (custom WP themes) Develop Wordpress Website (responsive) + Multilingual option needed. - develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability task - Develop WSO2 mobile MDM app from source code develop clone - Develop Youtube videos - six of them Develop Zapier + LiveAgent integration - Develop, test and document a integration between AgileCRM and WooCommerce in JSON Develop, update and maintain our PHP websites - Develop/Design forgot password function and reset function - set in our design and our flow -- 2 Develop/Design Member Article Posting & Display module to Existing large scale SmartyPHP Application - Develop/Modify Existing App (similar with the photo measure app) Develop/Modify Property Search Component in Joomla - Develope a Blackberry App Develope a brand (company name) and logo - Develope a coupon Website in php like Develope a course structure for social media and fashion - Develope a iOS and Android App with web backend. Possible partnership if programmer keen. Niche market for app in South Africa. develope a iphone app - Develope a Php function that scrapes information from a site Develope a PHP script to send SMS messages via API - develope a simple game Develope a Simple Graph Module - Develope a theme with woocommerce wordpress develope a tool with Perl : 5772 - develope a website develope a website - Develope a website with admin pannel Develope a Website with music mania and extra Fun - develope an app for iphone, android and windows Develope an App for Mac - Develope an Interface to trade on the Binary Option platform "Option Fair" -- 2 Develope an iOS app - something like Snapchat - Develope and design a small Website Develope and design a unique portfolio for me - Develope ASP Page Develope ASP Scripts - develope Chrome browser extension.. Develope Classified Website like - develope edit video online option to hwdmediashare component Develope Enigma 2 plugin - Develope Inteligent Web Service Develope ionic App for Magento website - Develope Monitoring Tool Develope MQL4 MetaTrader EAs - develope new program for +,-,*,/ for finite series Develope New Website - develope s Develope same website for another country - Develope some functionality on our ecommerce web site, which is built with php framework kohana develope some software - develope website develope website - Developed a customized work process web based solution - repost Developed A Existing Website - Developed Google Chrome Extension. (COOKIE KILLER) Developed Groundplan and 3D model for renderings of - Developed Visual Basic 6.0 Application Developed Visual Basic 6.0 Application - Developement Help Developement in Angular JS, Bootstrap - Freelancers - Developement of Technical Report and Power Point Presentation for a code is in Fortran and other is developed in Matlab .......... Developement of Technical Report and Power Point Presentation for a code is in Fortran and other is developed in Matlab .......... - open to bidding - Developer Developer - Developer Developer - Developer Lightswitch c# Developer needed for Android and iOS app - Developer (Simple Project)(Modify Something) Developer (Word Press) Word Press Expert - Developer - on site position Developer - on site position - repost - Developer 2 checkout Integtation With Order Management Developer 2000, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, .NET Server, Data Warehouse - Developer Account on google play Developer add-in for HP QTP - Developer and Designer needed for IOS Reskin. developer and designer needed for website redesign project - Developer aplicatie Android pentru Google Play - remote Developer aplicatie iOS pentru App Store - remote - Developer Backend - open to bidding Developer Basic4Android (b4a) - Developer Collaborate Developer Communications Director - Developer Evangelist Developer Evangelist - developer facebook app for animated picture Developer Facebook integration - Developer for a platform crowdfunding platform like Kickstart Developer for a price comparator - DEVELOPER FOR ANDROID APP AND IOS APP developer for android app/ios app - Developer for Cake PHP site and ASP Classic site Developer for Captcha - Developer for document-creation webapp Developer for E-commerce Site Section - Developer for IPAD / ANDROID / MULTIPLATFORMS Apps Developer for iPhone & iPad applications - Developer for landing pages and thank pages... transfering contact information Developer for large gaming website - developer for mobile shooting game Developer for multi-platform website - Developer for Ongoing Work - Developer for Ongoing Work -- 2 - Developer for Scraping Javascript/Ajax sites using Java based code Developer for Selenium Load Testing Project - Developer for very simple Facebook Connect app Developer for Video Effect/Music Video App - Developer for WordPress Support Service Developer for Wordpress template - developer gezocht? Developer God/Goddess - Developer in Delhi NCR Developer in Ext-js - Developer Iphone application Developer is NEEDED for OroCRM customisation - Developer Magento Store Site Developer manual translation from French to English - DEVELOPER NEEDED Developer Needed - Developer needed Developer needed - developer needed asap DEVELOPER NEEDED ASAP MOBILE APP AND WEBSITE FOR DIGITAL WALLET - developer needed for task developer needed for task - repost - Developer needed for Customization of Shopify themes Developer needed for Customization of shopify themes (Design provided) - Developer Needed for iPhone Drawing App Developer needed for iPhone restaurant / entertainment guide - Developer Needed for New Usability Testing Site Developer needed for Normal editing/changing on Site(s) - Developer needed for simple Wordpress website Developer needed for site maintenance - Developer Needed for Wordpress Responsive Website Developer needed for WordPress template - ongoing work - Developer needed tgo implement script
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