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Develop Google API Based Website - Develop graphic logo for dating website Develop Graphical Interface - Develop Hazardous Substance segregation poster Develop HD quality 3D cartoon animation for a theme song - one min (1:10) long - Develop High Quality Game Apps W/ In App Purchases develop high quality photoshop images from rough fashion sketches and photos - Develop hotels,airtickets booking system into my wordpress site develop hotspot and controller software - Develop html guy Develop HTML Newsletter from Mockup - Develop HTML5 version of an Iphone app Develop HTML5 widgets (.wgt) - Develop iillistrations for a child's custom story Develop IIS Website using Password Generator - Develop in Tally Erp9 -- 2 develop in to a better website - Develop Instructional Math video tutorial Develop Insurance comparison website and app - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting -- 2 Develop internal tools using Amazon MWS API + PHP/MYSQL/FlatUI + Git - Develop IOS & Android App Develop iOS & Android App - develop ios and android app Develop iOS and Android app -- 2 - Develop IoS app Develop Ios App - Develop ios app with integration to joomla site for data Develop IOS App with Offerwall - users can complete offers and make $$ - develop iOS game Develop iOS Game - Like Theme Hospital - develop iot sensor for pest control Develop IP Bulletin plugins for forum - Develop iPhone & Android application Develop iPhone & Android application - Develop iPhone and Android, móvil and tablets develop iPhone and Androind Application - Develop iPhone app - Video app + Social Develop iPhone app a-la Yellow Pages - Develop iPhone Application Develop iPhone Application - Develop iPhone Font Scanning App Develop iphone game - Develop Iphone/Android App Develop iPhone/Android application with platform backend - develop Jaegers Tabs application Develop java algorithm for accurate page orientation determination - Develop Java Software Develop Java Tool - develop joomla 1.5 , 2.5 module that will export excel file from database Develop Joomla 2.5 Template - Develop Joomla Website Develop joomla website - Develop keywords list for GoogleAdwords campaign Develop Kinetic Typography Video with Animation - Develop lead management tool for company Develop leads for conference software - $12 per qualified lead! - Develop Linux OS Short Course Develop Linux TCP Proxy - Develop login page prototype as per attached image Develop Logo - Develop Logo, card lay out and stationary layout Develop Logo, Corporate Identity, and Brand for Simplify IT - Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration with integrate with the program - repost 2 Develop Loyalty Rewards Plugin For Buzztoch IDE & Integrate with Scandit SDK - develop magento develop Magento extension from Wordpress plugin ( notes in Korean) - Develop Magento template Develop Magento Template Written by Apptha (Airhotels) - Develop Marketing Contact List for sales of Property Develop marketing documents for a VOIP project - Develop Math Problems Android App Develop Math Questions for Grade 1-12 using Excel - Develop me a website plugin. Please read below. Urgent Develop me a website plugin.Please read below. Urget - Develop Messaging App for Android and IOS Develop messaging app for iOS and Android - Develop microsoft word or powerpoint template in A4 vertical page layout print ready develop microworker site from scratch - Develop Mobile App Develop Mobile App - Develop Mobile App for Android and iOS Develop mobile app for Android and iOS - Develop mobile app similar to Uber Develop mobile app that will run on Lumia 525 under Windows 8.1 - develop mobile application Develop mobile application ( IOs & Android) - develop mobile apps Develop Mobile apps Android and IOS - Develop mobile portal for WordPress site Develop mobile rich media ads that can be converted into Celtra templates - develop module Develop module "Catalogue of products / services" - Develop Modules in PHP develop money transfer api model in exsting project. - Develop MS Access application Develop ms access database - develop multiplatform game tower defense Develop Multiplayer Board Online Game on a website. - Develop my VirtaCoin exchange place like BitCoin develop my website - develop my designs into Big Commerce platform develop my domain - partners only - Develop my PHP script Develop my phpprobid site - Develop My Website Develop My Website - Develop my website! I need your best bid Develop my whole website - Develop native iOS Application Develop native iOS Business Application - Develop new company name Develop New Consumer Electronic Device - Develop new functionalities for hMailServer Develop new functionalities for hMailServer - email server - Develop new modules for management system in Java Spring Develop new modules in R for the Statistic Analysis Software as a Service - Develop new theme for auction site Develop new Theme for wordpress - Develop new website skin Develop New Website Skin Using Custom CSS - fantasy football site - Develop Ning API Develop NLP tool and ifrastructure for extracting hyponymes - Develop of Android App with bluetooth interaction Develop of Bowling Game (HTML5, WebGL) - Develop one APP for Android and Iphone - System Delivery Food develop one application in php - Develop one page: psd to html-php Develop one report in htmls5 pages using Bootstrap v3.3.x - Develop online booking centre Develop Online Brand Management and Social Media Strategy - Develop online hosting site Develop Online IT Database for computer inventory - Develop Online Shopping Website Develop Online Simulation (for Project Management Calculation) - Develop Open source CRM (Sugar CRM) Develop OPEN TAPS POS restaurant system - Develop or Adapt C+ Code for Server's Redundant System Slot Features Develop or Adapt C+ Code for Server's Redundant System Slot Features(repost) - develop organiser for Android Develop organissational marketing objective - Develop our Email list for marketing Develop our Global Market - Develop Out of School Hours Care Program for 5yr -12yr olds. Outline and Detail Develop Outlook 2010 Forms - Develop parental mobile monitoring software Develop Parking Permit System - develop payment plugin for wordpress
Develop Payment Portal for bulk sms application - develop pedometer app using accelerometer that can interact with another app using bluetooth Develop Pen Testing Program for mobile apps. - Develop PhoneGap application iOS / Android OS Develop PhoneGap application iOS / Android OS - repost - Develop PHP application Develop PHP application and provide additional functionalities - Develop PHP script for simple online test Develop php script for uploading and downloading excel - Develop PID controller for 2-wheeled robot to make robot go straight using gyroscope Develop Pinterest board - Develop plugin for musicians to enter gig dates, times and venues. Develop plugin for Omnesys Nest Software - Develop Poker (Slot) Machine Application For Iphone with IN App Purchases - repost Develop Poker Application - Develop PPC Tool Develop PPT template - develop prestashop module Develop Prestashop module - Develop Process to Parse EDGAR Files Develop product (commission pay) - Develop Program and Convert files (URGENT!) Develop Program Code - develop proper search option php b2b develop proper video conferencing system - Develop pure HTML pages - based on pdf design Develop push notification Plugin for Openfire Chat Server - Develop Qlikview Extension Develop QPython to APK solution - Develop R code Develop Ramayana game - Develop Realestate Software Develop Realestate Software - Develop remote support for linux based on reverse SSL Develop Remote Support Web Application - Develop requirements & design docs in UML 2.1 Develop Requirements - audio loop ecommerce website - Develop Responsive Wordpress Theme -- 2 Develop Responsive Wordpress theme from AI/PSD Files - Develop Review module opencart module. Develop REVIT Plugin - Develop RTSP plugin into existing camera app using C# Develop Ruby on Rails Code for existing application - Develop salesforce.com APP by using APEX and Visualforce develop same but more better design web as smooci com - Develop School Search Engine Website Develop School Timetable API - Develop Script for NS2 based on topology Develop Script For Produced Video Commercial - Develop search form using PHP/AJAX and MYSQL Develop search form web site - Develop SEO Software Develop SEO software - Develop several OpenSIS areas Develop several OpenSIS parts - Develop Shopify Develop Shopify - open to bidding - Develop similar site like https://www.realcrowd.com/ Develop similar site like myplate.gov - Develop simple AngularJs, MVC search customer Develop simple API - Develop Simple Facebook App Develop simple Facebook app - Develop simple iPhone App for 4 hours Develop Simple Iphone App, with Push notifications - Develop simple multi platform application for a public voting (poll) Develop Simple Multiplayer Free-For-All game in Unity3D using SmartFoxServer - Develop simple puzzle game for iphone. develop simple quiz application - Develop simple website - Attarctive Design needed for homepage & inner page Develop simple website in codeigniter - Develop single Report for ManageEngine (MSP Edition) Develop Single Sign On between Drupal 7 and Moodle 1.9 - Develop site to support live event broadcast Develop Site Using Nationbuilder.com - develop small database... Develop small facebook app - Develop Smart Watch Application Develop Smoke Producing Unit - Develop social app like tinder Develop social apps - Develop social networking application in Web, Android and IOS Develop social networking application in Web, Android and IOS - Develop software Develop software - Develop software based on Viber API Develop software converting text into morsecode - Develop software for pos system Develop software for purchase sale and inventory - Develop Software Program for clothing-design develop software program's - Develop software to deconstruct a proprietary file format Develop software to generate vector file - Develop Solution for Fingerprint device with access to SQL Server Develop solution to mask traffic referral - Develop some print ad concepts and ideas Develop some reports on servicedesk systems - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some Web Services (API) REST API Develop something like "Taskrabbit" for another industry - develop spider/crawler develop spider/crawler - repost - Develop stand-alone callshop software for sippy server. Develop standalone frontend to librsvg - develop story line for a documentaru Develop story points in Java - Develop Survey App for Android and IOS Develop Survey Code for CrateJoy Website - Develop system to help automate processes Develop system to rent products - Develop Teamdesk/DBFlex database applications Develop TEASER ads network - Develop Terms and Conditions for Web Applicaiton Develop Terms and Conditions section for an online business - Develop the AngularJS+Bootstrap Hybrid App Front End of a new App Develop the App - Develop the design concept of 'The 80's ' for a restaurant Develop the design concept of 'The 80's ' for a restaurant - develop the Linux driver Develop the local display software / Mimic Display - Develop the siemens PLC logic program and WINCC page designer Develop The Signup and Login Pages - Develop the website in AngularJS and Bootstrap. develop the website in codeigniter - Develop three reports rdlc Develop three seo packages for small businesses in USA - Develop Tracking application with Google Develop tracking extension similar to Google Analytics - Develop Travel Website Develop Travel Website - Develop two android applications - one for the customer and another for the provider. Customer places a request for a service which gets assigned to a service team. The service team manages delivery from within the provider app. Develop two ASP.NET webforms using Devexpress - Develop type treatment for child's website develop UBER Clone - Develop Unique Web Design, UX/UI for E-Commerce Magento Template Develop Unique Website - Develop User Manual for a web application Develop User Manual for a web application - develop vbulltine Develop Veeva content for iRep - Develop Video Editing Android Application Develop video editing software - develop virtual rewards app develop virtuemart plugin - Develop visual relationship digram on Visio