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Develop Razer Keyboard Application - Develop Recommendation system for Crowdsourced Emergency management. Develop Recruiters email system/HS coaches add athlete - Develop Report for Oracle/Micros Opera PMS (Hospitality) -- 2 Develop Report in JDEdward - Develop responsive calculators/tools/algorithm for php website with bootstrap framework or iPhone app Develop responsive e-commerce for VERDERO - Develop REST Web Service for Common User Profile Database (XML, ASP.NET, C#) Develop Restaurant Mobile Application - Develop rocket chat custom windows application with electron develop rocket chat custom windows application with electron - Develop SaaS website (4 pages to implement) develop SACD on Marvell 3010 - Develop SAP BPC solution for an international company Develop SAP Business One Solution - Develop Scraper Property Listing Website Develop scrapers using PHP and QueryPath for product information - Develop script software to automate badminton court booking thru activesg platform Develop script software to automate badminton court booking thru activesg platform -- 2 - Develop Section of Website Based on Design (DNN 6) develop sections of site and some re-design - Develop Server Backend for an mobile apps Develop Server Based Quiz Apps - Develop SharePoint Forms Develop Sharepoint Forms using Sharepoint Designer - Develop Shopify Plugin Develop Shopify product page - Develop Simple ''Clock'' Application Develop simple ''Clock'' Software Application - Develop simple App for iPhone and Android develop simple app for mobile devices- turnkey operation - Develop simple flash MMORPG game Develop simple front end wordpress image editor - Develop simple iPhone game Develop simple iphone game - Develop simple NS2 scenario Develop simple offline Calendar app for Android. - Develop Simple Shopify App In A Day Develop Simple Shopify Shop (Computer + Mobile) - Develop simple website script Develop simple website with EZPublish - Develop Single SSRS Report to include GPS and Images Develop Single SSRS Report to include GPS and Images - Develop Site with MAGENTO - PR MODA develop site with Zend Framework - Develop Small Game Develop Small Game -- 2 - Develop SMPP java application using openSMPP Develop SMS (Text Message) PHP web app for Twilio or Nexmo API - Develop Social Healthcare Website develop social media - Develop social networking pages for my webstore Develop social networking site - Develop software Develop software - Develop Software for a Financial Program Develop Software for a gym acces - develop software for Raspberry Pi Develop software for raspberry pi to convert from mqtt client to modbus-rtu slave - Develop Software Prototype Develop Software Prototype -- 2 - Develop software to generate vector file develop software to make bulk transaction over payment gateway - Develop some changes to a website Develop some changes to a website - open to bidding - Develop some reports on servicedesk systems Develop some routines in c# - Develop some software Develop some software - DEVELOP SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER FOR WEBSITE DEVELOP SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER FOR WEBSITE -- 2 - Develop splash page from designs Develop Splash Page Website - Develop Static DNS Application for Android Develop Static DNS Application for Android - REPOST - Develop streaming website - Audio Develop streaming website - audio only - develop survey program in Visual Studio Develop survey program in Visual Studio in C - Develop System Value Online basic Android Develop t-shirt art - Develop TEASER-ads network Develop Technical Interview Questions for SQL Developers and PL/SQL Developers - Develop test Plan and do testing Develop test suite - develop the app on Android, and develop it's web services on Joomla Platform Develop the Application in C++ - Develop the design concept of 'The 80's ' for a restaurant Develop the designed badges - Develop the local display software / Mimic Display Develop the log in of my webstie - Develop the siemens PLC logic program and WINCC page designer Develop The Signup and Login Pages - develop the website in codeigniter Develop the website parts for searching - Develop three seo packages for small businesses in USA Develop three songs and music. Lyrics provided - Develop trading script Develop Trading System into EA - Develop Trend Catcher Expert develop trending analysis, charts based on excel worksheet - Develop Two Email Flyers Develop two Flash Games - Develop Uber-like aplication for requesting general services Develop udemy courses, and upload them to my account 1-1 - Develop Unity 2D game develop Unity 3d application for retail - Develop User Testing Service Website Develop Userform for Excel - Develop Vegas Video Plugin -Camera Shake Develop version 2 of existing Shopify App to include more functionality and fix bug - Develop Video File Organizer Develop Video Game - develop virtuemart plugin Develop virtuemart plugin - paypal express checkout button on product page - Develop VPN Client application Develop VR App - Develop Web 2.0 Site with SSL develop web 3d real time - Develop web application -- 2 Develop Web Application compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Surface pro etc. for workflow management - Develop Web Based Freight Load Board -- 2 Develop Web Based (or PC based with licensing via Web) application for PLC Simulation - Develop Web Crawler Develop Web Crawler for unlimited data scrapping from websites - Develop Web Scrapping Tool With JAVA Develop web search page with Ads - Develop Web Site Content(repost)(repost) Develop web site crawlers with Python and Scrapy framework - Develop web-based visualization tool for online database Develop web-based workflow intranet system - Develop webpage to transfer files from local computer to webserver in asp.net Develop Webpages - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - develop website develop website - Develop Website , Simple One product website Develop Website - 02/12/2016 02:03 EST - Develop website base on client requirement Develop Website Based on My Provided Vision - Develop website for company Develop Website For Exporting and Importing - develop website for us
Develop website for viral quizzes - develop website in Python Django Develop Website in VB.Net - Develop website like www.flipkart.com Develop website like www.flipkart.com - Develop Website of Web Hosting Company Develop website on which people can see and buy Websites. - Develop Website stock market Develop Website Template - Develop website using Wordpress Develop Website Using Wordpress Avada Template - Develop website, iPhone, and Android App Develop website, logo and SEO strategy for new car buying site. - develop whatsapp application clone - repost 2 - Repost develop whatsapp application clone - repost 2 - Repost - open to bidding - Develop Windows Application Develop Windows Application - Develop Windows VPN Client Develop Windows-based program for creating specialized, multi-platform app - Develop Word business report into a high quality smart document reflecting creativity Develop Word Game Applications for iOS - Develop Wordpress MU website Develop WordPress P.C. Personal Blog Website - Develop Wordpress plugin Develop wordpress plugin - Develop WordPress Plugin to scrape single target webpage. Develop Wordpress plugin to stream video from Google Drive/Youtube - Develop wordpress site - expert needed Develop WordPress Site for Clinical Psychologist - Develop Wordpress Theme Develop Wordpress Theme - Develop Wordpress website Develop Wordpress website - Develop Wordpress/Buddypress extension/plugin Develop Wordrpess Top Menu - Develop wp theme Develop wp theme - Develop your application Develop your application -- 2 - Develop, finalize and correct a thesis [computer information system] [2] Develop, finalize and correct a thesis [computer information system] [3] - develop/customise shopify theme for Develop/customize a chat script in C# and Java for Android - Develop/improve Asterisk solution to handle multiple concurrent IVR outbound Xfer queue sessions Develop/improve Asterisk solution to handle multiple incomming concurrent calls - develope a Android application DEVELOPE GPS VEHICLE TRACKING SOFTWARE - Develope a child sponsorship compenent for Joomla - Repost - open to bidding Develope a Chrome Extension - develope a express engine website - open to bidding Develope a Facebook Game - Develope a mobile application like Uber for a certain service Develope a mobile application that can do physical fitness measurement(posture,jumping.vs) - Develope a publisher site planning tool Develope a Rapidweaver site - develope a site in drupal develope a site to accept health plan enrollments with cms capabilities - Develope a web site logo Develope a Web-based Inventory control software - Develope a website for me DEVELOPE A WEBSITE FOR SELLING MY EBOOK - Develope additional CMS beside the current one DEVELOPE ADSENSE EARNING WEBSITE - develope an application develope an application - Develope an iPhone App develope an iphone app that takes processing payments - Develope and Design website using NIMVA wordpress theme Develope and ecommerce website for rental - Develope ASP Page Develope ASP Scripts - develope Chrome browser extension.. Develope Classified Website like sulekha.com - Develope exchange rate calculator extension for Joomla 3.5 Develope Facebook Application - Develope Inteligent Web Service Develope ionic App for Magento website - Develope MQL4 MetaTrader EAs Develope mt4 CRM Content Management - Develope of Website Develope of Website -- 2 - Develope Portfolio Website Develope print.css for a booking confirmation page - Develope small excel program Develope small scraper / crawler - Develope Web Application Develope Web Based Betting - Develope/Write a Requirements Specification Developea Genetic algorithm for binarization of gray scale images of 6*6 grid. - Developed complete graphic design for my game which is shared in attached in docuemnts - open to bidding Developed cross platform mobile app IOS , Android - Developed script needs update/modification developed script oxyclassified - Developement & Mainmance Developement - open to bidding - Developement of my account LinkedIn Developement of new design and template - Developep a SIP phone bar with notifications DEVELOPER - Developer Developer - developer developer - developer developer - Developer (Full Time) ASP/.Net /MS SQL Developer (iOS + Cocos 2d) required for iOS slots game reskin - Developer - Hourly - Repost Developer - Java , MySQL , REST - Developer / designer needed to create layout for sales forecasting dashboard Developer / Designer needed to fix buy sell trade website - Developer a multi-vendor WordPress website Developer a Query Rewrite plugin for MySQL 5.7 - Developer and desiginer require - Long time Developer and desiginer require - Long time immm - Developer and SysAdmin Related Technical Articles & HowTos Developer and trainer required! - developer apple Developer Apple/Android and CMS Developer - Developer by the hour for Geolocation App and Speech Engine app Developer by the hour for Geolocation App and Speech Engine app - open to bidding - developer console account developer console account -- 2 - Developer Evangelist Developer Evangelist - Developer für HTML/PHP/Wordpress/Javascript Developer für langfristige Zusammenarbeit - DEVELOPER FOR A MULTI RECHARGE COMPANY PROJECT SOFTWARE AND MOBILE APP Developer for a NinjaTrader Strategy - developer for android and iphone needed developer for android app - Developer for Cake PHP site Developer for Cake PHP site and ASP Classic site - Developer for digital ecommerce site + android/ios app Developer for document-creation webapp - Developer For ios & Android applications -- 2 Developer for iOS based Kids App - Developer for KnackHQ database wanted Developer for landing pages and thank pages... transfering contact information - Developer for Mobile Apps Developer for Mobile dialer for Symbian - Developer for Ongoing Work Developer for ongoing work - developer for safari and firefox Developer for Scraping Javascript/Ajax sites using Java based code - Developer for the Plugin "Toolset Types". Some small changes