Sociological Idea

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Use the concept of ‘Sociological Imagination.’

Use an example from the media to illustrate how this concept is relevant, how you can apply it in a larger social context, and how it has helped you or society. This may be an experience directly involving yourself or someone you know very well. Or it might be something you read in the news.

You may choose a topic based on the following:

The list provided below,

Something you have read in the news media (i.e. newspaper or online source), or

Or choose your own topic based on your life experience.


Introduction: Introduce the concept of the sociological imagination in your own words – how do you understand Sociological Imagination?

Description of the issue: If you choose to talk about a personal experience (personal trouble) use your imagination and describe it in detail. If you choose to use a media event, describe it in detail

Analysis: After introducing your topic, convert it into a ‘public issue.’ Apply relevant sociological perspectives in your analysis of the issue.

Conclusion: Provide a conclusion that summarizes the issue, and how looking at the issue using your sociological imagination contributes to a better understanding. What insight does this provide?

Formatting: Must include a title page. Completed papers may be anywhere from 5-7 pages typed, double-spaced, and 12 point (black font). This does NOT include the cover page and references.

Acknowledge all sources of information including websites, books, and journals in a list of references

List of possible topics, if any of this is relevant to your life/media event:


Drunk driving

Social pressures

Peer pressure

Child custody


International student

Crime/Witness to a crime


Rare illness



Body image


Student debt


Learning disability

Eating disorder

Teen parent

Alcoholism/drug use

Physical/mental health issue


Domestic violence

Victim of racial prejudice

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