Design project -- 2




This is an individualized project.

2. Create a database in Microsoft Access 2013.

3. Your project description page should have your name and email address the topic of your database.

4. You must have a topic for your database. A database should serve a purpose and address specific database problem.

5. Create an Entity-Relationship diagram for your database, use the CHEN model.

6. The database should have at least 5 tables; additional tables can enrich your design and improve your database functionality. The each table should have at least 15-25 records (more is acceptable).

7. The content must be relevant to the database fields.

8. The database must be normalized.

9. You should use data and table validation rules and data validation text for each table

10. Each table must have either a single field primary key or a composite one.

11. You must have foreign keys to build relationships between your tables.

12. Your database must have input masks for all the fields that accepted inputs masks (such as Social Security Number, phone number, zip code, password, etc).

13. Your database must have relationships and referential integrity established between the tables.

14. Your database must have at 10 none trivial queries with criteria. Each query should be stated in English in the project description document then answered in Access GUI interface.

15. 4 queries should pull data from at least two tables.

16. Implement Combo Box and Option Group in your forms. At least one implementation of each feature should be part of your forms. Two Combo Box and Two Option Groups

17. A switchport should be created to control access to your database objects such as form and reports. Each form should have a Control button

18. Your database must include 4 working forms. Each form adds data to each of the tables in the database..

19. Your database forms may have pictures related to the database entries [optional].

20. Your database must include 4 reports --- 2 reports based on tables and 2 reports based on queries.

21. Check spelling and grammar in your database.

22. Using Word, type a detailed document explaining what your database is about and its architecture, design on how it works. Include explanation of the data in the tables, queries, forms, reports. Why you chose this specific topic, what type of problems or challenges have you encountered? How much did you learn from this project in relation to the class concept and how much did you learn MS Access as a database application. What do you think of access as a tool for teaching this class

23. Deliverables: In one zipped file includes the following files: (1) Your database file, (2) Your database description document including database design in ERD

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