Books One to Three of the Sons of Odin; Collector's Edition

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The image below is just a draft to show you some of the character styles. I want them all to be doing something though. The smaller four characters can have similar poses, but use your own style of faces and armour and costume to make them look as awesome as possible. The image titled Book One Collector's Edition is the main one I want you to use for inspiration. The Book Four one, I just included to show the Angel female, as I want her on the back cover, throwing down her red spears, to throw sheets of red fire across a barren landscape similar to the cover for Shadow of Mordor on PS4. I can send you those images too. The big guy in black with the big golden axe, I'd like to see on the spine, using his axe like a shovel to cut the head off a fallen orc or Goblin, a skinny orc in armour. The other characters can be posing similar to the image provided, but if the big guy with the red spear could be punching the spear through the neck or skull of a Goblin that would be good. I'd also like to see at least one Fire Lion, and Shadow Hound, dark wolf like creature about the size of a pony. If Arawn could have his sword raised too, the big guy with the big red sword. Could you also make the sky dark storm clouds, with a few lightning bolts, and some small coloured balls of light floating through the air towards the smaller main four characters. All of this combined would be an awesome effort. The book cover will be 9 inches high, by six inches wide for front cover, then about [url removed, login to view] centimetres for the spine, then another 6 inches for the back cover by 9 inches high. I'll have to transfer money before we can start, but would really be happy to hear back if this project and budget suits you.

Thank you,

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