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Hi Everyone! We URGENTLY need to make a series of short videos called - Meet The Cannibals. You have complete creative freedom but the basic idea is that there is an interviewer who is quite serious and professional and he/she is interviewing a deranged stupid cannibal. While the interviewer is attempting to conduct a insightful serious interview - the cannibal is just making random noises, not being responsive, and trying to eat the interviewer or the interviewers fingers or nose or hair for example, but in a funny non aggressive or scary way. Example questions to ask the cannibal: What happened to you? Who did this to you? How long have you been like this? Do you remember ever being a normal human? Where have you been hiding? How many more of you are there? Is the world at risk of a cannibal apocalypse? Each video should be no more that 1 minute long. The interviewer will be the same person, but you will be interviewing different cannibals - they could be groups of cannibals in one interview if you wanted - so each cannibal needs to have a different personality and look different - you can ask them each the same questions but have them react differently to show their persona. Think Scary movie type of funny horror. We need the videos by Thursday 13th ideally! Make as many or as few as you like! Details of why we need the videos and what they are for will be given once we speak. You can of course use them for your own portfolio and we will be happy to provide references etc. and any expenses will be paid with pre approval from us. Also we have a venue in Shoreditch, London that we would be happy for you to film in - and we are also happy to film you if you prefer that rather than ding it remotely yourself and sending us the videos. Finally we would like the cannibal to be wearing a black t-shirt with our company logo on it - I will let you know more details about this at a later stage. Any questions let me know :)

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