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$250 - $750 USD
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Opis Projektu

Project involves collecting and highlighting the most significant/important/salient phrase(s)/sentence(s)/paragraph(s) from key stories concerning major news about the economy — at multiple levels: Global, United States, California, Northern California, San Joaquin Valley (California), and Tracy (California) — appearing from 2005 through 2011 in the following publications:

 New York Times

 Wall Street Journal

 USA Today

 San Francisco Chronicle

 Economist

 Business Week

 Stockton Record

 Tracy Press

 Tri Valley Herald (publication was suspended November 1, 2011)

 Urban Land

 Institutional Real Estate Letter

Articles are to be organized in spreadsheet — one for each of the publications — with month and year in first column then results of the research re significant economic news for each of the six levels in the next six — 2 through 7 — columns:

2. Global

3. United States

4. California

5. Northern California

6. San Joaquin Valley

7. Tracy

For each article provide the relevant key phrase(s)/sentence(s)/ paragraph(s) that describes economic environment, emphasizing positive and/or negative coverage and/or changes in trends plus the link to that article. In some months there may be only very limited coverage of major economic news while in other months there might be several/many articles about significant economic news. If there is no meaningful story about a positive or negative development in any three month period, then want a story that reports on the general “status quo.” Beyond proposal to provide the desired monthly tracking of the media coverage of economics on (1) monthly basis, also provide a proposal to do the same work on (2) quarterly or (3) annual basis.

In addition to the articles analysis described above, provide an estimate to collect screenshots of the covers of publications featuring the ten most impactful/dramatic/significant stories of each year — 2005 through 2011 — for each publication Please indicate desired time to complete the project. And indicate what fee might be, if extended due date for project to a time of your choosing, thereby providing more flexibility in scheduling the project. If expenses — in addition to your fee for the media research — are necessary to access certain media databases, please specify and describe those expenses. If you are not able to access certain publications, indicate which publications would not be covered in your proposed deliverable/work product.

And, if you wish to concentrate on certain publications, would consider an assignment involving a partial coverage. As an example, would welcome proposal to cover as separate projects:

• Stockton Record, Tracy Press, Tri Valley Herald (publication was suspended

November 1, 2016)

• New York Times

• Wall Street Journal

• San Francisco Chronicle.

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