windows 10 mobile GUI development

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There are two primary display products we sell: (1) An existing WinCE Computer Terminal product; and (2) The new Win10 Tablet Product (that you will be developing as your primary Job). The primary function will be to create a Win10 Tablet Product that can replace the existing (but near end-of-life) WinCE product. You will be provided with the existing source code for the WinCE products that you will be able to use as a template for the new tablet product.

Our products are installed in an automotive application and will control (via WI-FI) a controller module box that we currently have in production.

You need some WinCE experience, but not necessarily a lot of WinCE experience. That being said, a lot of Win10 tablet experience is a must as you need to know the tablets in and out because of some unusual needs that our product has over typical tablet applications (i.e. turn-on and shutdown with charger power [the tablet needs to look as if the car powers it up and down]).

The controller box itself is written in MC68HC08 Assembly Language, but you are not expected to write or even understand that code (we expect a Windows Programmer will have no idea what to do with Microprocessor Assembly Code… there is no need to panic if you think that we will need you to program the actual controller box). There is a communications standard document that we will provide you so that you will know how to talk to, and receive messages from, the controller box via the Wi-Fi interface module.

We will also have working tablet source code (minus our new tablet graphics that we will supply to you) that can be used as a template to speed-up and ease your development task.

We will provide you a write-up that will have a complete description of the final working product, including how it looks (including the graphics for each screen) and how each button and screen should function. There will be 2 screens/ Tablets used for each of our final products (normally there is one tablet in the front of the car and one tablet in the rear of the car and they both control the single controller box). We expect to have about 60 different screens needing to be developed within the next couple of years, but for right now you are only developing the generic base version. Each different future version will normally only have one or two changes from the base version (such as different function names on the graphics, but the function will still be the same. In other words, each of our customers might want some of the words to say something different, but the output/ control function will remain the same.

If this project sounds like something that is within your expertise, then let me know and I will get you the old WIN-CE graphics and the new tablet graphics so that you can see what we are talking about.

If you feel comfortable working with us, then all that we need to do is negotiate with you a worse-case upper-limit for the cost of the deliverable (first working product) using our graphics.

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