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Projekt dla australijskiej firmy webmasterskiej - możliwość stałej współpracy.

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1. Australian company supplying kitchen cabinets and benchtops (both separately

and as complete kitchens) to trade and retail customers throughout Australia

2. Full CMS site with integrated e-commerce shop

3. Unique shop functions – multivel membership, various discounts per

level/individual, subproducts, attributes, swap image function for colour

attribute, search per price bracket, multiple image per product (see Special Shop

Functions below).

4. Possible integration with Virtual Kitchen software.


Main kitchen image dominating the Home

page, possibly rotating in flash. Underneath featured category images (linked to

relevant categories), editable through admin. Prominent link/icon to Virtual Kitchen.


1. Can search or browse the website and the shop

2. Can search by category and price

3. Two categories of shoppers: Retail (default), and Trade (admin-enabled)

4. Can register online to be able to buy, but will need admin’s confirmation to

access Trade features and discounts. Tick boxes at registration to accept Terms

& conditions (off by default) and Newsletter (on by default).

5. Retail prices displayed for all shoppers, discounts (either Trade or individual)

applied at checkout level after log-in

6. Can pay online through a gateway (“pay online”), or offline by downloading a

mail/fax order form (“pay offline”), or on account (admin-enabled option).


1. Content – add/edit/delete pages (within each heading), with image and pdf

upload functions

2. Shop – add/edit/delete/copy categories/subcategories/products, upload

image(s), enter name/description/price, set shipping cost. Copy products into

other products as subproducts (see Special Functions #1). Add/edit/delete

attributes, change price and/or image(s) per attribute. Top level categories to

appear in the dropdown under “Products” heading.

3. Customers - add/edit/delete customers, set permissions: 1) default – Retail, 2)

assign to Trade category, 3) assign individual discount 4) allow shopping on


The discount (entered as a percentage, individually for each customer), will allow this

customer to shop at the accordingly reduced prices. These reduced prices will be

applied at the shopping cart / checkout level.

Customers with “shopping on account allowed” will get an additional payment option

at checkout “pay on account” (in addition to “pay online” and “pay offline”). This will

generate an email to accounting with a csv attachment detailing the customer and the


4. Newsletters – create/edit/copy newsletters, send, select recipients (all opt-in

customers as default)


1. Compulsory element option – selected products may consist of a number of

subproducts (eg. a kitchen kit consisting of several cabinets). When product is

added to the cart, those subproducts are listed separately in the cart view so that

the shopper has the option of deleting some of them. In that case the price of the

product would be the sum of prices of its components, and deleting a

component would reduce the price accordingly.

2. Optional element option – selected products may consist of a number of

optional subproducts (eg. a kitchen kit consisting of optional extras). When

product is added to the cart, those options would require shopper’s selection.

They would come to the shopper’s attention either through bolding/colouring

within the cart, or in a separate pop-up window.

3. Can search the shop by category, keyword and price

4. Multiple image function per product

5. Image resize function to maintain original image proportions

6. Colour attribute function – with option to change price and swap image if

different colour is selected.

7. Size attribute function (options button) – available for logged-in trade

customers only.



1. Software package, either downloadable or (ideally) web-based, where the

visitor can create a kitchen on a floorplan and then view it in 3-D real-life view

2. Design model on

[url removed, login to view]

3. Possible integration with the website and e-shop.


1. The objective is to provide incentive to carpenters and builders (target market)

to use Laminex kitchens

2. The carpenter uses the Virtual Kitchen to impress the client and gain additional

credibility by associating himself with Laminex, thus improving his conversion


3. The carpenter also uses the program as a tool to simplify his ordering process –

once his client has viewed and approved the virtual kitchen, the order is

automatically generated for him to place with Laminex, thus assisting him in

quote preparation, saving time, and ensuring order accuracy


1. Select floor plan / edit measurements / insert doors/windows / edit

measurements (model on Ikea)

2. Select kitchen category

3. Select products (cabinets, appliances etc. within selected category) and drag and

position them on floorplan (with move/rotate functions)

4. View the kitchen in 3-D real view mode (change angle of view – see Alno)

5. Change colours (from available within the category) – see the difference


6. Go back to floorplan to make changes

7. Generate order – as a minimum, this function would generate a printable page

with the list of products chosen (admin can select y/n to show prices). As a

maximum, it would send the order to the checkout (full e-shop integration


8. Save/close/open/new

9. Help function (indexed tutorial)


1. Import function to draw product information from the shop (import


2. Add/edit/delete/copy categories/subcategories/products, upload image(s), enter

name/description/price, set shipping cost. Add/edit/delete attributes, change

price and/or image(s) per attribute.

3. Edit Help

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