1417 Program w Javie

Here is your task – develop a system to help Betsy manage her till.

Being a bit of a Java Guru, Betsy has already written some code. In particular her code enables the system to save everything from one run to the next. She has also provided you with a partial design which includes a number of incomplete methods.

You must use (and enhance) the code provided which is designed to support the following:

1. The startUp method enables Betsy to add various goods to her system. She should be able to add an item, set the price and set the stock level.

2. Using startTill, she can add the various moneys to her till specifying the name, value and quantity of each item (If she has 33 “10p pieces”, each of which is worth 10, she enters “10p piece”, 10, 33).

3. The runTill method enables Betsy to sell items. Customers put in their orders (Betsy asks how many doughnuts, how many almond slices, etc). The system then tells her how much to charge.

4. Using getChange, Betsy tells the system how much of each denomination she has been given by the customer and then the till tells her what to give back.

5. The getBalance method tells her what is left in the till and how much money she made during the day

You need to implement these classes and any others that you need. However in order not to break the save facility, you must make sure that when you add new classes, each must “import*;” and must include “implements Serializable” after the class name definition as in the following:

e.g. class Person implements Serializable

Your code should be well designed, be readable, be well commented and nicely indented.

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