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Last year, one of the assignments for the first year Client Side Web Development module was to create a new web site for Derbyshire Crimebeat, the charity run by the High Sheriff of Derbyshire. Derbyshire Crimebeat provides funding for projects by young people that aim to reduce crime in Derbyshire.

The new web site went live late last year. The purpose of this assignment is to extend this site. While the current site provides information on the charity, all applications for funding have to be submitted on paper. This causes problems for the charity since they have to schedule meetings of the trustees to go through the applications. It would be preferable to allow applications to be submitted on-line and stored in a database. The co-ordinator would then be able to circulate electronic copies of the application. It would also speed up acceptance or rejection of applications.

The following describes the basic requirements:

Before anyone will be able to submit an application, they will need to register with the Derbyshire Crimebeat site. They will need to provide the following information in order to register:

 Their email address

 A password

 Their full name

 Their full address

 Daytime phone number

 Evening phone number

Once they have registered, they will be able to login to the site in the future using their email address and password. You should provide facilities that enable the user to change their personal information, including their password.

Once registered with the site, users can submit one or more applications for funding. Each application must contain the following:

 A project name

 A description of what they want to achieve with the project

 A description of how they plan to do this.

 A description of why they feel this project is important

 How long the project will last

 Where the project will take place

 How many people will be involved and their ages

 Is the project linked to a school, youth club or other organisation (Yes/No)

 If yes, the following information should be supplied:

o The name of the organisation

o The Address of the organisation

o A contact phone number for the organisation

o A contact email for the organisation (optional)

 Details of how the money is going to be used if the application is successful

 Details of any other organisation where they have applied for funding

5CC076 Page 3 Assignment 2009/2010

 If successful, who the cheque should be made payable to

The current application form and submission guidelines can be found at [url removed, login to view]

As you can see, many of these sections are free-format and you should design your database accordingly.

During the course of completing the application, the user should be given the opportunity to edit sections of the application already completed and they should have the opportunity to print out their application once it has been submitted.

Once an application has been submitted, an application number should be automatically generated and displayed to the user. The application numbers should be sequential, but the starting point should be configurable. The application number should be included on all printouts of the application.

When a user logs in, they should be able to see their previous applications. They should be able to see. at a minimum, the following for each application:

The project name

The application number

The current status of the application.

The status of the application will be one of the following:


Acknowledged This will be shown once the Derbyshire Crimebeat co-ordinator has looked at the application



As well as the user accounts, the site must also provide an administrative account that enables an administrator to:

 Download applications in PDF or another common format (preferable, but not essential for this assignment)

 Printout applications

 Change the status of applications

Templates for the HTML and CSS for the current site can be found on Blackboard. However, what’s important for this assignment is the server side functionality and if you do not wish to use the current HTML and CSS, that is acceptable.

The site must be developed using PHP and MySQL. You can use commerce3 if you wish. In which case, all tables you create should go into the database currently allocated to you on commerce3. Alternatively, you can use your own computer. However, if you do, you are responsible for bringing it in order to demonstrate your site.

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