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Szukam osoby znającej się na programowaniu w JAVA, ktora byłaby w stanie napisać Cron Deamon:

The program periodically executes tasks specified in a configuration file, similarly to the well known Linux cron daemon. Tasks are Java classes or scripts written in some scripting language.


* Tasks (as Java classes or scripts) are defined in methods named according to the period of execution: monthly(), weekly(), daily(), hourly(), minutely(), once().

* These methods return String containing runtime messages (including errors) of the tasks.

* The messages are to be stored in a database, together with the timestamp and the task indication.

* Tasks are to be executed concurrently, in the background, using java.util.concurrent.

* When stopping the daemon, all the running tasks must also be cleanly terminated.

* Mandatory sample tasks to implement:

o Removing records older than a week from the cron database.

o Arbitrary task implemented in a scripting language.

o Finding empty files under the specified directory (including subdirectories).

The configuration file specification

Each line contains the description of a task in form of the following fields:

1. Time of starting the first execution of the task,


3. Java class name or a script file name (the filename extension determines the scripting language).


* When a task class or script does not contain the method corresponding to the period specification, the daemon issues an error message and stores it in the database.

* For Java tasks these methods must be called by reflection.

* When using other scripting languages than JavaScript, assure that appropriate libraries are available. If there is no engine for a particular language required by the configuration file, the program must issue an error message (stored in the database).


* Basic reflection for invoking task methods.

* Basic file operations for reading configuration and the mandatory task.

* Java scripting for additional task specifications.

* JDBC for storing results and messages in a database.

* Concurrency ([url removed, login to view]) for periodical execution of tasks.

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