Multi-Phased eCommerce Design and Development


**This bid request is for the first? phase of a? multi-phased project which, collectively would likely fall into the "Large Business" category.? However, for this phase, I have lowered the business and dollar category to medium business as each phase, individually is a smaller component of the whole project.? I would like to use the same developer that I start with in this phase for ALL remaining phases.? ? If the selected developer performs? well on this first ? phase, they will likely be specifically? selected (via closed bid or single provider selection)? for subsequent? phases.



The selected Developer must:

1. **communicate effectively**, in English;

2. take the time? to (a) **understand the big picture** and (b) **PLAN the detailed functionality** accordingly;

3. **demonstrate superb skills in? delivering? required functionality**,

4. deliver **on time** (slight/reasonable delays? are understandable), and;

5. provide? an? **absolutely professional? end result (form and function).**

This site is involves the hair and beauty care industry...image is critically important.? The look and feel of the site has to be exquisite...while much of the design work is done, there may be design gaps that require filling in.


PHASE I: This phase of the project requires the developer to modify existing ASP.NET code & MS SQL Server Database structure for an existing, online e-commerce community including the incorporation of additional user types such as licensed professional, wholesale, and shop network customers in addition to current retail customers.? Addtional functionality will be required for professionals including messaging, frequently used product lists, etc.

I would prefer that open source code NOT be used.? While it is not an absolute requirement, I ask that any developer intending on using open source, please carefully consider the? need, specific area and? extent of use of such code.? I will request confirmation of your plans for use or non-use of open source code before final selection.

## Deliverables

PHASE I: This phase of the project requires the developer to modify existing ASP.NET code & MS SQL Server Database structure for an existing, online e-commerce community.? See the attached excel file for additional specifics.?

In general, the additional phases (NOT THIS PROJECT) include capabilities such as web based scheduling, a affiliate store? set-up including a template selection tool similar in functionality to the [url removed, login to view] template selection tool, and various other components.? In general, this project and subsequent phases? would be? more than enough to employ one or more developers FULL-TIME.? And I am completely open to that possibility, and would actually prefer it, if I am confident? that I have the RIGHT developer.? Determining whether or not I have the right developer for subsequent phases is one of the the things I will be considering during? Phase I.?

There are many requirements, additinal details, mockups and designs prepared for subsequent phases and I will share these in greater detail with the selected developer at the appropriate time.?

I am conveying this information to provide insight into the opportunity.? For now, and for bidding purposes, please be sure to consider? the requirements for Phase I? only.? Here are some of the? basic requirements for Phase I.

**Fundamental Adjustments / Modifications**

* User Distinction & Navigation: Modify signup & information pages to appropriately address and adequately direct 5-user types usage (retail, licensed pro, salon network, wholesale, manufacturers).? ** Note: while there are 5 types of users listed, this is primarly for intial planning purposes to ensure that these are taken into account in the structure.? Phase I only focuses on Licensed Professional functionality.? ? **

* Product Filtering: Discriminate site products by channel / use

* Informational Pages: Install static/informational pages for potential Licensed Professionals users

**Licensed Professional Functionality**

* Sign-Up: Obtain additional information, submit to admin for approval

* Admin Approval: Allow back-end admin to review and approve licensed professional applications

* Discounts: Apply discount to approved, flagged licensed professionals

* Product Pages: Add "Add To My Supply Cabinet" button to each product...visible only for licensed professional shoppers...which adds the product to the professionals frequetly used product list (also referred to as "Supply Cabinet")

* Landing Page: Redirect approved licensed professionals to unique landing page; include Licensed Professional landing page functionality.? See this link for a mockup of the licensed professional landing page:? <[url removed, login to view]>

**I would like to reiterate the** **point about Developer reliability, competence and professionalism.**? To be honest, I have been disappointed by developer after developer after developer...big firms and independents alike...however, this is my first time using RentACoder for this project.? ? I have experienced independent developers who couldn't maintain timeframes and where work that was supposed to take weeks extended to many months.? After a full year and may painful discussions later, I canceled the project.? On the other extreme, I paid a large development firm a very large sum of money.? This firm demonstrated ZERO project management skills, and failed to deliver most of what they committed to, including the most critical components of the project and even the most basic requirements and documentation.? Given the amount of money involved, this issue is now the subject of a major lawsuit that I have intiated and which is already underway.? Believe me when I say that I would rather focus my time and resources on something more productive.

Please understand, I DO NOT intend to? give anyone the impression that I am unreasonable or overly difficult to work with.? ? This couldn't be further from the truth.? Fact is, I AM VERY EASY AND PLEASANT TO WORK WITH if you demonstrate even the basics in the area of competence, personal responsibility, professionalism and attention to detail.? I? have been frustrated? time and time again by developers who say they can do something but who then don't deliver...even on the basics, and in some cases after taking large sums of money.? ? As a result, I am very sensitive to this and I feel it is best if we are on the same page and with the same understanding as to expectations from the very beginning.

I? will be willing to reward a developer who does meet my requirements with much more work and generous bonuses.? IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING OUT, JUST LEARNING A LANGUAGE, OR JUST RAMPING UP YOUR DEVELOPMENT SKILLS, AND ARE NOT CERTAIN THAT YOU CAN DELIVER, PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS PROJECT.? I am seeking someone who is well qualified and who KNOWS that they possess all the skills necessary to deliver on most, if not all areas,? in most, if not all phases, listed in the attached spreadsheet.? Although most importantly, for now, are Phases IA and IB.? My requirements are relatively straightforward but they have proven difficult to come by.?

Specifically, I need a developer who:

1. comprehends and communicates effectively, in English;

2. takes the time to (a) understand the big picture and (b) PLAN the detailed functionality accordingly;

3. can demonstrate superb skills in delivering required functionality,

4. deliver on time (slight/reasonable delays are understandable), and;

5. provide an absolutely professional deliverable in terms of both form and function.

Thank you for your interest.

Umiejętności: .NET, ASP, CSS, Inżynieria, MySQL, PHP, Zarządzanie projektem, Architektura oprogramowania, Testowanie oprogramowania, SQL

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