542898 Conversion restructuring of the db and the design

The game has since January 2011 had a contest going until now. Number of users in the period has reached almost 500 and the service would boost both the design, usability and automation of the service. In addition, the development of the concept are other services that are important to its development. Copy. Forum, chat, social media, smartphone appsm scripting with partners and other important factors.

The website is the script in JAVA, it is desirable to use other kind of programming if you have experience with this.

The entire page is desired to scripted and done again with a better foundation on which it is easier to develop on.

World Series Of Betting 2012

Description of the assignment:

If we choose you as the client, we must be 100% sure that you understand what WSOB is. By having business understanding and knowing what we do is a key element for this to be successful. If you need more information about the concept, I urge you to read this document again, if that does not help, please send me an email, so you get more information. As you read below, extensive to explain and design the page must therefore be simple and responsive. Combined with welcoming, playful and interactive.

WSOB, I will briefly try to give you an idea of what WSOB are: WSOB stands for World Series Of Betting. We will annually have the best betting player in the world. This is a contest that is free to participate in. The purpose of our is to get as many free users as possible. What we make money on it when they click on one of our betting sponsors banners and register there. When they use real money as affiiate WSOB what they lose. The competition works like this today: the user register for free at WSOB and receive an activation link. He must click on it to validate their account. Once a week we create a coupon that has predefined odds that provide the basis for calculating the score. If we reach a very high number of users may also be possible to create a beta lean solution. WSOB currently has 400 users that delivers its coupon and use the solution active. We send out a weekly newsletter that describes the betting slip, a little news and information about prizes, etc. As often is it that the coupon is released on Thursday and the deadline Saturday. The player guesses the outcome of a game object such manutd vs arsenal where we have taken the odds from a bookie. For example, home 2.30 3.00 4.00 draw away if the player bet the home and the outcome of the game will be home the player of 2.30 points. The voucher contains currently 7 different objects, and we multiply up the correct guess. For example three correct guesses at odds of 2.30, 2.30 and 2.30 and 2.30 will be when a round get 2.30 x 2.30 x 2.30 in total score 12.1. There is currently a ranking that goes on round and in the year. It is also possible to create groups, where you can compete against friends or the like. Rounds tend to be in a month about 4 rounds of voucher weather week. It is named a winner both as half, month and year. The points to be gathered up along the way will be able to carry all year. But months and half year ranking is reset to zero. This is to make long-term competition and allow users to compete more often. This is how competition works in the day, why should we make some steps to improve the game and do WSOB a better experience for users.

Time: The mission should and must be clear until a new release of service 01/01/2012. WSOB must have a change in the game and that means that the page must be built from scratch. There has been some work in the earlier version that can be used as a basis, but must be recreated. Interactivity and knowledgeable part will give some value to our users.

Why must there be a change: Application ring made so far, is characterized by rapid and quick solutions to prevent further development. Limitations of the game but also very valuable information. Therefore, the new solution be very dynamic and flexible, allowing the development of the game and service go hand in hand with the software.

This is a little bit about what the new version:

The important thing to notice is the following. There shall be such that more of the services we provide will be linked to each other. This I come BACK to, but it means that the DB must be made so that more of the services must be able to talk and spend a lot of DB across.


There are many changes and additional features that must be created or modified. This is also the entire franchise is built up under the stone and has an important role.

 The odds song only today as Scandinavian. We want to get more users from the United Kingdom, U.S. and ASIA. These areas use other kind of odds. You can read more about this here: [url removed, login to view] . The game will nevertheless

follow the Scandinavian odds for the calculation of points. It should not be such that they will also all but symbols or flags that you press to see the odds that you understand. [url removed, login to view]

 It should also be possible to have fewer or more objects a 7, it is now locked so that needs to be input 7 items.

 The voucher has multiple objects with different starting point, it should be such that the coupon is open until the last object is started. But those items that are started cannot be tipped off. For example, four items on Saturday and three on Sunday as you can on Sunday morning to play in Sunday's objects.

Drop Down / alternative games. The solution has been locked and it has not been possible to create other type of game than HOME DRAW AWAY (1x2) It shall be possible to create alternative games. For example. A golf tournament where there are several options. Tiger Woods 2.30 - Sergio Garcia 3:30 - Nick Watney 4.50 - Kevin Streelman 5.50 Matt Jones 7.70 means that one cannot choose the outcome 1x2 but rather the winner. Coupon must be such that it can offer other types of games a just outcome HOME DRAW AWAY. See more on this page. In the left menu you can see the variety of different game objects

That one can see a kind of people many (what have bet) People's Theorem is the percentage distribution of tipping evidence of the fact submitted the ranks.

Lightning pools, where it randomly just made a slip.

Deliver completed coupon fillet and calculated. This means that you should be able to create systems with ¾ or 2 / 7 or single. It will then be able to view thus a drop down of pre-defined numbers and then in different currencies. So that the deliverable two bookie will be forwarded to Betsson where supplies coupon. This is so more will see the value and make deposits. When WSOB earn money.

It should be possible to see their previously submitted vouchers


It is desirable to have multiple languages without the English. French, Russian, German and Spanish is the first priority. If this easy, please advise this asap


This is something that can be discussed, but in I prefer that it is programmed in PHP since this is a script many can. Today the server on a Tomcat server and the page is a rescript of a joomla template. The server is very fast and can be changed and set up as desired.


There exists a DB today that it is desirable to use some information from a new one., This is the coupons and information about the users mainly., Should set up a new DB that can be built for the program item.


It is run today Logwatch Version: 7.3. Here we are open to suggestions as we know change of DB and software may have other type of security. Come with ideas, and assuming you have the knowledge to be to have the DB and then secure.

Rating and scoring

WSOB has this year worked so ranking is calculated from the accumulated odds. This has functioning very well and we want to continue with this type of point distribution. It can of course be other internal competitions that have their own rankings, but in the main competition, we want the odds accumulated in decimals. We also want o promote the ranking of higher degrees, so you can see the ranking in the group, one can see the rating of the month, year, week and from his country. There must be a legal system that allows the solution automatically corrects coupon and calculated correctly points. This is the fractional and U.S. +

United Kingdom odds will be solved by the calculation of points sharing does not use this but basically the coupon that's when decimals. It is now a very good remedy system that automatically add Rinn points in the group of users and the ranking of the user. Rating a very poor display and the design is very unattractive. It should also be rankings of the most submitted coupons, best cuts, etc.


 This is the main basis for change and building the new page. We get a lot of valuable information that we do not get used to anything. By giving the user more statistics and a basis for begin to play for real money, we must do something. This means that all information that comes in must be able to pull out and make something of, if we need it. For example, if a user has over a half had 30% correct on all English battles, this should appear as a box on "their side" where are your stats. It may appear a little about how many coupons delivered, how many% correct guesses he has. What games should have bet on, etc. This box can also be linked to the newsletter user receives. There will then be tempted more to deliver on WSOB, but also deliver to the sponsor. We make money on ads and that the user register themselves with the sponsor, so anything that can motivate the game is very important.


 The main aim of this nature is the page itself is flexible, but also interactive and shows great strength. Therefore it is important to create db dynamic and that can speak across. We want the matches on the coupon, links to experts, who in turn linked to an established forum post.

 In general, when this happens: 1 Login by admin in admin imposes the week coupon, when this is added inn created forum forum posts, blog post / expert advice (which Blige activated when there is something written). If the created e-mail and sent e-mail to the user, the coupon is on page, etc. The coupon will then be displayed with different symbols for expert tips but also for the forum and results when this is ended. .The hole page/site and all the various services should have should be linked to elements such as the Manutd vs Tottenham. If you set this as a main base but then you have several sheets of layers of information will be resolved. This will provide valuable information in the years ahead, but also enhance the value of use page. There should be a script that takes the result and adds it automatically into the admin, which automatically corrects the coupon, which will automatically send the winner an email automatically based on what's in the prize box.

Users must be able to see each other their forum posts, coupons, groups, etc. Since you must be more fluid and easy to see knowledge and information on the page.

Social media.

Full integration with facebook. It should be possible to register from their facebook profile and comment, post to a forum on Sharing their results, comments and records.

It should be possible to tweet

And it should be possible with google + buttons as well as Wordpress and other varieties comment on some of the area.


It is desirable to have a LIVE chat, where the user must be registered. It should be timed and only with "a" room. This should not be focusing on in the first area but must be in back of the head.


There is one person who blogs about the page. This is done manually on [url removed, login to view] it desirable to integrates and get a WSOB look at this. This can be rebuilt, but the value of what is written on the blog both wsob (expert tips), but also at This may be in the admin where it is published in both places where you can also add new bloggers if we need it.

Expert advice

The goal of having an expert is to increase knowledge, seriousness and the value of being Members / user of the page. This can be combined with a blog, but it must be made a kind of expert panel. As a area where there is a lot of experts, advice / tips / knowledge and articles etc from the panel but can also be other sites on the net that will be a tool. It must also be taken into account that this may be a paying services in the long run. This must obviously not be displayed. There is also an area here where the experts also have a ranking so, m going on their tips and analysis.


It must be very simple forum that deals in the first place the objects that are either in expert panel or on the coupon. And maybe a thread that runs open. But no more, this should be knowledgeable but also playful. It is not desirable to spend lots of time to be a moderator, so we must add the restrictions with new items. Therefore it would be a good idea that when an object is created in the admin, then it automatically generated a forum post. See more at point links

Live Results / live scores

It is true that the results must be entered to be object, and to create a script that automation shows continuous but the results and entered in the admin.


Groups will be the users themselves to market WSOB, and this is done by making groups more exciting. It is now very easy, and have groups compete against each other. There is currently an invite a friend solution, but it must be easier to do this via face and the likes.

Delegates of the e-mail

It must automatic send out e-mail for validation of registration of the account.

Publication of a weekly newsletter. This will contain some news, information about the week's competition expert tips, statistics, their ranking.

It should automatically send out e-mail to the winner of the competition which should be linked to the months prize.

It must be sent auto reply support issues, where you get an auto responder how we respond as quickly as possible blah blah


WSOB has a rather complicated deign. It does the that we get many inquiries about what service means, and we must indicate to what WSOB is really about. WSOB is a free betting game where you can play 100% free to play for the title WSOB. It is important that the user can easily understand the game, while deigning is playful and serious. It should also be clear with forum posts, expert advice, ratings, and the coupon on the front, prizes are very important to promote. There will be plenty of space for advertisements from our sponsors.

Colors and fonts to be serious, but also playful. There are numerous pages, and lots of bad design. Therefore it is important that we do not invent the weel again but rather use something from things that look very good. I strongly believe in using anything as an industry are highly skilled in fact gaming industry. I can send some screen shots of a very simple

design (to user pages) and slightly to the front. It's whatever you like to make suggestions and I understand that you can.

A new design of the page, also means changing the coupon. Here you must look at sportsbookies their pages and find the coupon that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. [url removed, login to view] etc.

Front and using the site should be easier and give the mentioned time

It should also be made a fixed set of e-mail sent from us. Both the newsletter, but also welcome e-mails all the e-mail that goes out must have a design

Admin interface must also be changed, this is now made only for a super user. And is very unattractive to use.

Admin interface

The whole admin interface must be changed from today. The advantage is that it is made a part foolproof thing, which makes it difficult to make mistakes. The odds, days, weeks, all the errors and problems are created so that you can not make mistakes. Admin interface is a Internet publishing solution, where the coupon is sent out, etc. are made, judging from what is described above, do you understand what I need to constantly correct coupon, change premiums, change the coupon, send newsletters everything in "boxes". It must be like and described in the links, made more automatic. It means processes weekly is very similar and we can do a process based on various criteria. This is basically very simple, but also why we need someone who has experience with this already. Escalations, etc.

There will be several types of users of the interface and therefore we have to put some different criteria for what to change and do.

WSOB has an admin interface and an interface for users. There are many features in the admin that is very business critical and you must have experience in this type of work. And there is much information from users who are valuable, but that is not being used.

User page

Today, one can only see their teams and their ranking. You need it more value for the user, from their coupons, inserts, favorite betting site, lots of you can change, group invites, news feed, plus much more. But the important thing is kind of statistics that can be used to advantage to begin betting. It should also be possible to see andfre users.

Simplification of the registration of the product / service, and make the service easier to use, combined with additional modules and services.

I understand that this description can be partly defuse. But first we want to come to find companies / freelancers who have experience with this!

World Series of Betting is a worldwide betting series where players compete to win prizes and the title "The World Champion of Betting". The competition is 100% free of charge!

How does the game today?

The player must register with various postal information on It generates a confirmation e-mail with a URL the user must click to valiere themselves. It costs nothing to join and there is no such paypal payment option. Something we want to be possible, if we are to 2012 or 2013 choose to charge for the use of the service. When the player is registered, he can begin to play. (It's not far up some explanation video, and rather small forklaing about how the game works on the side) Every Thursday is a new coupon posted on They receive an email with their username (desirable for some stats about the location, the field person is the expert on, how much they had been in positive territory in the event system bets) The user selects the outcome of the 7 selected objects within the WSOB. When they have made their choice, just press submit, or deliverable to the bookie. We want the odds displayed in different format today is the Scandinavian and there is currently no solution for us. It is also desirable that the overall odds displayed and possibly how much you can win by all 7 correct. Along with that you can share via facebook (social media) and deliver the coupon via the app deadline for submission of the coupon is set to the first game next Saturday starts. Often, at 15:00. That is what the player does.

People in WSOB using a webadmin to enter the games, the odds, the blog of our betting expert, send e-mail, post results, food coupon and write text to the prizes ETV.

(Desirable if one can create a script that has live score) to WSOB and directed the coupon out from there. As well as for other relevant information about the games before [url removed, login to view]

Rankings and winners

Each player's score is calculated simply by multiplying the odds of all correct selections the user submitted for the current slip. In other words, both the amount of correct choices and the corresponding odds will affect your score and ranking. The more correct choices, and the higher the odds gives a higher score. The ranking is determined by each player's total score in an descending order. The highest score gives the highest rank, 1, the second highest score gives the rank 2 and so on.

How to play

To be able to participate in the World Series of Betting, you first need to register an account. Once your account has been validated, you are ready to deliver your first betting slip which is found under the "Betting slip" tab on the main page. Simply set the outcome of each game and press "Deliver". The odds displayed on each option will be used to calculate your score.

The betting slip will normally be available every Thursday at 15:00 GMT and delivery will close at 15:00 GMT Saturday. The scores and rankings will be updated after all matches are finished, usually on Tuesdays. Please note that these times may vary, all though they should generally apply every week.

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