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277186 Google Maps integrated Web App

Project Overview:

Goal of this project is to create an end-to-end Web Application for managing geographical objects and tracks (between these objects) as well showing / editing them using Google Maps. This application will strongly use Google Maps / Earth as the ground service however storing all the necessary data in its own database (for example User must be able to upload GPS tracks to the map, edit them on the map and then save to the application database). Application consist (roughly) of about 20 Pages with dynamic content and about 30 tables in a database layer. This project is a first stage of the whole application, therefore the focus is on creating reliable and efficiently working framework with all necessary functionality, while the ‘look and feel' of the pages is not a priority (attached Page Templates can be used). For your convenience there is detailed documentation attached including System Requirements Specification (with Design to some extent), Data Model Diagram and Web Page Templates. Those documents specify the requirements SP must read and take into consideration before providing final offer.

High-level Key functionality:

- creating and managing geographical objects (POI)

- creating and managing tracks between objects (both simple as well complex multi stage tracks)

- creating and managing lines and polygons related with objects (using Google Maps and/or from GPS files)

- creating and managing lines related with tracks (using Google Maps and/or from GPS files)

Scope of the Project:

The Service Provider (SP) shall be responsible to provide to the Service Buyer the following:

1. End-to-end Working Software, Source Code, Database script etc. of the application as defined in the System Requirements Specification and attached documents and clarified / agreed with the Service Buyer during the project duration.

2. Backup / Migration / Installation Procedure enabling installation of the software to any hosting service to be made by the Service Buyer

3. Documentation: Change Log to attached documents, Design (SRS may be used as the basis), Source Code with proper comments.

4. Free technical support for three months after completion of the project limited to the bug fixing, documentation updates, providing design clarification and other activities strictly related to the functionality included in the SRS and attached, related documents.

Additional Requirements:

1. SP is requested to provide the full price (including all costs), Delivery Time of the project and the confirmation that all functionality (from the attached documents) is included in the given price and timing. If some functionality is suggested by the SP to be implemented in a different way than described in attached documentation then SP is required to explicitly and precisely point out which functions (using heading numbers from the SRS) will be implemented in a different way together with the description of a change.

2. SP with proven experience in implementation of Google Maps / Earth integrated Web Application will be taken into consideration as the most favorable.

3. SP is requested to provide a short description of their previous Web projects providing links to them and description of the scope of their work under those projects.

4. SP is requested to provide and secure all necessary servers, database and tools during project design, development and testing. Once application fully works in SP environment it will be transferred to Service Buyer's server.

5. Only free, open technologies and tools shall be used, strongly preferred are JAVA (JSP), PostgreSQL or MySQL.

6. This project shall be later integrated with a freeware Content Management System. Although it is a part of a Stage II and therefore is out of scope of this project, the SP should keep this need in mind when designing Stage I and should also provide the suggested CMS to be used in a Stage II.

Confidentiality Agreement:

1. The software and all data will be provided to the Service Buyer and become the sole property of the Service Buyer.

2. The SP must assure Service Buyer that the software and data provided and generated shall not be sold or offered to any other customer. The software will not require any licensing agreements, monthly fees or copy write protections applied.

3. The SP shall provide consulting service required to assure that the software is functioning on the Service Buyer's hosting service.

4. The SP shall identify all files, directories and components required to be transferred so that the Service Buyer is able to transfer, backup, restore or propagate the required software and all data to allow any hosted server to function using this software. The SP shall provide support and training to the Service Buyer on how to propagate, backup and transfer the software and all data to each of the Service Buyer's hosted servers for use on each of the Service Buyer's websites.

5. The SP agrees to provide free technical support for three months after completion of the project. Scope of Technical Support will be limited to the bug fixing, documentation updates, providing design clarification and other activities strictly related to the functionality included in this project. Providing any additional functionality to the software is out of the scope of Technical Support and may be provided by the SP under separate agreement with Service Buyer.

The project shall consist of following phases and milestones:

1. Milestone A: Bid accepted

2. Phase 1: Software design and development on SP's servers and environments

3. Phase 2: Testing (by the Service Buyer) on SP's environment

4. Milestone B: Software tested and working properly on SP's environment, all requirements met.

5. Milestone C: Providing complete software, installation procedure and all other documentation for the Service Buyer.

6. Phase 3: Software installation on Service Buyer's environment

7. Phase 4: Final Testing by the Service Buyer

8. Milestone D: Software tested and working properly on Service Buyer's environment, all requirements met.

Payment terms:

50% escrow to start project – after Milestone A.

50% escrow – after reaching Milestone B.

100% payment released upon reaching Milestones C and D.

Stage II

This project is the first stage of the whole application. Stage II shall be considered a separate project. The SP is welcome to provide a bid for that work after the completion of Stage I.

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