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340577 Twenty five new Websites

Read the requirements:


The start page should be no shopping cart or something similar, but the appointment should have a Regsiterierungsseite, as already pointed out here [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] = 3 The backend needs to be a shop, so that the orders we automatically / manually edit this and send invoices and bank documents can be read. Customers purchasing an access to the content pages. All customers who have not paid then, will be exported. Customers should have access to after registering will receive the content, which is, affiliate programs from different vendors for clients to make available (like eg. Http://[url removed, login to view]). A total of 25 different start sites (design, logo, domain, content pages) verschiedneen connections are made. The function of the shipping invoice, the customer management and the possibility of new pages easily re-set is of particular priority. These functions must be both manually and automatically on each side, each customer group and per period possible. Should this lead to problems, because the Joomla scripts do not work, need to external systems. We need many different entry pages, all with eienr registration and the customer will have access to the content pages grant. Invoices will be automatically / manually in PDF format by email. Possible vouchers to pay only after the customer responsible.


Number of purchase orders and crashes

Visitor numbers and customer numbers

Order, payment and customer management

Shop offline test

Numerous analytical and summary functions

Integrated ERP

User Management

Administrator: access to all data and settings

Rights management, who is on what is allowed


SSL encryption


Insertion of ready templates, CMS should be possible to

Elements, graphics and design change

Replace Banner Graphics

Insertion of company or store logo

Adjustment of the structure

Changing buttons and navigation items

Customizable and changeable

Without programming skills with a few clicks

Invoices, emails, texts and prices must be editable


automatic award of ongoing billing and customer numbers, automatic and manual mail delivery, depending on the action

Orders delete or after the processing status in any folder sort order, eg "New", "Modified" or "Sent"

Search for bill number search, but also a full-text search by customer name, item title.

Orders for further display and print it out, register new customers or the payment status change

Create, modify, suspend, cancel, import and export of customer, payments and orders in CRM and other programs from other programs (eg payment adjustment automatically.) Etc.

Orders in CSV format and in your own accounting program further

Create additional folders e.g. Order Folder "Ships", "open payment", etc.

Customers and prospective customers (division into purchaser and newsletter recipients without orders)

Customer Import and Export (CSV and XML) client, and paste

Contact management (history, etc.)

Various permissions for call center employees

PDF Invoices

Automatic Date Adjustment

Comparison with existing data and automatic invoice creation in PDF format with mail delivery or export

Acquisition of customer and billing data

Automatically convert and send as a PDF file with current date

Order Export (CVS and XML) Order data

Individual and group selection is possible

Choice when the mail should be sent (manual / automatic or fixed period)

Recurring and one-off bills

Customizable and changeable

Without programming skills with a few clicks

Configurable registration process

The registry should include XMLHttpRequest, so that the data the user is automatically entered into our database, even if the user does not register, a separate identification in database (special group); SSL-based

Customer Service Pages

Access only after successful registration

online the customer to view and change

Newsletter options to view and change

New message window for messages from us

RSS support

Content (inclusion of links, feeds, or other affiliate of the interfaces on each side)

Article Recommendation (function "Tell a Friend")

Iframe for affiliate

Search Engine Optimization

Google Product Search

Google Sitemaps

Google Adwords Conversion Tracking locatability test and optimize

Link Checker

HTML Optimization

Visitor Analysis

Optimization of a domain name, file name, source code, Meta tags, invisible text, keywords and Doorwaypage and registration in search engines, web catalog, etc.

Security / Hosting

System must be played on the server and tested, storing all data

Security should be as high as possible even against attacks


Other Standard pages: Login, password, company identification, conditions, privacy protection, Privacy, Disclaimer, partner program ...

each of two sides: a. A simple start page first page and the registration under the [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] here and b. And with the registration page first here [url removed, login to view]

Newsletter, Counter (how many products are still available, for example)

Creation of twelve different sites with different orientation (design, logos, content, domains), six seals and eight banners (example [url removed, login to view])

New pages (different design, content, domain) is also without any programming knowledge available

It should all be available in German

Interfaces for CRM, ERP, ERM and billing systems

Multiple Languages

Social Commerce

Check function

Advanced analysis functions

Import / export of customer, ordering, billing and product

Delivery note, invoice, credits

Zanox and Affiliate Integration


Countries Dependent Currencies, Prices, Products

Taxes freely configurable

Database synchronization to PC

Staff Merchandise Authorization

Backup all data

Automatic email confirmations (registration, etc.)

Customer invoices automatically / manually into PDF format with mail delivery

Customer credit

XML-Export/-Import all content items

Promotional Products

Limited time discounts, fixed, percentage or free product

Statistics (Revenues by customer group, page, product)

CRM (customer history)

Supporting Affilinet, Adbulter, Zanox)

Interfaces to general partner (XML, PHP, etc.)

Adjustment of customer payments by importing bank document (CSV)

Admin Interface

Banner Management

Text-and Link-Ads

Client Help Desk

Integration micropayment for mail delivery (first then contact numbers)

Integration of all content closest to the 25 pages

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