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We are seeking a developer to develop a system

based on MySQL and run in PHP on standard LAMP stack.

We require that a set of web pages be developed to do the following.

We currently use PHP Schedule it (it's open source you can find it).

to do the booking of the rooms in our offices. So the actual data entry

is already done for you. There is also an API that's built into it. That could

be a start. But we will need to extract some more information from the

db for your uses. It's actually called booked now. And we use version

2.5.1 currently. And things should be developed to be compatible with

that version.

What we need is to display the data that's done with Php Schedule it.

On a screen in each room. We keep the web page open on the that

screen and refresh the browser every now and then. Or even the page

can refresh itself via ajax or something smooth. I've attached examples

of systems that I have seen around doing similar things.

Here are some points to give you an idea of what we want.

1) The pages for the rooms need to able to be styled. And by that

we'd like to be able to change the background image. Have a table

with repeating regions for a summary screen that can have flexible

sized fonts based on the size of the page. Also these pages needs to

expand and contract based on the resolution of the screen that's running.

For example most of our screens run at either 1366 x768 and 1920x1080.

And of course some run in portrait mode. So you reserve those numbers.

1080x1920. You'll notice these images in the attached images.

2) In pages for summary's that are based on a floor number say the 2nd floor.

The summary pages need to know what floor they are on. And it needs

to display the events. With the name and an arrow to point in the direction of

the meeting room. The same would apply to a main screen the summarises

the whole building for example in the lobby. A series of meetings would occur.

And the icons and arrows would state what floor to goto and have an icon of

an elevator next to it for example. I'll attached more images of examples to

help you better visualise the required.

3) In the event that nothing happens on a room as in nothing is booked. We

need to have the web page revert to something default. Like the image

attached called "room without [url removed, login to view]". We might want to have a text

message or maybe dynamically load a dummy page. We are open to suggestions

on this from you.

4) If we are hosting a company and would like it's logo to appear. We currently do

it manually, but we'd like that if a logo file with the exact matching name of the company

exists in the image folder then it should display the logo file. But if no logo is available

it will just display the text dynamically instead. You'll see a clearer picture when going

through the images attached.

5) We need to take into consideration that one room may be used twice in the same day.

So in the summary you'll have to two results showing up. We need to have the second

meeting appear once the first one is finished. If that makes any sense.

Also on the meeting room itself. It would need to refresh itself so it knows that the event

is now over. And go back to a clear default page. Or load the next event.

Suggestions and a discussion are very welcome. And would love to hear any innovative ideas

that you may have. So we can clearly agree on a roadmap and milestones together.

We hope the images give you some perspective into what we want to achieve.

Also attached is some asp pages we tried out when working on our idea. it should

give you a better idea what we are after. This is our old meeting system that we had

made ourselves in windows. But we left that long ago. And much more impressed with

linux servers and lamp stack. And the PHP schedule it system is excellent. Much better

than what we came up with.

Gods speed and good luck bidding.

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