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This is a Listing/Directory Airbnb like website for professional networking. Not for traveling. .

Please find some more details about my project below. I would love to hear what yo think and answer any questions you might have.

The website should resemble the Airbnb platform in term of functionality, feel, and look. However, the focus should be on the Professional Networking industry rather than traveling.

Appointment / Booking


The appointment / booking process on the website would be similar to the one on Airbnb. It will have users pick a date from the calendar presented on the professional profile and wait for a confirmation provided by the professional.


Cancellation / refund policy of the appointment booking - Cancellation free of charge up to 5 hours before the service should be delivered. After then, 70% refund.


Payment process will be similar to Uber/Lyft. Users pay professionals upon completion of the delivery of service .

Professional Profiles and Users:


Professionals should be able to create their own account/profile and present their resume in a manner similar to the following page ([url removed, login to view]). It should be a combination of a personal LinkedIn profile and a host profile on Airbnb. The typical profile would include professional background, a calendar of availability, personal image, and a brief bio description.


Professionals should be able to import their resume from either LinkedIn/Xing, word doc, PDF,etc. or write it themselves on the website using very simple format such as the one used on job application websites. There is absolutely no intention to include a resume builder platform but rather have users import an existing resume into it or copy paste paragraphs into fields (Education, Professional background, Awards, Courses, etc...)


Users should see professional's contact details and resume in the same manner I see a property/host profile on Airbnb.

Additional Functions that will be needed

Website User Interface Design (UI) & Development

Website User Experience (UX) Design, Care, and Customization

Back-end Architecture Design and Development

API Development and Integration

Database Development

Features that are the same for guests and professionals:

Log-in / Sign-up via email or Facebook, Linkedin, Xing;

User’s settings (change email/password, notification settings);

Personal profile information;

Notifications system;User’s Dashboard

Core features for guests:

Manage personal profile information;

Search for professionals; View resumes and profiles;

Search filtering options should function like the search filters on the Airbnb website.

Send order requests, communicate about these requests (via messages), accept/decline offers, and create new requests;

View upcoming/past orders and reservations details;

Leave reviews and rate for professionals.

Manage payment methods and view transactions history.

Professionals should be able to:

Create their own professionals profile that includes an image and resume (Similar to LinkedIn);

Manage personal page information;

Manage information about thier professionals profile (basic details, photos, schedules, and prices);

Communicate with guests about service provided through messaging, accept/decline requests, and create/send new requests to guests;

View upcoming/past orders and details;

Leave reviews and rate guests; Manage payout methods and view transactions history.

Also, Please use my email address or_shai@[url removed, login to view] for future communication.


Or Shai

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