Create a C program that will display a food menu and take the users order. Everything is explained in the description

I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C code ONLY**** not C++

Budget is 15$

Need done in one day this is for a school project !

Here are all the guidelines MUST FIT THESE REQUIREMENTS



Dr. Archibald is opening up a hamburger restaurant. He has hired some Valencia students (part-time) to take orders. There is a requirement to take orders quickly, and to read a summary of the order (including the total cost) back to the customer after they have finished picking what they want. A computer program is required to help with this task.


• The user of this program is an employee taking an order from a customer

• Each time the program runs, it takes a single customer’s order

• Display a welcome message, the user can read to the customer when they first arrive

• Display a menu of the items, which can be ordered by selecting something from the menu

• Each time a new item is added to the customer’s order, the current total cost is displayed

• The menu is displayed each time the user is ready to add a new item

• When the customer doesn’t want to order any more items, the user enters an item indicating the customer is done

• A summary of the order is presented to the user, including the total cost for this order; the cost must be presented in dollars and cents

• Display a “nice” message for the user to read to the customer when they are done ordering to include only the items ordered and the total cost before the program exits


Create a C program meeting the above specifications. This program must: ​

• Use a do – while loop to display and process the menu; you can use other additional loops as needed

• Do NOT use a break or continue in any loops, except as noted below, i.e., the program should follow good programming practices

• Use a switch control structure to process the menu; you must use break statements for the switch cases as appropriate

• Use features of the formatted output function printf(), including justification and width specifiers for displaying the menu prices, and all output from the program must be neatly formatted and readable, e.g., columns and decimal points must line up correctly, error messages should be offset, etc.

• Use arrays, if necessary, and user-defined functions appropriately, i.e., main() should be a simple function, which calls other user-defined functions

• You must have at least five different items - of your own creation – do not use the sample - on your menu each with a different price

• Set constant values for prices of items at the beginning of the program, for example:

#define HAMBURGER_PRICE 1.25

Be creative, create your own restaurant, invent your own items, etc. – be aware your grade will be based on the correct functionality of the program – meeting the above specifications and requirements, the correct use of the constructs from the C language, and following the Code Conventions. Remember, you may need to flush the keyboard buffer if using char and scanf().

Hint: Create a basic program, which works with two menu items in main(). Then, when this is functioning, add the rest. Then, try to make it as efficient as possible, e.g., use functions to separate your code into smaller parts where the code in main() is limited to bringing all the parts together, only use stacked constructs when necessary to solve the problem, e.g., when displaying their order at the end; remember, stacked constructs are usually inefficient, etc.

Below is a sample of what the basic program output might look like. The bold characters, i.e., item numbers, are the only things entered by the user; the sample program generates everything else.

Sample Run

Welcome to Dr. Archibald’s burger emporium.

May I take your order please?


1. Hamburger​$1.25

2. Cheeseburger​$1.35

3. Fries​$0.95

4. Soda​$0.65

5. Ice cream Sundae​$0.75

6. Done with this order.

Enter Item:​2

​Total so far:​$1.35


1. Hamburger​$1.25

2. Cheeseburger​$1.35

3. Fries​$0.95

4. Soda​$0.65

5. Ice cream Sundae​$0.75

6. Done with this order.

Enter Item:​4

​Total so far:​$2.00


1. Hamburger​$1.25

2. Cheeseburger​$1.35

3. Fries​$0.95

4. Soda​$0.65

5. Ice cream Sundae​$0.75

6. Done with this order.

Enter Item:​8

*** Error: This is not on the menu.

​Total so far:​$2.00


1. Hamburger​$1.25

2. Cheeseburger​$1.35

3. Fries​$0.95

4. Soda​$0.65

5. Ice cream Sundae​$0.75

6. Done with this order.

Enter Item: ​6

That’s: ​1 Cheeseburger

​​1 Soda

Your total is:​ $2.00​

Thank you for coming to Dr. Archibald’s Burger Emporium.

Come back soon.


1. An IPO diagram covering at least the above specifications. Put the diagram at the end of this document.

2. At least 3 test cases, which thoroughly test all aspects of the program. Put the test cases at the end of this document.

3. A program meeting the above specifications and requirements, and is neatly documented and formatted with correct indentation, etc., see the Code Conventions. Paste your code at the end of this document.

4. Output from your program showing the program was executed several times, and tests the functionality of the code. At least 3 program runs must be shown demonstrating ALL of the functionality of the program. Paste your screenshots at the end of this document.

Advanced options

You are not required to do these options. You can earn up to 20% bonus points for this assignment. These options should ONLY be done AFTER you have put a deliverable copy of the assignment aside to submit by the due date. If you think this will confuse you – throw this part away – do not read it and get these things mixed up with the required parts of the assignment. Points will be determined based on the complexity of the following:

1. Create a menu, where the user enters a letter for the options, e.g., x or X to exit. The program, and processing of the menu, must function correctly, and use the “fall through” concept.

2. Add a tax. Suppose the county has a 6.5% tax on fast food. Add a tax line item to the summary, and have a subtotal before it and a total including tax after it in the summary of the order. Keep in mind the output needs to be professional, e.g., dollar signs and decimal places line up no matter the amount of a reasonable/normal order. The tricky part of this will be in fractions of a cent. Make sure the tax is to the nearest cent, and the total adds the tax correctly. Here is an output sample:

That’s: ​10 Cheeseburger

Your subtotal is:​ $13.50

The tax is:​$ 0.88

Your total is:​$14.38

3. Customize the messages the user will read to the customer. For example, if the customer orders French fries, display a message for the user to read, offering some ketchup to the customer. Do not display this message if the customer has not ordered any fries. The number of points earned for this item will depend on the complexity to display, and number and uniqueness of the messages.

4. Allow your program to accept more than one order. Start on a clean page (screen) for each order. I think this will work: system(“cls”);.

5. Allow the user to change his mind, and remove an item from his order. “Ahhh…. Did I say hamburger? I meant cheeseburger.” This may require a Delete Item menu choice, and then another menu to select which item to delete – I’m really not sure how you would want to do this – it’s your problem to design a solution for this.

6. Create your own options to this menu driven program in addition to any items previously mentioned. The number of points earned for this item will depend on the complexity, number, and uniqueness of the options.

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