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I am after a 3D modeller, preferably with knowledge of the Warhammer 40,000 (40k) universe by Games Workshop, to do some design work for me. I want to create a set of walls / doors terrain to replicate a 3D spaceship interior that I would like to have 3D printed, then have cast up for production.

I am looking at having the following done:

- Wall section that is 2 inches wide * 2 inches * 3 inches tall.

- Wall section that is 4 inches wide * 2 inches * 3 inches tall.

- Column / pillar section that is 2 inches wide * 2 inches * 3 inches tall.

- Door section that is 2 inches wide * 2 inches * 3 inches tall.

- Door section that is 4 inches wide * 2 inches * 3 inches tall.

Each section needs to be able to be placed next to another section by either side (for modularity). So a door section needs to be able to have either a wall or column section on either side of it. A column section is a junction, so needs to be able to have anywhere between 1-4 pieces coming off of it.

Examples of what I mean can be found here:

[url removed, login to view]

I have 3 aesthetics I want to create elements for.

- One is a bio-ship interior. Something similar to the Tyranid aesthetic from 40k, Geiger’s work for Aliens or Zerg from starcraft.

- One is a space elf look with the Eldar aesthetic from 40k or Protoss from Starcraft.

- The last is an infested technology look akin to daemonic possession of human tech that Chaos from 40k would have or the Doom game, infested Terrans from Starcraft or the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis.

The dimensions above are the maximum constraints and would require detail on both sides. It is fine to have a thinner sections of wall etc, so long as all the pieces can be placed together.

Ideally I would like a tab on one side of each piece and a slot on the other side that allows the sections to be put together and minimise any movement when setup, but if you have an alternative suggestion, I’m open to changes as there is a good chance I’ve not considered other otpions.

The final thing to note is that undercuts need to be kept to an absolute minimum (preferably none) as these would interfere with the casting process and demoulding the products.

I would also be looking at other designs in the future to represent other wall options like consoles, vents etc to add more variety, but for now would like to focus on the core components mentioned.

Is this something you would be interested in doing?



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