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## BIO **I now:** * Employed in one of India's best **Information Technology and Retail** Expertise provider * Takes classes for junior students in Computer Science and Mechanical engineering subjects * Develop applications for local commercial establishments (Accounting/Inventory) * **Academic and Research:** * College Topper (selected on campus by the company,1 year before completion of course and trained by them + self-study) * 2 National Papers on Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm * **Extra Curricular Activities:** * Plays chess (college best), Cricket (bowler--average, batsman--average),Football(mid) * I got the overall proficiency award in the college * I was volunteer of National Service Scheme--done work for organizing medical camps in the District * **Weakness:** * Does spend a lot of time researching on technologies that might be outdated as well as that not yet became popular * **Misc:** I work in a company and hence have knowledge of the standards followed. I does the extra work **outside the company hours**. I have developed software for local supermarket, industries teaming up with my friends. I also do customisation of existing applications with or without original source code provided(rate varies). I also teach junior students (without any kind of fees--like free service for community.). Now also a 'RAC' coder. My **commitment to work** is that what keeps me going. I have a good relationship with all my clients and they play a major role in bringing new jobs for me and I thus continue working for them in my leisure time and also for company. You need a superb work talk with me trough RAC. Also I am preparing for post graduate study(in Mechanical Engineering! ),most probably I will be there in US within a couple of years. *Currently I am not accepting any work from outside* ## *Area of Expertise* ***Internet Programming:*** * *ASP* * *VBScript* * *JSP* * *JavaScript* * *PHP* * *Application Server-activeX Dll* * *Java* * *HTML/CSS* * *XML* * * **Database:** * * *Oracle* * *MS SQL Server* * *MySQL* * *MS Access* * *dBase* * *PL/SQL* * * **Application Development:** * * *C/C++* * *Visual C++* * *Visual Basic* * *CBasic* * *Delphi* * *COBOL* * * **Animation:** * * *3d Max* * *Flash* * *(only few works I have done in these, though capable; also know a little Maya, not an expert in these--for large scale animation works)* ***OS :*** * *Windows 2000 Server* * *IBM FlexOS* * *WinNT 4.0 Server* * *Windows 98* * *Linux*
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