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## BIO | **Ddl_Smurf** | | **My Skills :** * **Platforms :** * * <font color= "#AAAAFF">Windows 95,98,NT,2000,XP</font> * <font color= "#AAAAFF">Linux : Debian, Slackware, RedHat</font> * <font color= "#AAAAFF">FreeBSD</font> * **Graphical Development :** * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">**Web :**</font> * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Macromedia DreamWeaver</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Macromedia Flash</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Macromedia Ultra-Dev</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Macromedia FireWorks</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Adobe Go Live</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Adobe Image Ready</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">HTML - The notepad/EMACS way</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">**General :**</font> * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Adobe Photoshop 4->7</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Jasc Paint Shop Pro</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">GIMP</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Corel Draw Package</font> * **Programming :** * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">**Web (Server Side) :**</font> * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">ASP (VBScript and JSript)</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">SSI</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">JSP</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">ISAPI filters/modules development</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">.NET architecture (ASP.NET, C#, etc)</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">PHP</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Visual Studio InterDev</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Cold Fusion</font> <!-- --> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">**Web (Client Side) :**</font> * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Java</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Java Script</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">VB Script</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Macromedia Flash</font> <!-- --> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">**Local :**</font> * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Delphi 1,3,4,5,6</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Visual Basic 6</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Visual Studio (Java, VC++, etc)</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Borland C++</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Fortran, COBOL, Pascal, CMEL and some other fossils</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">**Technologies Mastered :**</font> * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">.NET</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">ActiveX</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">XML</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">SOAP</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">CORBA</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">TCP/IP</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">IPX/SPX</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF"><font color= "#AAAAFF">LANs/Intranets</font></font> * <font color="#FFFFFF" face="Arial" size= "-1">**Databases**</font> * * <font color= "#AAAAFF">SQL Language in General</font> * <font color= "#AAAAFF">Paradox</font> * <font color= "#AAAAFF">BDE and ODBC</font> * <font color= "#AAAAFF">MySQL and MSSQL</font> * <font color= "#AAAAFF">XML</font> * **Other Skills :** * * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Fluent in English, French and German. </font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Proof reading</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF"><font color= "#AAAAFF">Translations</font></font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF"><font color= "#AAAAFF">Localizations</font></font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">Keeping my girlfriend awake late at night...</font> * <font color= "#DDDDFF">I have no sense of humour.</font> On a general note, I maintain excellent contact with my clients, since I am available on MSNM, ICQ, AIM, Y!M, IRC and I check my mail at 4 Hz... I am currently fighting to attain the top ten on Rent A Coder. I have a very steep learning curve. I take pride in the quality of my projects, and provide any bug fixes, and minor upgrades for as long as I remember your project. | ## Area of Expertise Please see resume below...
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