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Trascender Global exists as a services organization that helps companies, startups, and professionals to grow in diverse and key tech areas: Web Design & Development, Business Intelligence, Marketing, Graphic Design, Corporate Support

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We exist to create and give solutions to companies, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals. We strive to help you grow and succeed. Business Intelligence - Analytics and visualization, Automation, and Reporting. Financial Analysis (Excel, Acess, PowerBI, Tableau, Python, SQL) - Financial Analysis, Business Plans, Logistics, KPIs Data Science - Machine Learning and Deep Learning Modelling. Natural Language Programming Statistics and Engineering. Development and cloud services - WordPress and eCommerce - Web Application - Cloud Services in AWS - Native Apps - UX/UI Marketing & Business - Copywriting, SEO - Social Media Management - Branding, Advertising - Pitch Decks, and Pitch Sales - Audiovisual services Corporate Support - Basic and Specialized Research - Translations - Assistance Duties You'll be talking with: Andrés (Leader & DS), Mauricio (BI), Cristian (MK), Luis (DEV) or Luisa (UX/UI, Design)

$25 USD/godz.

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