Python: Stock Market Screener and Simulator Tool

od ybautista

The project is for a stock market screening and simulation program. It takes a set of user entered qualification rules about stock metadata, applies those rules to a master list of stocks to filter down to a set of qualifying stocks, then applies a set of user configured buy/sell rules to each of those stocks, and then outputs the result of the simulation for each stock individually and as a cumulative group. * The solution was developed using Python 3.

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O Mnie

I develop software you can use to get the most out of your data, by pulling it out from your data sources, and putting it in a format ready for analysis: Data Warehouse, Hadoop data lake, AWS S3 storage, or Excel. Experience, Skills & interests: [3+ yrs] - Developed expertise building web scraping solutions using Python (Beautiful Soup, Selenium/Chrome headless), and Django/Celery/Redis as backend - Hands-on experience writing Python scripts for Algorithmic trading and financial data analysis (Pandas/Numpy/Ta-lib.) [4+ yrs] - Hands-on experience working on cloud integration projects Platforms: AWS/Microsoft Azure/Google Cloud - Strong command of object-oriented programming skills in Java with particular interest in Apache Hadoop and Web Services/APIs [5+ yrs] - Substantial experience in Data Integration (ETL)/ Data Warehousing projects using Talend Open Studio - Proven skills in Transact-SQL as a server-side programming language for both on-premises SQL Server & Azure SQL Database.

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