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    ...important) 2. We need these to be formatted for Kindle eReaders (including hyperlinked table of contents) 3. No more than 3/4" margins and single spaces 4. No more than 12 size, Georgia font 5. All content must be plagiarism free. Not a single sentence can be copied from any source. Everything MUST be 100% unique and created by you, and you must be

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    Php add a form on exiting work 6 dni left

    ...Residents: All Residents/Single Resident Selection Your Message: use Large Text Filed Send it by SMS only. 2-in the Payment Invoice: make it client copy and our copy in A4 Paper size 3-. In the Add Resident Form: add send SMS/EMAIL Feature....

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    ...21 different kinds of shoes and 53 different kinds of clothes. Each kind of each product has variations in color and size. I need you to add just the different kinds of each product, and allowing visitors to choose what color and size, instead of adding each individually. I need the following: * Full website design * Set up of the ecommerce part *

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    ** We are our code base with detailed comments. • Regular standup meetings to review tasks during sprints. • Slack availability within 1-2 hour window during normal business hours. • Email availability within 1-2 hour window during normal business hours. Deliverables: • Regular pull requests to our code base with detailed comments.

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    My requirement is to build templates in PowerPoint and then once the template template 3. All slides must be unified and standardized to the new template (please refer to the PP template attached) 4. Designer Must improve reading by adjusting text size if need be and adjusting pictures sizes and/or positioning to improve reading experience.

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    As per required configuration we have to configure both the server window server 2019 . 1. Create the VMs on both the servers. 2. Configure the Vcentre server to manage the VMs. 3. Configuration Active directory, DHCP and DNS on both server VM. 4. Configure the File server. 5. Configure the backup of all the VMs on

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    Logo Design 6 dni left

    I need a logo designed that’s nice and simple. Will be used for a website called automatic likes Ideally I’d like to logo to have some colours and pop and I’d want the colour of the letters to always be black with a cool and simple little icon

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    Trophy icon Architect - Home Floor Plans 2 dni left

    ...contemporary is my style, but it needs to fit with the neighborhood. I want a U shaped Home with a courtyard very similar to the attached. Mine will have to be narrower due to lot size. Large kitchen and master suite (bedroom, bathroom and closets are important to me), as is outdoor space. Master bedroom and guest bedroom on first floor is ideal. 3 additional

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    ...rulesets -Get page's Page Load Time, Total Page Size and Total # of Requests -See page's performance relative to the average of all sites analyzed on GTmetrix -Monitor pages and run a test daily, weekly or monthly to ensure optimal performance -Visualize performance with 3 graphs available: Page Load Time, Page Size & Request Counts and PageSpeed and YSlow

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    Trophy icon Professional letter 4 dni left

    ...reducing waist line after birth. Pants/ short all have pockets, great for holding tissues, dummy’s or that midnight snack while feeding. Our sleepwear comes in 3 sizes Size 8-10 Size 10-12 Size 12-14 Our garments are all made from cotton and elastic which lets your body breath, while the fabric feels soft and stretchy....

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    building a window app and .asp website for my company

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    I need a window and website app for my new business.

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    I need a 3D rendering with great quality and if it is possible an animation too. attached you can find pictures of the idea. 4 soccer fields (9 vs 9 size) and then around 10 shipping containers with shops (coffee store, bathrooms , pizzeria , play room, etc) . we would like to mix artificial turf, with wood and great landscaping with plants / palm trees

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    9 składanie ofert number of products will be available. For each item, we need, at minimum, name/description, price, cost, category, vendor, barcode for each attribute combination (eg size color), on-hand quantity (at barcode level). We will add a cost of goods plugin. We have around 2,000 product items we would import into Woocommerce. the data files/tables

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    ...look. Please see the sample attached, its not exactly I am looking for, but possibility of having picture tilted along with frame work & Letters in colors with different font size. Also if possible giving a background of faded picture under letters. I am looking for a specialized person to guide me on same, Amounts for this project can be very decent

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    Trophy icon Create an Image file 2 dni left

    I need a image file that will be prominently displayed on the company website/linkedin home page. I DO NOT NEED A LOGO FOR THE COMPANY. needs to be large size and high resolution. my website is [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]

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    ...-2" data-slide-to="2"></li> </ol> <!--/.Indicators--> <!--Slides--> <div class="carousel-inner"> <div class="carousel-item active"> <div class="home-brand-size dark-overlay-2"> <img class="img-fluid dark-overlay-2" src="/carousel/[zaloguj się, aby wyświetl...

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    I'm looking to integrate Viator into my WordPress website via an API. I would prefer that the booking engine opens within my site and doesn't open a new window with Viator. I will be adding tours and activities to sell as an affiliate. Please send example websites where you have integrated this before.

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    Need architect consulting 6 dni left

    ...over 100 million nationwide data on homes, commercial and schedule of bulk regulations databases for all states. In New York, the formula is simple as you would calculate lot size* FAR to get your additional buildable footage. I have different ways that were given to me by my architect to be able to calculate this for. other states. I now need help to

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    Our websites HTML size is 137kb, the average size is normally 33kb. Good steps to reduce HTML size include: using HTML compression, CSS layouts, external style sheets, and moving javascript to external files. Our DNS server is not using an SPF record. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail

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    02-16-2020 - MS Word Expert 6 dni left

    We would like to format / polish eight MS Word files so that all the information in them is aligned and that the font, font size, line spacing and so forth is as consistent as possible with the original pdf files. We will share with all qualified applicants the files for them to preview and to provide a quote on. These are needed back asap. We are looking

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    ...table. If there are 2 values in same day (DateTime) than pick MAX of Size per ClientID. This test is with only 1 ClientID - there can be more Client IDs and and more dates. Resul should be all days of current month with client IDs and Sizes. If there is was no Size in date take size from previous not null value. I need this in 1 SELECT QUERY with subqueries

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    ...wait while we transfer your call. Each Sound file must be PCM encoded, 16 bits at 8000Hz mono with mp3/wav format, or raw ulaw/alaw/gsm file with .ulaw/.alaw suffix. The file size must be under 5M. We can help with the technical aspects if required e.g which software to use etc. Please include a sample voice file with your bid otherwise it will be ignored

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    Remake of flash game to HTML5 6 dni left

    [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] We need to remake our flash game ([zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]) to HTML5 (webassembly) - in Unity engine

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    Supervise the finishing of flooring and window granite frames. Taking industrial safety measures and do formalities and procedures

    $175 - $524
    $175 - $524
    0 składanie ofert content. • The portal must allow management of customers using the app, including grouping and report generation. • Inclusion of ‘Push Technology’ – notifications will pop-up on the customers device providing that they have allowed notifications for the app. • Via the utilisation of GPS technology, it must be possible to track which customers are

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    ...the player and me. The player deposit with rust steam skins only. (No other skins from other games). There need to be a deposit button on the jackpot page, and if pressed a window will open and looks up the rust skins the player have and the value of them. Then the player can click on the skins they want to deposit and the bot will send a trade to the

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    ...molding program for the two sides of my house. and this design should match the front color,which is a new color. I wan at least threes different design that I should like. the window frames should be different than the wall. there is line that separate the blue color in the side and the old color please make sure it exist in ur designs. do not change in

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    25 składanie ofert, data=[zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL](), headers=headers). It works fine, but when I try to retrieve it using jsonpickle as below response = {'message': 'image received. size={}x{}'.format([zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL][1], [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL][0]) } # encode response using jsonpickle response_pickled = [zalogu...

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    ...Save as PDF – by pressing this button, cells (A1:G40) of the Excel document will be saved as PDF Print – by pressing this button, the user will be directed to the ‘printing window’ Send via email – re-direct to laptop’s email system to send the invoice (we work with Apple Macbooks) We would require the application by Friday 24th February 2020. Our

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    Hello Team, I would like to Develop Mobile & Website Design.. Below is Skill Required (PLEASE DONT APPLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE ...analysis & design, design patterns, problem solving and troubleshooting skills 9. Agile Scrum methodologies work: 2 years (Required) total work: 3 years (Required) HTML / CSS / Flash: 2 years (Required) UX: 2 years (Required)

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    I need a fully functional ecommerce website platform simila...account. Some examples are [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] (this is the best example) - or [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] ; [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] ; [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Just keep in mind we're a small company not the size of Fingerhut. We have a single physical location and ship nationwide. We...

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    ...someone to create 3 documents. (1) redesign our two-sided business card and (2) customer facing brochures (8x11) and (2) a second different customer facing brochure smaller in size and different content (may be double sided). Attached is what our business card looks like now (front and back) and one of our customer facing brochure we currently have

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    Creating offline exe and android 6 dni left

    Need to create offline application for elearning windows application. creating License key for every exe installation for insta...activate using internet only. All video running logs will need show for user, admin, and teacher login. Video adding facility by admin with encryption. It. may be creating mostly flash or as per decided with our discussin.

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    i have a presentation that needs: To be translated from English to Arabic ( English & Arabic to be shown together in all slides) To be unified with the same font, size & color theme to be green ( Same as the attached logo ) and white.

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    ...only paying 1€. These VIP subscribers will have access to premium services. the premium services will be the folowing : - between 4 and 15 betting tips per week - a live window chat during certain games where the tipster will invite members to bet during the game and to interact with him - A personal bankroll to allow members to monitor their sport

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    Want new macro 6 dni left

    Run a macro access firefox Firefox open was already open window

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    ...shade measurements and shapes to test the proportions on top of the image of their lamp. Ideally, they can mark the bottom of the socket so we can present them with the correct size harp for their chosen shade and shade altitude on the lamp. They will take a photo of their own lamp in their home , and then they will select one lamp shade , it is for purchasing

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    Develop a modal pop up 6 dni left

    I need a interstitial modal pop up in pure js ( no frameworks) , html and css. There will be few settings involved, like when to show modal etc.

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    In parts o...continue to develop the generator, and will add the following: organize the input of the generator so it will get only two json files: definition and data. document settings like size, orientation, footer, header. ability for attachments with find and replace values. conditional part - determine if we should insert a specific part or not.

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    Trophy icon excel dash board and datebase 3 dni left

    ...5 (in order) responses Bankers (number of leads they have completed) Totals for each type, source, response Total Loan Amount for each month When worksheet opens a VBA form pop up and displays check boxes for each of the Backend options - when submit button is pressed inserts data into the correct month tab and updates dashboard Tabs for each month

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    ...templated in Mailchimp and don't change. You only need to provide the email banner/header (1) and featured project images to size, (usually 8 images) and video images, (usually 2), sometimes adding an inset. (see samples) We'll pop the images into the template. Related to these we require a weekly: - Homepage slider banner - Facebook banner (derived from

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    ...points: 1. Login - Google and Facebook 2. Tournament with online multiplayer 3. Referal and earn 4. Wallet (coins and rupee) 5. Payout and purchase. 6. Security 7. Less app size. 8. Notification. Offline user, promotion notification, payment notification. 9. Special access for few users- Need to see No of users joined today, yesterday. Alarm to the

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    ...points: 1. Login - Google and Facebook 2. Tournament with online multiplayer 3. Referal and earn 4. Wallet (coins and rupee) 5. Payout and purchase. 6. Security 7. Less app size. 8. Notification. Offline user, promotion notification, payment notification. 9. Special access for few users- Need to see No of users joined today, yesterday. Alarm to the

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    Looking for US C-level contact list 5 dni left

    Looking for US C-level contact list, when you bid, then PLEASE describe your LIST SIZE and PRICE for your list. Without provide size+price your bid goes to recycle bin, no chat, no contact with you!!!!!! I don't want to waste your time, please do the same with my. Thank you

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    ...difference between two input [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] : The following valuesfrom keyboard. First input image file name(square size, and .ppm format). Secondinput image file name(square size -same size as the first image, and .ppm format). Histogram size (2(2x2x2), 4(4x4x4),8(8x8x8), or 16(16x16x16)). oYour program needs to do the following basically: Get...

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    ...access that data again. • Admin o Can access entire dataset o Can update data • IT Support o Cannot access any data collected by application. o Can see details like database size, application health and other related things • Data at rest should be encrypted. Only admin should be able to access this data. Even IT support or application developer should

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    Fix Roof window Lining $150 5 dni left

    lead metal lining beneath a window situated on the roof has come loose from the storms. it is still attached but needs to be refitted to the window frame.

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