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    Witam, tak jak w temacie poszukujemy osoby, ktora potrafilaby narysowac plansze go gry w stylu Wild Wild West. Obecnie nasza gra Bank Robber jest opracowana graficznie w stylu bankowych rabusiów. Jej druga wersja powinna byc czymś na styl dzikiego zachodu, saloon, bandziorów z rewolwerami, itp. W za...stworzyc proste ruchome ikonki bonusów (Adobe After Effects), których przykłady są również widoczne na załączonym filmiku. Osoba, która się tym zajmowała niestety wyjechała za granicę ale w razie potrzeby istnieje możliwość kontaktu w sprawach technicznych. Opis gry i działanie można zobaczyć tutaj: Jesteśmy otwarci na pomysły chociaż mamy wizje stworzenia nowej odsłony gry w stylu cartoons. Łatwo to narysować a nawet stworzyć programowo ze z...

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    Hi I'm looking someone who can make intro for my chanel on YouTube. It would be nice to see style and humor as comedy cartoon ,,Rick and Morty''. Chanel shows butchery craft, talks with chef, testing difrent steaks, burgers. Talks about problems in meat industry and shows solutions to protect our environment How I see intro: The main character is a caricature of the host chanel. Prehistoric times, he leaves the cave, he hold in his hand hatchet. He starves and he goes for hunt. When he sneaks to animals, they run away. When he hunted, other animals still his preys. Suddenly, bisons run straight ahead on him, he run away, one of the bisons fall from edge and die. He pulled from bison's body long bone with meat at the end of it. At the night, above the stars...

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    Witam, Przedmiotem zlecenia jest wykonanie grafiki/loga "dzika" . Przedstawiać ma ono dzika(moze troche mieszaniec z guźcem), coś na wzór "pumby": ~jbonno/greenpigs/pictures/ Kontakt: kontakt@

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    I’m in need of an artist to create a realistic artwork of my daughter and I happily swinging. Here's what I'm hoping for: - Art Style: Grounded in realism to accurately portray my daughter and the backyard setting. No cartoons or abstract techniques, please. - Mood: The scene should radiate joy and happiness, reflecting my daughter's personality accurately. - Setting: The swing should be set in a lively, detailed backyard scene to help emphasize the joyful mood of the image. Ideal skills and experience: Top-level understanding and execution of realistic art style, experience working with children’s portraits, and the ability to convey specific moods through artwork. The right freelancer will be able to interpret these instructions creatively. Please shar...

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    I'm seeking a skilled caricaturist to create more than 10 exaggerated style caricatures. These are intended for use in my classroom. Ideal Candidate: - Expertise in caricature art - Ability to create exaggerated caricatures - Previous experience with similar projects Your responsibilities will include: - Receiving reference images of students and staff - Crafting caricatures that are suitable for a classroom setting - Ensuring the final artworks are engaging and appropriate for educational purposes This is a fun and unique project that requires a creative and skilled professional. I'm looking forward to seeing your portfolio and discussing the details of the project further.

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    I'm in need of a talented cartoonist who specializes in the classic style. The illustrations will be utilized for a personal project of mine, so a creative and unique touch is essential. Key Points: - Classic Cartoon Style: Experience in creating cartoons with a distinctive, classic style is a must. - Personal Project: The illustrations will be meant for personal use, giving you more creative freedom to experiment and innovate. - Color Illustrations: The preference is for vibrant, colorful illustrations, so experience in creating and using color effectively is ideal. If you have a knack for bringing characters to life in a classic cartoon style and can deliver high-quality, colorful illustrations, I'd love to see your portfolio.

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    ...illustrations for a children's book. - Style: The illustrations should be in a cartoon style which will captivate the minds of children aged between 6-8 years. - Color: The illustrations should be vibrant and colorful to attract and keep the attention of the children. It's all about injecting life and fun into these drawings. - I will provide photos of the family members who will feature in the cartoons - The end illustrations should be submitted to me in a Canva document Ideal Skills: - Demonstrated experience in cartoon-style drawings - Strong portfolio with colorful and engaging children's illustrations - Understanding of what appeals to children within the specified age range. Your creativity and passion for this project will greatly contribute towards c...

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    I'm looking for a skilled subtitler to assist in adding Chinese subtitles to a series of TV shows. The primary lang...and there is no need for subtitles in other languages. Key requirements include: - Fluency in Chinese: Essential for accurate translation and subtitling. - Subtitling Experience: Previous experience in subtitling, particularly for TV shows, is highly preferred. - Attention to Detail: It's crucial that the subtitles match the spoken dialogue exactly, and are synced properly. - Passion for anime/cartoons is preferred. The selected freelancer will receive the TV show content in Chinese and must provide accurately timed and translated Simplified Chinese subtitles (.srt), as well as Traditional Chinese subtitles (.srt). A willingness to make revisions based on...

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    I'm seeking a talented artist who can create a cartoon caricature for my personal use. The ideal candidate will be able to produce the caricature in both color and black & white. Key Requirements: - I have my image/character - Ability to create a high-quality cartoon caricature - Experience in creating both colored and black & white versions of the same artwork Please include examples of similar work in your bid.

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    I'm looking for a talented cartoonist who can help me bring my ideas to life. The cartoons will be simple and minimalistic in style, but still with vibrant color. I am essentially looking to create a custom storybook that follows a veterinarian through a busy day at the clinic, and is structured around a poem. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in creating minimalistic and simple cartoon style - Strong understanding of color theory and able to work in color - Experience in personal cartoon projects would be a plus Please provide me with samples of your previous work, especially in a similar style. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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    Trophy icon Vytvorte mi farebnú karikatúru 26 dni left

    Pracujem v oblasti balónovej zábavy modelovanie balónov. Hľadám niečo nové. Karikatúru bez pozadia, chcem ju využiť na plagaty ako účinkujúci. PLEASE MAKE MY FACES AND BODY CARICATURE with balloons modeling sculpture animals, flowers....

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    Hello, Attached you'll find an image of "Tooker Kurlson," an animated caricature inspired by the well-known news personality, Tucker Carlson. For our current contest, we're looking for someone to create a humorous, animated drawing of another news personality, Piers Morgan. If you don't know how he looks, just google him. The artwork should be in a style similar to the "Tooker Kurlson" caricature. The best drawing will not only win this contest but will also lead to numerous additional assignments from us. Good luck!

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    I'm in need of an artist who is adept at creating cartoon-style illustrations. Specifically, I require an image of a mouse standing on its hind legs and chewing on wires. This should be realized in a monochrome color scheme. Experienced illustrators with a knack for cartoons and great attention to detail are preferred. Here's what I'm looking for: - A caricatured cartoon-style mouse - Mouse should be standing and chewing on wires, - Illustration to be done in monochrome colors - A visually striking and endearing image -Looking for a logo/illustration for an Automotive Business Please include samples of past cartoon work in your bids. A comic style would be ideal. I don't have a shape/language style preference - feel free to interpret this gig with your artis...

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    I'm looking for a talented animator to create engaging 3D comedy cartoons specifically for teenagers. Here's what you can expect from the project: 1. Animation Style: Your proficiency with 3D animation styles will be key as this is the chosen format for the videos. Showcasing a good understanding of how this animation type will resonate with a teenage audience is critical. 2. Audience: The animation needs to be relatable and entertaining for teenagers. Evidence of past work with this demographic would be beneficial. 3. Theme: A knack for creating comedic content is necessary here. Coupling humor with engaging storylines will be a major part of your responsibility. Presenting a portfolio with relevant examples would be advantageous for winning the project. Looking forwa...

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    I'm seeking a talented artist to draft a cartoonish, colored caricature intended for use on my social media profile. - Caricature Style: I am all in for a caricature with a playful and exaggerated cartoonish style, full of energy and color. You should be able to capture my personality in a fun and exaggerated way. - Colored Art: The caricature will need to be in color, so proficiency in color blending and balance is essential. - Social Media Purposed: The finished product should align with the dimensions of most social media platform profile pictures and leave a lasting impression. Ideal Skills: - Excellent caricature drawing skills in cartoonish style. - Strong coloring skills. - Familiar with social media profile picture requirements. - Good li...

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    I'm in need of a talented caricature artist well-versed in a cartoonish style. The project will involve creating individual caricature of a single character. The deliverable should be a digital file, allowing for easy sharing and printing if necessary. - Style: Cartoonish - Characters: One per caricature - Delivery: Digital File - Total assets needed: 8 images Ideal candidate should have significant experience in cartoonish caricatures and an impressive portfolio demonstrating the same. I'm looking for someone who can capture the vivacious, humorous essence of the subject in their work. Ability to meet deadlines is critical.

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    I'm seeking a talented artist to create a humorous, cartoonish caricature to depict an event for entertainment purposes. The gig is all about fun and capturing the essence of the event in a playful, slightly exaggerated style. It's not just about drawing, but extracting the unique charm of the event in a creative, playful caricature. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in creating cartoon-style caricatures - Ability to understand and interpret the event's essence artistically - High level of creativity and humor injected in the work - Meet project deadlines with quality output Freelancers with experience in event caricatures or similar artwork are preferred. Please provide examples of previous caricatures in your portfolio while bidding.

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    I'm in need of a skilled caricature artist who specializes in traditional styles. - The project involves creating a wedding caricature focused solely on the bride and groom. - The uniqueness of this project lies in its backdrop. The artist is asked to incorporate the location of the wedding in the caricature to amplify its significance. - A deep understanding of traditional caricature art and a keen eye for detail will lead to the success of this project. Proven experience in wedding caricatures and the ability to capture the wedding venue in the artwork is essential.

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    Trophy icon Cartoon Themed Artistry Contest 3 godzin left

    I'm searching for a talented artist to participate in a cartoon-themed contest. Your creativity and prowess in cartoon art are paramount for this project. The timeline is tight, with a 1 week deadline for all designs. Must-have ability: • Cartoon and Abstract art skills Ideal Experience: • Prior participation in art contests • Experience in creating cartoons. Embrace this opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity. Excite me with your unique cartoon art in just a week!

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    ...likeness... I'm looking for an exceptional graphic designer with strong skills in creating funny, cartoonish designs. My project's main focus is to develop a graphical design for a t-shirt, which incorporates a playful caricature of a fictional character. - The Ideal Candidate: You have experience in both caricature and typography, and you know how to blend these elements to create captivating designs. You understand the balance of humor and art, and your portfolio showcases your ability to create cartoonish graphics. - The Task: Your task will be to create a caricature of a fictional character that presents humor and playfulness. The design must be versatile enough to be printed on different colored t-shirts. Your distinct style and exceptional creativ...

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    I'm in need of an expert graphic designer to help me create a unique, eye-catching design for an A Board. Key requirements include: - Specialization in graphic design, with a particular focus in cartoons and comic book styles. - Ability to tie these two styles into a quirky, engaging design. - Experience crafting graphic work in a minimalistic style. Your imaginative input will be welcomed, as long as it adheres to the quirky cartoon and comic theme. This will require creativity, skill, and a knack for captivating visuals. Your familiarity and experience with whimsical design are integral for this project. 2 x food served all day 1 x spin the wheel 1 x 241 cocktails A Board size

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    I am seeking a skilled animator who can develop an engaging animation of a food truck folding up. Ideally, this animation should; - Showcase a detailed representation of the food truck, rather than a basic caricature of shapes and movements. - Exhibit expertise with either 2D or 3D animation, as I'm open to both styles. - Be completed within a month's timeframe. The right freelancer for this job should have demonstrable experience with creating comprehensive animations that incorporate detailed representations of real-world objects or elements. Familiarity with animation styles that highlight functional aspects (like folding or mechanical movements) will be highly advantageous. Please provide relevant examples of your work alongside your bid.

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    I'm looking for a talented artist to create a traditional/fun caricature of one to two high school seniors during their project graduation party. Would like to provide various props like a graduation cap, silly glasses, and a boa to give it a fun, personalized touch. -Style: Traditional caricature art -Character: One or two -Theme: Use provided props Ideal candidates will have: Must be ok with an overnight commitment. The party is from 11pm - 5:30 am. We are looking for a couple of hours within that timeframe. -Proven experience in traditional caricature art -Creativity and experience in working with props -Talent to capture likeness and personality in character -Detail-oriented and punctual delivery.

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    SaaS Product Launch and Intro Video Creator - Storyteller Project to ensure that the videos align with our brand messaging and marketing goals. - Deliver high-quality video content that is optimized for web and social media platforms. Requirements: - You are up to date with latest AI and Productivity tools to ensure speed and efficiency. - Proven experience in creating SaaS product explainer videos with a focus on storytelling and real human elements (no cartoons). - Strong portfolio showcasing your ability to produce engaging and informative video content. - Proficiency in video editing software and motion graphics tools. - Excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently and meet project deadlines. Please submit your portfolio and a brief...

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    Hey there! ? I'm looking to hire a freelancer for a small but super special project. I need a caricature of an Indian bride and groom for our wedding invites. We're aiming for a cartoonish style, something that's fun and captures our vibe perfectly. The caricature will be the star of our wedding invitations, so we want it to feel unique and personal. For the attire, it's all about traditional Indian wedding clothes - the groom in a South Indian dhoti and the bride in a gorgeous saree. We're keeping it focused on us, so no background details needed. (Reference attached) Really hoping to find someone who can bring our vision to life with their art! ??

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    I am looking for a business logo. 1. Logo to be circular 2. Text = Supply one image with logo only NO text Text = Supply second image with text "Locksmith Handyman" in Logo / Around logo 3. Image = Caricature of a man holding a key over his shoulder. Waist up. 4. Colour = Bright / Eye catching 5. Design Style: Modern Minimalist Photo attached of person that caricature is to be of.

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    I'm in need of a skilled artist who can draw in a hybrid style that blends elements of anime and American cartoons, similar to the iconic Avatar: The Last Airbender series. I require the design of 18 unique characters. However, each character design will have a different color palette that I have in mind. This project involves drawing each character with a full body, and also a front and side profile of the character. The ideal candidate for this project should be able to: - Draw in a style that combines anime and American cartoons - Create original and unique character designs - Understand and be able to implement various color palettes - Deliver high-quality, detailed work within the designated timeframe If you're an artist with experience in creating character...

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    I am in need of a professional caricature artist to create a traditional style, funny themed caricature for my soon-to-be special day. This caricature will first be for my husband and I but at the wedding on 10/04/24 we would like someone at the venue- you can charge our guests or they can give you tips. It can be silly, romantic or funny - we will have about 90 guests Key Requirements: - Mastery in Traditional caricature style - Proven experience in creating humor-themed caricatures - Ability to design a caricature that's funny while still maintaining the essence of a wedding theme. Ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Prior experience in creating traditional and humor-themed caricatures. - Strong portfolio of previous works. - Exc...

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    I'm seeking a talented artist with a knack for cartoon-style illustrations. Specifically, I want an illustration that encompasses the services my company provides. The effectiveness of the final product will largely hinge on your abi...record in creating meaningful, message-driven artwork will be crucial. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in creating cartoon-style illustrations - Ability to distil complex services into easy-to-understand visual elements - Strong communication skills, enabling you to grasp the essence of my company's services. If you are skilled at visually interpreting concepts and have a propensity for cartoons, I'd be thrilled to learn more about your approach and past work. Together, we can create an illustration that truly encapsulates what...

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    I'm looking for an artist to create a unique, cartoonish-style caricature for personal use. This artwork will feature two characters. - Style: Unlike the traditional exaggerated caricature approach, I'm after a more refined cartoonish style that still displays the essence of the persons in the caricature. - Application: This artwork is for personal use, so I'm favoring creativity and originality. The ideal freelancer should have: - Expertise in cartoonish caricature design - Strong portfolio featuring relevant samples - Ability to interpret person features uniquely and creatively into cartoonish caricature style - Reviews from clients for similar caricature projects Don't hesitate to ask should you have any questions ab...

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    I am seeking a proficient and lively caricature artist for a party happening near Worchester on 11th May 2024. Here's what I'm looking for: - Humorous Style: You should be proficient in creating vivid and funny caricatures that can inject some fun into our party atmosphere. Create characters in a Lord of the Rings Hobbit style! - Short Service: You will need to provide your service for less than 2 hours. - Crowd Size: We expect you to draw caricatures for between 10 and 20 guests. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in drawing caricatures at a party or similar event. - Fast and accurate sketching skills. - Ability to engage with guests and make them feel comfortable. - Strong understanding and execution of humorous content. - Good time management to ensure ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a fun and unique bath/kitchen mat design that incorporates fun characters/cartoons and or funny quotes. Key requirements: - Incorporate fun characters and funny quotes - Design should be suitable for all ages - The bath mat should be made of high-quality rubber material Ideal skills and experience: - Previous experience in designing bath mats or similar products - Creative design skills with a focus on funny/cute characters and typography - Understanding of various age demographics and how to cater to a wide audience - Experience with designing products that will be manufactured using rubber material Looking forward to seeing your creative ideas for this project!

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    ...of a skilled artist who can create a realistic caricature of a couple for a wedding card. The core components of the project include: - Developing a detailed, realistic caricature style, not cartoonish or over exaggerated. - The subject of the caricature will be a couple performing specific actions for a wedding card. We hope to see the couple holding hands and dancing. - I will provide reference images that should serve as the guide for the poses and overall look. The ideal freelancer for this project has extensive experience in illustration, caricature drawing, and realism art. Familiarity with wedding themes and/or previous experience in creating artwork for wedding cards would be a tremendous plus. Please provide samples of your caricature work...

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    I need to make an animated humorous speech. It's around 8 minutes long. I will give the contents of the speech and an audio file with speech. I will also give the cartoon character (caricature) image that will deliver the speech. Need to make an animated movie with the speech. The cartoon character should have hand gestures, lip-syncing, pauses based on the content of the speech. The animation will have 5-10 other images that will be shown during the speech based on the content of the speech. DO NOT give a random quote in response to this project. Give me an actual quote (how much you will do it for).

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    I need a talented designer to create a comic book-style T-shirt for adults. Leveraging my provided icon and logo, infuse the design with a true comic feel. The theme of the design is cartoons, and it's important this resonates with customers upon seeing it. Possessing some knowledge about comic book art will benefit the freelancer greatly. The perfect candidate will also have experience creating T-shirt designs for adults.

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    68 składanie ofert illustrations. These will specifically target a young adult audience. Requirements: - Mastery in creating cartoon style digital illustrations. - Previous experience designing for young adults preferred. - Ability to convey concepts effectively while maintaining an engaging style. - Anime like art style is what I'm looking for and hoping for So, if you love blending creativity with cartoons, this could be an excellent opportunity for you! Show me what you got!...

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    ...of a skilled artist who can create a realistic caricature of a couple for a wedding card. The core components of the project include: - Developing a detailed, realistic caricature style, not cartoonish or over exaggerated. - The subject of the caricature will be a couple performing specific actions for a wedding card. We hope to see the couple holding hands and dancing. - I will provide reference images that should serve as the guide for the poses and overall look. The ideal freelancer for this project has extensive experience in illustration, caricature drawing, and realism art. Familiarity with wedding themes and/or previous experience in creating artwork for wedding cards would be a tremendous plus. Please provide samples of your caricature work...

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    I am in need of a talented artist who can create a custom cartoon-style cat drawing in EPS format. Key specifics: - Draw inspiration from the photos provided in the attached document. - Ensure the style of t...provided in the attached document. - Ensure the style of the drawing is in line with the guidelines described in the same attachment. - The design should be in full color. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in cartoon-style illustrations - Ability to closely adhere to project requirements - Proficient in color utilization within designs. Your mastery in transforming realistic images into engaging cartoons would favor your candidacy highly. The completed project should mirror the examples furnished, while preserving your unique artistic flare. Looking forward to seeing your ...

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    I am seeking a competent and creative illustrator to create a unique, business-themed caricature involving two characters. The desired style for these caricatures is cartoon-like, imbued with enough personality, and in a light and fun manner that conveys a business-like tone. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong drawing and illustration skills - Prior experience creating cartoon-style caricatures - Able to incorporate business themes creatively into caricatures - Demonstrated understanding of characterization in illustration. The final deliverable should be in a high-resolution digital format. I am keen on receiving original, creative, and engaging designs that neatly fit into a business theme.

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    I am seeking a skilled artist to create a cartoonish, exaggerated caricature of a group of work colleagues. The caricature will serve as a farewell gift, making it imperative that the final product is both aesthetic and humorous, while embodying each team member’s distinct personality. The key deliverable: - An exaggerated and cartoonish style caricature featuring 6-10 unique individuals Skills and Experience I'm looking for: - A demonstrated background in cartoon or caricature illustration - Excellent communication to understand specific nuances and characteristics for each individual - Ability to deliver a digital and printable version of the final composition - Proven ability to adhere to project timelines and details.

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    I require a professional who specializes in 3D graphics to help in creating an engaging, wrestling federation series. Key Duties: - Concept development of fighting motions and entertainment elements. - Transforming these into captivating 3D animations using Blender. - Creating a series similar to cartoons in style but with game-like graphics. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Blender. - Experience in 3D animation specific to game graphics. - Prior work on animations directed at children is a plus. - Knowledge in creating animated fighting scenes. I am not time-bound for the completion of the project. However, a consistent update on the project's progress would be appreciated.

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    Project Overview: develop a vibrant, interactive, and engaging website for our new cryptocurrency, BunnyBucks (BBUCK), which is inspired by the playful and nostalgic world of cartoons. The website should embody a cartoon-themed aesthetic and incorporate comprehensive information about the token, including its tokenomics and marketing strategy. Additionally, the site should feature an integrated simple game and a meme generator to engage visitors and foster a sense of community. Core Features and Requirements: Cartoon-Themed Design: The design must be colorful, fun, and reminiscent of classic cartoons, with a modern twist suitable for a cryptocurrency audience. Use animation effects sparingly to enhance the user experience without detracting from the site's performance...

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    Trophy icon Facial expressions challenge 15 dni left

    ... I want that image to express 5 facial expressions. The expressions will be provided in the form of cartoon characters. Your task is to make the gorilla do those 5 expressions. Output must be: 1. PNG transparent. 2. neat, clean, and high quality (resolution) images 3. minimalist, meaning I don’t necessarily need all detailed features of the original gorilla. 4. similar in simplicity to the cartoons, not like the original gorilla. 5. the same colour as the cartoon colours, not the original gorilla. 6. same size as cartoon files, not the original gorilla. 7. such that the teeth of the new output must resemble those of the original gorilla. 8. such that the lips, mouth, and eyes of the new output must resemble those of the original gorilla. Once you are done, create an...

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    Hi Cartoons & Comics :), I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Cartoons & Comics :), I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności
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    I'm seeking a talented cartoonist skilled in mo...a talented cartoonist skilled in modern and edgy cartoons for a political ad, specifically targeting the Biden-Harris ticket. The ideal freelancer should be able to: - Create engaging cartoons that convey the themes of voting for the Biden-Harris ticket. - Have prior experience in creating political cartoons is preferable. - Be familiar with the modern and edgy style of cartoon illustration. Being able to grasp political issues and integrate them into your work will be a key part of this project. Also, understanding U.S. politics will considerably ease the task. Your cartoons will be vital in shaping public perception - a significant and socially impactful role. I have most of the ad worked out except for...

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    Hello Harvey, I hope you are doing well? I am back again for another caricature request but this time for a family friend. Please could you convert this picture using the body positioning and outfits into a caricature. For the daughter face that is block i have attached an additional photo of her face. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Kindest regards. Jennifer

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    ...comic character to life. Key Requirements: - Apply cartoon-style animation in 3D. It should maintain the energy and expressiveness associated with 2D comic characters. - Basic character movements should be made: walking, smiling, and hand and mouth movements. - The duration of the animation is expected to be 30 seconds. Preferred Skills: - Proven experience in 3D animation. - Able to execute cartoons into 3D animation. - Proficiency in character movement and development. The successful animator will be able to preserve the original charm of the 2D comic character while adding the depth and dynamics that 3D animation provides. Please include samples of your previous work with your bid. My name is Markus. We have just been commissioned to design a 360° learning world fo...

    $1185 (Avg Bid)
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    ...seeking a talented illustrator for a project centred around character design. This character should have the following attributes: - Young and male - A distinct, humorous and mischievous personality Refer attached image Rochy.jpg. 1. Convert this to cartoonish style, it looks like a realistic image right now. Especially hands, shoes are not drawn properly in current image. I.e. draw a new caricature which looks similar to this Rochy.jpg. Before proceeding further, show me this and finalize it. 2. Once the character is finalized, give me 3 images of it - without eyes, with eyes closed, with eyes open. 3. Eyes - give me two images of eyes separately (i) eyes closed and (ii) eyes open 4. Refer - draw these mouth shapes of this character. The output of this will be 12 images

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    ...engaging logo for my podcast. The Style: I'm after a cartoon or caricature theme. The logo needs to be playful, colorful, and vibrant. It should grab the attention of my audience and reflect the fun, exciting tone of my podcast. Specific Elements: I am keen to incorporate a microphone element to reflect the nature of my podcast. Even though it has to be cartoonish, it's important that it still looks professional and is in no ways childish. Color Preferences: In terms of color, I'd like the logo to incorporate bright and vibrant colors. I believe a lively color scheme will help set the vibrant mood of my podcast. Skills and experience: Ideally, I'd prefer an artist with experience in creating logos in cartoon or caricature style. You should als...

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